SPD Chancellor candidacy: Suddenly, there is no other way to Olaf Scholz

Olaf Scholz is not clear, as the SPD Chancellor candidate Wednesday, 17. June, 14.27 at: , Olaf Scholz, to be the Chancellor candidate of the SPD. The weekly

SPD Chancellor candidacy: Suddenly, there is no other way to Olaf Scholz
Olaf Scholz is not clear, as the SPD Chancellor candidate

Wednesday, 17. June, 14.27 at: , Olaf Scholz, to be the Chancellor candidate of the SPD. The weekly magazine "time" reported with reference to several sources in the party and Bundestag group leadership. In numerous Six-on-one meetings, which had led the Chairman-Duo Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, Minister, President, country Chairman and leading members, had been referred to the Vice-Chancellor as preferred candidate.

Also, Juso-chief Kevin have Kühnert, a previous Scholz-adversary, internally, the willingness to let the Finance Minister as a candidate to support. In addition, top representatives of the parliamentary Left, the strongest of the current within the parliamentary group and, to date, rather Scholz-set would have been very skeptical, now for him. dpa/Michael Kappeler/dpa Olaf Scholz (SPD), Federal Minister of Finance, speaks at a press conference.

the reason for the change of the one-time political adversary, the decisive issue policy of the Minister of Finance in the fight against the economic consequences of the Corona-crisis, as well as strategic Considerations were. In uncertain times it is of advantage to go with a Chancellor candidate in the race, the people know and trust, during the Union with a candidate about to enter the have no or very little management experience at the Federal level. The right of nomination for the Chancellor candidacy is the Chairman esque and Walter-Borjans. After the summer holidays, you want to officially announce who will participate in the Bundestag election in the fall of 2021 in the race for the successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel for the SPD.

esque and Walter-Borjans, without the Chancellor's ambitions

Thursday, 12. March, 20.48 PM: The SPD Chairman, Saskia esque and Norbert Walter-Borjans, strive currently there is no candidacy for Chancellor. Saskia esque said in an interview with the news portal t-online.de: "We competed to make the SPD as a recognizable and credible social-democratic, creative force in this country to be visible and strong. This task is big enough, and I have no further ambitions." Esque added: "as of now, I would not apply for a candidacy.

Norbert Walter-Borjans, said t-online.de also: "I seek the candidacy for Chancellor at the moment." Categorically and for all time, you should exclude nothing. "But I am also become like Saskia is not a party chief-esque to come in other posts.

The SPD leaders stressed that they want to clarify in this year, who is a candidate for Chancellor. "A candidate or a candidate must have sufficient time before the election," said Walter-Borjans. Esque stressed that she was of the opinion that the SPD "has a whole lot of people with Potential that could radiate the political Beliefs of the SPD as a candidate". Who is it going to be "show at the end of the Deliberations".

said the criteria for the selection of Walter-Borjans: "in The end, it comes down to the question of whether you need to achieve a credible combination of political program and of a Person, which is also borne by the members."

After the Grand coalition-crisis flexed brinkhaus against SPD-Boss esque

Tuesday, 10 meeting. March, 17.43 at: Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) has criticized the SPD-Head of Saskia esque for your behavior in connection with the Meeting of the coalition Committee on Sunday evening. The SPD had partially negotiated for hours because of a sentence, said Brinkhaus on Tuesday, according to data from groups of Participants in the meeting of the Union faction in the Bundestag.

It was not decent that the esque after that go to the Public and to make political capital out suggest that so long negotiated had been, said Brinkhaus, therefore. Judging from what we've done Germany, under the leadership of the Union in recent years for refugees, bitterness, and he "any assessment of our view of humanity", will Brinkhaus quoted. "If all countries had such a humanity, such as Germany, would it look differently in Europe," he said, therefore, to the applause of the deputies.

At a Meeting of the coalition Committee on Monday night the coalition had agreed on the inclusion of vulnerable children and young people from the overcrowded refugee camps in Greece. Esque had criticized then in the ZDF-"morning magazine" that the decision on the protection of vulnerable children and young people "has not taken a shamefully long" have.

Brinkhaus talks about his dispute with Seehofer

Sunday, 8. March, 14.55 PM: Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus said on Sunday that the dispute between him and Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer. He said on Sunday he was "very comfortable that this country receives from the humanitarian reasons continue to be refugees".

This is a question of personal identity and of humanity. "I am, therefore, confident that the great majority of people in this country still has the will, the needy people from crisis areas. I am, however, quite critical to the way of escape, and Migration can be better controlled."

immigration was to be controlled against a Background of the past few years, so that "the capacity of Migration and the stay Together in this society".

armed to the reception of Refugees: Brinkhaus roars Seehofer at the Union meeting

Saturday, 7. March, 23.08 PM: Flüchtlingszoff in the Union. As the "Bild am Sonntag" reported, it should be come to at a Meeting of the Union on Wednesday of a fierce dispute between interior Minister Horst Seehofer and Union faction leader Ralph brinkhaus.

Brinkhaus was mad because Seehofer had publicly indicated a willingness to refugees from the Greek border to be incorporated. "You've learned nothing, the people do not want refugees," to the brink, and the house shouted. "You're sitting here in the Cabinet, I am in the constituency and talk to the people", have Brinkhaus continue to scream.

On Sunday, it arrives at the Chancellery to the summit of the Union meeting, it is also a possible inclusion of refugee children.

Klingbeil: ready for a red-Red-Green when the SPD is greater than ever

Wednesday, 04. March, 23.13 at: The chances for a possible coalition of the Greens, the SPD and the left party at the Federal level, according to SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil is better than ever. "The time for such an Alliance and the readiness of the SPD to such an Alliance, which was never so great as it is today," said Klingbeil on Wednesday evening in Berlin at a round-table discussion with Left-Boss Katja Kipping. But still far from restricted klingbeil. First, the SPD should be stronger, and the Greens need to answer the question of a possible Alliance with the SPD and the left still.

the latest poll, the three parties could achieve in a Federal election at the moment a majority. Kipping makes for a long time for a red-Red-Green in the Federal government and the advocates in her book, "a New left-wing majorities – An invitation", which was presented on Wednesday evening, again.

the discussion occurred, but also large differences-a-days. To the question of how one could, especially in the foreign policy in possible coalition talks with the SPD and the Greens to a common denominator, said Kipping: "I think this will be a tough nut to crack and a tough conflict. (...) There are a couple of things that we never do that. This includes removal, privatization, and wars belong to the social." Klingbeil called the disagreements with the Left in foreign policy "very problematic". "It will be with the SPD, no withdrawal from Nato," said SPD General Secretary.

The recently become known and sharply criticized the Video, in the Left member tells you that the Rich would be shot, called Klingbeil under the terms of Kippings "invitation" as "expansive". Since you want a strong demarcation. Union slips to lowest level since Merkel's resignation - Green slips, almost on a par FOCUS Online/Wochit Union on the deepest level since Merkel's resignation - Green, almost on a par

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