Sanchez appeals to the roots of the PSOE: it's Not going to break Spain or are going to break the Constitution

Pedro Sanchez has appealed to the roots of the PSOE, the party with the most years of life, and that more time has governed since the restoration of democracy,

Sanchez appeals to the roots of the PSOE: it's Not going to break Spain or are going to break the Constitution

Pedro Sanchez has appealed to the roots of the PSOE, the party with the most years of life, and that more time has governed since the restoration of democracy, as an unequivocal guarantee of the national sovereignty will be non-negotiable for the coalition of progressive who aspires to preside over. "It's not going to break Spain and is not going to break the Constitution. Here's what is going to break is the lock to the progressive Government voted in democratically by the spaniards", has started with force, the socialist candidate, who came to the debate of investiture with the turbulence caused by the disqualification of the president Catalan Quim Torra. "The PSOE is, as they say the acronym and allows you to prove your story, a party of English, formed by fellow-countrymen, with successes and failures has contributed and contributes to improve the life of our society. Wrong very seriously those who doubt the commitment of the left in Spain", has been vindicated against the attacks of the right after the agreement of investiture with CKD. A covenant that provides for the consultation of the "citizens of Catalonia" the possible agreements in the bilateral committee between the Government and the Generalitat and that, according to the socialists, in any way resulting in a self-determination referendum.

The candidate has expressed its regret for “the conduct of the right democratic,” in allusion to the PP and Citizens, “by refusing to pay the slightest contribution to governance”. “Even less is understood that stir up the worst omens about the future of Spain, and at the same time refuse to avoid them”, has apostille. The PSOE has remembered this week that the favorable vote of 10 members of Citizens would have downplayed the role of CKD. The socialists also remind us that in 2016 facilitated the investiture of Rajoy, although it was opened in the channel in its most recent crisis. An impossible choice for the party of Paul Married, which accuses him of "sell Spain".


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The chairman-in-office has claimed from the first moment the Socialist Party, who has thanked the "tremendous confidence" demonstrated the last few months. In a game with the soul of the PSOE federal, their territorial leaders have not been willing just information on the negotiations to form the Government. A very effective strategy after the vaudeville act in which it became the endowment failed of July but that has of course an act of faith in order to the barons of the party, who in turn had to be accountable in their communities about the conversations with Esquerra. Waiting for the endowment to be successful, no one denies Ferraz and in The Moncloa the very complex management that has meant that the leaders from the autonomous region of the PSOE have gone blind from the 10-N. First with United we Can, a partner who had been maligned by the same Sanchez from the summer with words that are very thick. Then the lack of confidence prevented that curd the chief Executive of the coalition since the Second Republic.

“it Is true that negotiation did not come to fruition, as all the world knows. It serves little purpose to point out faults. It is more useful to try again on new foundations to ensure that both the two conditions that hindered the understanding months ago: the principle of cohesion and the principle of appropriateness”, has passed page Sanchez, that after the calculations disregarded the 10-N —instead of improving the results of April lost three deputies and 760,000 votes— resigned to an Executive, exclusive of the PSOE with independent prestige. Sanchez, who pursues his claim that he could not sleep with Churches in the Government, has insisted that the coalition will function as an Executive, "uk" governed "by the principles of cohesion, loyalty and solidarity government, as well as by the suitability in the performance of its functions”.

Resolved reconciliation in the Covenant of the Hug with Paul Churches in only a day and a half, the turbulence have come from the management of the crisis territorial with its epicenter in Catalonia. "The party in whose name I speak, is an institution that has passed since the its beginnings the most diverse situations, favourable and adverse. He was born without other support that the momentum of two dozen workers and professionals who provided each month 50 cents of his salary for their maintenance. He has preached in the desert to extend its organization and influence in all corners of Spain. It has survived persecution and exile. This is a match that does not give up or be consumed. Has known all kinds of situations and has faced all with the intention of overcoming", has rated Sanchez the "longevity" and experience accumulated by the PSOE since its founding on may 2, 1879.

have passed Since then 140 years. Never up to now 19 political forces had achieved representation in the Congress. Sanchez has been challenged in the search of support in the parliamentary system in force to which the Government will be submitted a week-to-week. "There is No Government without Parliament, but there cannot be a Parliament that will work indefinitely without a Government", he noted in front of the lock to the right.

"Crisis inherited" in Catalonia

Catalonia has marked the intervention of Sanchez, on the befalling to numerous complaints of explanations of the covenant subscribed with CKD. Without going into the details of the agreement, has insisted on "take back the only way possible" to find a solution: "dialogue, negotiation and the covenant." Covered always by the Constitution.

"it Is evident that in our country there is not a single way of living or sense of national identity", has abounded Sanchez, who has pointed out that this circumstance is already reflected in article 2 of the Constitution, which speaks of nationalities and not nations. "There is a large sector of the Catalan population, with a feeling of grievance in respect of the central institutions, that does not feel recognized and respected. And there is, in other points of Spain, a rejection of the accusations that pour some pro-independence leaders on the Spain Constitutional. I include myself among them," said the candidate of the PSOE. Sanchez has accused the Government of Mariano Rajoy being the cause of the current conflict by its opposition to the challenge sovereignty: "This is a crisis legacy, in which he warned the PSOE being in the opposition. And that we assume with all the loyalty to constitutional and with all the institutional responsibility, to return to the policy of a political conflict". "It is the result of the political incapacity and the abandonment of the previous Government of the political track to resolve a conflict that is political. Not only in the arrangement of the institutional diversity of identities in our country. But of the weaknesses and wear and tear accumulated from our autonomic system that we must fix," he remarked after ask for a "leave behind, drift court that both pain and fracture" have caused in the society.

Only after the chapter dedicated to Catalonia, Sanchez has unraveled his intentions to the legislature with a program of profound social content and a nod to the left. Tackling inequality will be one of the primary objectives of your Executive. "Made just a decade a devastating economic crisis hit us. It is time to repair the consequences," he underlined at the time that urged to prepare themselves to face the challenges of the ecological transition, the digital revolution and to achieve full gender equality.

Updated Date: 04 January 2020, 11:00

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