Pure intrigue, at the FDP? In the case of the liberals, the nerves are blank

some of the nerves are obviously already blank. Who is asking these days in the liberal in accordance with the Standing from the Secretary-General Linda Teutebe

Pure intrigue, at the FDP? In the case of the liberals, the nerves are blank

some of the nerves are obviously already blank. Who is asking these days in the liberal in accordance with the Standing from the Secretary-General Linda Teuteberg, can catch there, sometimes gruff announcements. For example: "Why do you ask, you will see for yourself!" As it's a weird in limbo, whether a curt announcement to the addressed woman, or the position of the FDP refers to the total of. Survey values on the order of five percent, the time to think about it, but also sometimes under – speak, in fact, a language of its own.

The FDP has tried in the months since the outbreak of the Corona-pandemic a lot. State carrying on the Merkel line, leg hard against it, something in-between. The result: In the surveys, nothing moved. It was, at best, to the bottom. That since the eyes are also on the 39-Year-old, who is ex-officio for Power and to be in charge is obvious. In the past few months, there is a Rumbling about Teuteberg, meanwhile, the Rumbling sound became quite loud.

FDP-wife Teuteberg has heine Scoops landed

The woman, which started a year ago with a dream result as a party Manager of the FDP, is analytically strong and smart. Only: it permeates little, ends up no Scoops, often below the threshold of perception. So Linda Teuteberg, which was made as an internal politician in the political Berlin, within a short period of time a name has disappointed in the new office, many party friends. "She has not met expectations' is still the friendly formulation," says one well-versed in the FDP.

The "world on Sunday" had recently reported that there is a specific scenario, according to Teuteberg was before the Congress in September, you resign to make way for someone else free. "From the Congress, an awakening must come," says someone who knows Lindner well. And as he aims, apparently, not only on the division program and profile, but also on the staff.

it's All about the intrigue?

The Strange thing: In the immediate vicinity of Lindner's such thoughts are to be disputed games. High-ranking FDP politicians even speak of an "intrigue", which had started a party girlfriend against Teuteberg, whose own career had been plans recently to the optimum.

How now? The seemingly contradictory statements fit together, perhaps, in the end. For example, like this:, and it is in the political circus that the media are deliberately inserted information. The following public discussion is then quasi – as hard politics can be – a trial run. In this case, so: How about the Echo, if we do make on the Secretary-General's Post for a change? In the party itself, it is for the first so that the FDP want to Express people at the most in the protection of the anonymity of the question.

FDP is perilously close to the "death zone"

The FDP, and your boss does not want out of the mode, the More-so. You need to get out. All the opposition parties have lost in the Corona of a crisis of consent. Only the FDP is gradually approaching the "death zone", as the Five-percent-hurdle will be internally called. In the polls the liberals have halved since the General election smoothly. And the one who is wearing for the Performance of the main responsibility, of course, is the party chief.

FOCUS Online/Wochit Christian Lindner (FDP) holds a criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and their Federal government for its obligation: "The government needs a parliamentary counter-weight", he formulated the other day.

Lindner has gerödelt since the onset of the Corona pandemic like a man possessed. Video Switching and the Interview was in the chord. He has probably sensed early on that in times of Emergency, in which the Actions of political leaders is crucial, pure word contributions of the Opposition, would dramatically lose importance. He has first – demonstratively supported the state – the line of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the hard Corona-protection-supported pads. Then he announces her fairly flashy, and since then, his party acts swaying. Draw. The FDP had its successes. In the case of Tax deferrals for companies, the coalition has quickly taken over a part of their proposals. The went but to a large extent.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

hit comes in the crisis,

: The liberals had a miserable Start to the crisis. They were hard to hit clean.

the Thuringian Thomas Kemmerich has brought Lindner several times in a very bad position. Kemmerich overthrew the FDP in February, in one of the deepest crises in years, as he did with AfD votes for the Prime Minister to choose, and this choice was then promptly accepted. "Mr. Kemmerich was obviously overwhelmed," said Lindner, at the time, in the helpless attempt to defend the party friend. A few weeks later, but Kemmerich showed by his behavior that it could give him a more fundamental Problem. In the AfD, the stronghold of Gera, he was the main speaker for a "walk" to commit. The title was taken over by the firm right-wing Pegida movement – which is definitely the most suitable Milieu for Liberal. In addition, Kemmerich waived in the case of the Demo on the prescribed mask.

Bad signals from Thüringen

Again, the FDP stood evil. Kemmerich was then the mandate of the Federal Executive until the end of the year to rest. The Tenor of his statement but was not a sign of repentance, but of having defiant Right: His participation in the Demonstration should be offered to opponents, "the legitimate concerns of a critical examination of current government policy in the Corona denounce the crisis and to defame," wrote Kemmerich. How stable is the position of the FDP in Thuringia, it must be so.

FDP-rejection of "Jamaica" as the plumb-line

For the FDP in the Federal government, there is already a kind of plumb line, which prevents for over two and a half years of flights of fancy: the rejection of "Jamaica". In the Union only a few, the talk about the liberal good are to be found. The tips of the CDU and CSU and those who "want to be top", and all of them are fixed firmly on the Green. Friedrich Merz's Interview occurs in the green Ensemble was most recently an eloquent style sample. That Black-and-Yellow in the Federal mathematically not a majority, does of course Rest.

Lindner in need of a big shake-up, a strong Signal for a restart. Well possible that in the autumn, when the serious economic situation of the country, for everyone is evident, because the failures are on the increase and jobs by the Thousands disappear, many look back to the interested party, the economy sees competence as your key field. Only: Who knows?

staff exchange as a kind of liberation

Christin Lindner must now be, as he puts it themselves, "the HP on the road". In the late summer, they to be whispered in the FDP, the boss flirting with the idea of the idea to sell perhaps in the United States. The speech is out of date though. He felt little desire to make four more years of Opposition, is obvious. A change to the Secretary-General's Post a year before the election, he could appear as a kind of liberation.

Teuteberg has not signaled that it is considering a retreat. You meanwhile just keep your Job. Yesterday she was in the army in Brandenburg, and in the case of an agricultural operation. It starts also with the Commission for the parliamentary election program, in August, they will host a digital Convention. "She works in the Opposition and as someone who wins in the government's Reputation," says someone who knows Teuteberg long. So very solid, and weighed. Only In the Opposition should also times louder and more aggressive.

Good relationship to Vogel and Bushman

Makes Lindner to the pivot, then there would be promising candidates for the Job. The country-secretaries-General Johannes Vogel (Germany), and Konstantin Kuhle (lower Saxony), for example. The parliamentary Secretary Marco Buschmann see some in the Pole Position. With bird and Bushman Lindner combines a close and trusting relationship. Teutebergs contact with Lindner is considered to be not very closely.

In a fact, however, the party chief is not over: He has proposed Teuteberg. It was his choice. If he wants you, he will have to say it. "Mandate politically, they are nothing": Neubauer drives a fierce verbal attack against Merz, FOCUS Online/Wochit "mandate politically, they are nothing": Neubauer drives a fierce verbal attack against Merz "she has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel burning question, FOCUS Online/Wochit "she has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel explosive issue

Updated Date: 01 July 2020, 18:27

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