Protesters in the state to ignore power - but we should not talk of Covidioten

At the last Demonstration, I took 38 years ago part, it was the most attendees of life and death. But no police officer was, as far as I violated the realized.

Protesters in the state to ignore power - but we should not talk of Covidioten

At the last Demonstration, I took 38 years ago part, it was the most attendees of life and death. But no police officer was, as far as I violated the realized. Demonstrators had to be carried away as on the weekend in Berlin. But not the only reason behind this Demo with me permanent marks.

Since then it no longer happens to me when Running often that I get this song from the "Bots" out of mind. "What we want to drink", were the Dutch at the big Bonn Hofgarten-Demo against the retrofitting of the Nato big came out. Three hundred thousand people had gathered against the American Cruise Missiles of so many people, the organizers of the Anti-Corona could dream of-Demo in Berlin only. They brought it to just 20,000, at least according to the forces of law and order. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper "WAZ" and "Rheinische Post". He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

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Corona is a tragedy

Corona is a tragedy, i.e. a matter, in which there is a good output can not give. When it comes to worst, you lose as a result of the pandemic, either his life or his work, or Both. Apparently being a loser is: The younger, the more vivid, but also work.

Where you can also read more and more terrible reports of young people Covid 19 have died. Doctors and nurses will tell, in the meantime, also, how to die in it, and these are things that do not read you wanted to, actually. It must be like when one is forced under water. Since then, you can read anything (a must), I meet more and more young people tell me that they have now, but the fear of this Virus. The first few weeks, you would have scoffed, but it was passed.

read also: "What outrage is this?": After the Mega-Demo-criticism of Berlin's government will vaccinate according to the

demonstrators as "Covidioten" to be certified, is not just

Saskia esque, the Chairman of one of the at least earlier state-bearing party, called the extremely colorful composite of the protesters the people of Berlin, without regard to the Person's lump sum "Covidioten". I don't think that's fair. First of all, it is just a question of style: "Idiot" is the word for a Brain, a criminally insane or something like. But that is exactly what you will be able to the majority of protesters from Berlin say. Do you have a Plan and an idea. Please write to us!

a number of people have demonstrated at the weekend in Berlin against the state Corona pads and the end of pandemic is declared. They were also on the spot? We are looking for.

  • what are your reasons for protesting?
  • What would make the policy from your point of view better?
  • At which point you have lost confidence in the crisis management of the policy?

Write us a Mail at stating your full Name, your place of residence, and age. We would use your contribution, if necessary, for an article – if you wish, anonymously.

for example, I find opponents, also antisocial, in particular, if you claim to let your UN-inoculated child in the Public free roam. The Identitarians have in Berlin flags, I can't take seriously. That there are such people, for there is the Federal Republic of Germany, points to an appalling failure at school and poor children tube alike. Christoph Soeder/dpa

measures to prevent the spread of the Virus, excessive or appropriate?

on the Other hand, a "Lockdown comes" - the Anglo-Saxon word, you can find quite played down, as it would be instead, with "prohibition of the Public" - not very many people, very expensive, only artists or Berlin Club operators. In the pedestrian zones, in particular, medium-sized cities, a store is now dying in the air, and you would not be surprised if the number of jobs lost would go at the end in the millions.

You can find all these drastic measures to prevent the spread of the Virus was exaggerated or appropriate - so it is for the political actors, on the side of caution, the Chancellor and the Bavarian Prime Minister, on the other hand, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister. Wherein said Armin Laschet last battered had of the political consequences of the Virus and in consequence of his mitgenomm integrity in the case of Tönnies promised, from now on, it will go in accordance with the law in his country.

You can find the most honest or strange. Well both is not. Especially not for Laschet, who always wants to be Chancellor.

Whoever keeps the Virus for balderdash, which endangers his Next

What is the Moral about a non-Corona-Demo says but now? In this respect the Hygiene rules of the game are adhered to and the integrity is also assured by the police, she says nothing Negative. Those who do not ostentatiously so - to - speak-on face masks and at distances of no consideration because he keeps not the Anti-Corona measures, but the Virus on to balderdash, which endangers his neighbor. He violates Immanuel Kant's social imperative, that I should just act as myself could befall. In this respect, for such people, and doom is given.

Unfortunately, you have to find that the number of those who put their own interest above the common good and which, as a result, the state monopoly on violence goes on all over, increases obviously. Whether in Berlin or in Stuttgart or Frankfurt. Times, the denationalization Left, time rights to operate the business. Times national, at times foreigners. That refugees, including, most painfully, you should be grateful for their inclusion in this country, to despise, rather than the state, which allowed the rescue to be given.

delegitimization of the state should not

be tolerated, This delegitimization of the state is expensive and should not be tolerated. That is why it is negligent to engage the police in a strange political discussion, without considering their possible harmful consequences. Those police officers, on such Demos so rude insult (to), we still need necessary, except that such certificate impferei is simply also. She is indecent.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

finally, you need To: To my credit, I say to those who doubt my journalistic Fairness, that I was as a participant in the Bonn Hofgarten demo no Journalist. Certainly, the demonstration law also applies for journalists. And yet, I find that journalists are looking for in demonstrations, nothing. Who is taking so obvious a party as a protester, you can grant probably has little to report on political events with the audience, and rightly called inner distance.

I know that some of my colleagues, which is more about "attitude" than "facts", the different to see. But maybe that doesn't understand the difference between journalists and activists, too. Or you want to grind this limit also just. This would be, however, the attempt, the journalism should be abolished. "Finally, you will see a enemy in front of you": the sociologist explains how to use Corona-deniers tick, FOCUS Online/Wochit "Finally, you will see a enemy in front of you": the sociologist explains how to use Corona-deniers tick The refugee issue complains Merz three Times about the "shame of Europe", FOCUS Online/Wochit At the issue of refugees complains Merz three Times about the "shame of Europe"

Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 09:27

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