Riots Stuttgart: We are afraid - shop owner struggles to capture | the world

In the night of Sunday, it came to riots in Stuttgart, where police officers attacked and shops were destroyed. last weekend, there was serious violence to

Riots Stuttgart: We are afraid - shop owner struggles to capture | the world

In the night of Sunday, it came to riots in Stuttgart, where police officers attacked and shops were destroyed.

last weekend, there was serious violence to Stuttgart .On Saturday night, dozens of groups marched through the city center from Stuttgart, destroyed shops, cars and attacked police .In the case of a jewelry store in Stuttgart the window was broken and merchandise stolen from the store Manager says that he had fear .

Stuttgart – In the case of serious violence to Stuttgart destroyed in the night of Sunday were a number of shops and police officers attacked. Hundreds of people marched through the city center of the provincial capital of Stuttgartund rioted (BW24* reported). The police reported that 40 businesses damaged, nine shops sacked and several police officers were injured.

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann, showed horrified about the violence to Stuttgart , and spoke of a "brutal eruption of violence ". Even today the traces of this violence and excess in the Stuttgart-based city center are still clearly perceptible. Taking slices of transactions are temporarily covered with wood panels, the police Stuttgart* is in the city, which is still present.

+ riots in Stuttgart: The glass window of a jeweller in the city centre was destroyed in the riots and goods was stolen.©Julian Baumann/BW24

riots in Stuttgart: jeweler in the city center have been destroyed and plundered, the branch Manager has to fear

From the riots in the otherwise so tranquil town of Stuttgart* is also affected a jewelry business in Marie street. The shop window of the jeweler has been destroyed , the business was sacked . "We are afraid," said the branch Manager to BW24. "We have to protect ourselves and we worry." While he speaks, two men at the makeshift press the clamping plate, which covers the broken Windows and the Display is supposed to protect. "Create, don't destroy", has anyone with a black felt-tip pen written on it. The sentence translates to: "create, not destroy" - was mounted by Unknown in the whole of the town on wooden boards, the destroyed replace discs .

For the police seems, as yet, no signs that the violence to Stuttgart were not politically motivated. Police chief Frank Lutz said at a press conference, the culprit would have had no political Background, also not from the left scene . Young people had been from the "Party and event scene" , which would have met in the last few weeks and in the social media stages. Otherwise, the Rainer Wendt: Head of the police trade Union sees has referred to the riots in Stuttgart as the beginning of a new left terrorism*.

The Manager of the jeweler in the city center stunned the violence to Stuttgart . "I just don't understand why our business is affected," he said to BW24. In addition, he still felt insecure and could not present his article out. In spite of damaged disc and looted goods has opened the business today, Monday, after the riots in Stuttgart - due to the already difficult economic situation, due to the Coronavirus in the state of Baden-Württemberg*. "It is because Corona already difficult, and now even more difficult", says the head of the jewelry business.

riots in Stuttgart, Germany: refurbishment of the riot has just begun

The latest violence to Stuttgart began with a Routine use of the police .Around midnight, officials had monitored a 17-Year-old for a suspected Drug charges . Then solid partying people solidarity with the young people, and attacked the police . About 500 people gathered on the castle place and rioted, ultimately, in the city center .

Already, in the weeks before it came to violence against police . AmStuttgarter Central station was a 33-Year-old Nigerian without a ticket are caught*. As he was then controlled by the police, defended an angry crowd, the man in front of the officials.

The processing of violence to Stuttgart from the weekend has only just begun. Minister of the interior, Thomas Strobl, said a 40-strong investigation in the police Bureau to inform the events to Stuttgart now. He also announced a special session of the interior Committee in the state Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, which will be held on Wednesday.

criticism is Already in the social networks however: In the workup of derAusschreitungenin stuttgar that the police and the city a mistake* made - instead of an open and transparent way to communicate, was named the "Party and event scene" as the culprit. Allegedly, in order to prevent political exploitation of the violence to Stuttgart .

*BW24ist part of the Ippen-Digital editors network

Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 11:35

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