Racism, protests, and Mexico are to blame? Trumps Corona excuses in the fact check

Around four million people have been infected in the United States confirmed with the Coronavirus, the country hardest hit by the pandemic. US President, Donald

Racism, protests, and Mexico are to blame? Trumps Corona excuses in the fact check

Around four million people have been infected in the United States confirmed with the Coronavirus, the country hardest hit by the pandemic. US President, Donald Trump informed, therefore, in regular press briefings on the Corona location in the United States. On Wednesday, he submitted, why are the infection numbers in the United States, in his view, explode. However, his statements are in massive contradiction to the evaluation of some experts.

1. Trump-Thesis: racism-protests are to blame

Specifically, the US President said: "There are probably a number of reasons why the infection numbers have risen. The cases among young Americans have increased a short time after the demonstrations, about which they know very well know." He plays on the protests against racism and police violence, to which, since the violent death of the African-American George Floyd of thousands of Americans have participated.

However, the "Black Lives Matter"(BLM)-demonstrations have fueled the spread of the Coronavirus in fact? "From a purely practical point of view, one would think that the infection numbers up fast," said Dr. Dale Okorodudu, the founder of the organization "Black Men in White Coats" compared to the "Business Insider". the studies have shown, however, that it is not come by the protests to a greater increase in the corona rate in the affected cities.

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In cities such as New York, even Corona-decline

So researchers at the "National Bureau of Economic Research found" no evidence that the Covid-19-Rate increased in the weeks after the demonstrations. They analyzed the Corona development in 300 of the largest U.S. cities. More still, According to "Business Insider" should be gone, the infection numbers in metro cities such as New York, Washington D.C. or Chicago to the "Black Lives Matter"protests, even back. Seth Little/AP/dpa demonstrations in New York, said after the death of George Floyd

Philadelphia's health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley at the beginning of June in an interview with "Fox29": "I would like to observe the situation for one to two weeks, but at the Moment everything looks good." This could also be due to the fact that many of the protesters took to heart the sanitation and distance of the commandments. Farley writes: "I noticed that most of the people involved in the protests, masks, and the distance to other as well as we could have met."

2. Trump-Thesis: Mexico is to blame

the corona numbers in the US are steadily increasing, not criticized Trump, however, only the BLM-protesters. At a press briefing on Wednesday, he also said: "As you well know, we share a 2000 mile border with Mexico, and the cases in Mexico, unfortunately." The US President indicated that the situation in Mexico had a negative impact on the Situation in the United States. But the fact is: In the past, the Mexican population due to the massive Corona outbreak in the United States showed itself to be more concerned than the other way around.

the US health authorities do not give Mexico the blame for the rapid rise in infection numbers in the United States. If you look at the Corona of fire, not to fall next to the border Sunbelt States such as Ariziona Hotspots in Federal States, such as Florida, Idaho and Louisiana, which border on Mexico.

And also the first large Corona-outbreaks have occurred in cities such as New York or Washington, D.C., cities that are far away from the Mexican border. Sanjay Gupta, who works as a medical correspondent for "CNN", told the broadcaster: "I think that there is any specific data in connection with Mexico."

experts see cause for early loosening

health experts do, however, the rapid loosening of the Corona-protection measures for the Explosion of case numbers responsible. So trump's chief immunologist Anthony Fauci in the "Podcast-19 criticized" that some of the States of the Corona-rules had to be soaked hastily up. "Certainly skipped, for example, Florida some of the Checkpoints", - said the expert.

Especially noteworthy: Trump had made in the past, again and again, for as fast as possible Corona-locker is the best. His goal: by The Virus-shock to the ailing economy a boost. The States that are in the vicinity of Mexico, had implemented the easing of the recommendations of the US President at an early stage in the act. In the result you have now dangerously high levels of Infection, on Wednesday alone, Texas reported around 10,500 new Corona cases.

That the situation in the US is a serious one, has seen Trump, meanwhile, seemingly. Although he's looking for the responsibility for the Corona debacle in BLM-the protesters and the Mexicans. At the beginning of the week, he appealed, but the U.S. population to wear masks and the commandments to "Social Distancing" to comply with.

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Updated Date: 23 July 2020, 11:27

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