Reporter speaks to an insult by Trump: Merkel softens in response

Merkel: "Corona-Hotspots make us 17.12 at: Finally, there is the Corona-crisis and the loosened rules, with a view to the holiday time of concern": "We ma

Reporter speaks to an insult by Trump: Merkel softens in response
Merkel: "Corona-Hotspots make us

17.12 at: Finally, there is the Corona-crisis and the loosened rules, with a view to the holiday time of concern": "We make very responsible decisions in the Schengen area," says Merkel. "We are monitoring the Situation every day, and for Germany I can say that we have so-called Hotspots, which make us worry. I am grateful that these events are very contained, determined. So it must remain. We go traveling but the risks of a vacation." Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the Situation very carefully. "We will see how the curb works."

17.02 PM: Whether other member States would have to have a fear of too much German influence, asks a Reporter. Merkel replies: "If there are two committed Europeans, is the more Important of the still. I will of course do not forget my German orders. That there are two women, pleased me very much. In Germany, there was still no Chancellor in front of me. And in Europe, there is no President of the Commission, before Ursula von der Leyen. Earlier, the two men have done, now there are two women. We are very confident that we will succeed - isn't it, Ursula?"

Von der Leyen added: "We know each other. We trust deeply. We can speak clearly and know that we will be able in detail, go in depth and therefore a lot of create. We are both from the deepest Conviction Europeans," she says.

reporter speaks to an insult by Trump: Merkel gives way in response from

17.00: A reporter for the Chancellor now asks specifically to insults by the U.S. President. How big is Merkel's desire was to, against this Background, the G7-summit in September to Washington. "It is a matter of where it is going to work", stressed Merkel and specifically refers to formats such as the G7 or G20. If there is also disagreement "Who is committed to multilateralism, which is also obliged to pay as his contribution." The actual question deviates from the Chancellor.

you emphasized in the case of the Corona-crisis: "We are in a decisive Phase," and because the count of each day. Economic programs should be targeted. "In the next half a year is a lot of work to do."


"Need unprecedented response": Von der Leyen and Merkel seriousness of the situation to emphasize in Europe

16.58 PM: What happens if there is in the Recovery Fund is no agreement, asks a journalist. "We need to give an answer to the crisis," says von der Leyen. "We need an unprecedented response." The Recovery Fund offers an opportunity to invest in the internal market. Merkel added: "Everyone knows that the answer to the unprecedented crisis must be designed so that it is powerful and really something is moving." There are currently intensive discussions and we are aware of where the difficulties lie. "We will work hard to put really a sign of determination."

it works 16.55 Uhr: relations with China are very complex. "China is a trading partner, but also a systemic rival," says von der Leyen, now. Many of the topics showed how much is to be done in the next few months. "I am very confident that we can use the time very productively."

Then Merkel turns to the end of the world again: "dear Angela, we very much look forward to an intensive and trusting cooperation."

16.49 at: Now, speaking of the Leyen. "We will experience in the next six months, how crucial they are for Europe. We are under considerable time pressure. The crisis gives us the Tempo. Every day we lose, it will cause people to lose their labour force and our economy will be weakened." To meet the gigantic task, it need a steady Hand on the part of the German presidency. You could put up with the German presidency on a Team have a high level of European experience - "your experience, Angela, but also your team. We want and need to go the way of modernisation in the European Union, courageously more."

Europe should be in 2050, the first carbon neutral continent, is now also the end of the world on the topic of climate protection. In addition to the digitization of the consolidation of the single market third big task. The Commission will also present their proposals on Migration. And Brexit says von der Leyen: "We want an agreement, but not at any price."

16: 47 PM: "We will also have a view on the Western Balkans", stressed the Chancellor. Also, the partnership with Africa games play a relevant role. "We look forward to working with the European Commission", stressed Merkel. "The fact that there is a lot to do, is become in today's conversation clearly."

16.45: Merkel starts. She speaks first of the "entire range" of issues, which lie ahead of Europe. "Europe is in the worst Situation of its history." Merkel continued: "We are overcoming the crisis on the agenda." The future tasks of the EU the hot climate protection and the question of digitization, the "our way of life and to make economies completely new". Detail had been spoken, too, about the subject of Migration. dpa

16.10: A day after the Takeover of the presidency turns on Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen together. At the video conference, the three Executive Vice-presidents, Margrethe Vestager, Valdis Dombrovskis, and Frans Timmermans, as well as the high representative for foreign Affairs, Josep take part in Borrell and Commissioner for Ylva Johansson. After the conversation, Merkel and von der Leyen, give a press conference.

"in the first test, if there is a fire": With a side-swipe Söder defended his Corona-strategy

13.10 PM: "Corona is fast, we must not hesitate." There are other States that go the other way. "We accept," says Söder. He was, however, in his eyes no other way than to Test more in the future. How helpful this is, have you seen, for example, in Gütersloh.

13.06 PM: be offered in the Future in Bavaria in addition, batch testing, especially in the care sector and in hospitals, facilities for the disabled and schools. The offer was voluntary, emphasized Söder. Currently, the 10,000 Tests per day were to be held, the capacity will be increased to 30,000. "No one is obligated but anyone can take advantage of this opportunity." The estimated cost of the year to 200 million.

13.02 PM: Now is Söder, the Bavarian test strategy. "I am firmly Convinced that anyone Who relaxes the long-term, also need to test more. Test is an early warning system. It is also prevention." And it should not be at the expense of the security of saved, is Söder. the "We test only when there is a fire. It is true, the test concept to extend. Faster, for free and for everyone." , The Prime Minister continued: "The arguments against more testing, do not apply to us. Many Tests help."

NRW Minister Armin Laschet had previously declared to the Bavarian Test-a model not to follow. He was, however, important that "we make it there in an emergency, mandatory," had Laschet explained.

12: 59 PM: Söder begins. He speaks of a greater insecurity in the population. "We want to continue to use caution and prudence in the first place. The Situation is still very fragile and she is, at any time, re-retardant," said the Bavarian Prime Minister. "Whether there will be a second wave, don't care. The challenge remains constant. After the holiday we will determine whether there is again a stronger outbreak. We remain cautious." Therefore, the Bavarian Cabinet had decided not basic further relaxations. "We have only decided on a small Change", namely to be able to cultural events in the place in the future the mask off.

12.30 PM: , The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder enters at 13 o'clock in front of the press. In advance it became known: In the hall, the mask should be removed on the specified seat in the future, announced Söder in the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Tuesday). Therefore, the new scheme is to be decided on Tuesday in the Cabinet. "You can enjoy the culture, then an hour or an hour and a half, depending on how it is designed, without a mask," said Söder.

The CSU leader argued: "The cultural events are very serious and very good, so we will interact." When you go In and in the environment, such as in the wardrobe area of the mask applies more duty and be useful. On the Seats in the meeting rooms, you will relaxed, it said in the newspaper. "We want to have a perspective for the culture," said Söder.

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