Prosecutors welcomed with great concern the appointment of Dolores Delgado

The proposed designation of the now former minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as the State attorney general, was received yesterday with great concern the ca

Prosecutors welcomed with great concern the appointment of Dolores Delgado

The proposed designation of the now former minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as the State attorney general, was received yesterday with great concern the career prosecutor, precisely because of the problems that may be associated with its recent step by the Government. The majority and the conservative Association of Prosecutors expressed harsh criticism: he believes that is proof that the Executive wants to have “submitted” to the office of the Prosecutor. The Progressive Union of Prosecutors emphasized, however, the preparation of special Pains Thin, with a long professional career in the own Office, as a guarantee that you will be able to effectively cope with challenges and conflicts will arise. Judges and prosecutors expressed yesterday your concerns in a very diverse manner, from the harsh criticism of the conservatives to the seamless support of the progressives.

Cristina Dexeus, president of the Association of Prosecutors, said “stupor” because of the designation of the from today, former minister Delgado as the new attorney general of the State. In his opinion, it is a proposal that clearly it is “indicate” that the Government wants to restrain the prosecutors. In an official statement, the association showed its “upset and concern for the image of politicization and lack of independence and impartiality transmitted to the place on the cusp of the career prosecutor a person who has been Justice minister until just a few hours ago”. The text expresses the danger that the independence of the institution “cracked”. Dexeus he also spoke of “disgust” at the decision to propose to Thin, because it “confuses the public,” because it seems that “there is a political interference in the dome tax”.

In that line, to Dexeus the only thing that can explain the choice of Thin is that the Government wants to “submit themselves” to their priorities and criteria, even more so with the agenda of thorny issues ahead. As confirmation implied that the arrival of Thin can know about episodes of conflict, the president of the Association of Prosecutors, stated that prosecutors have at their disposal “certain mechanisms” to “able to object” to any instruction or order “that they consider illegal.”

In the case of the cause on the procés, these mechanisms would involve the convening of a Board of Tax Chamber of the Supreme Court, not in the event that any of the four case managers in the Office to estimate any illegal order, but that it would be sufficient that there is a strong discrepancy of background about the irrelevance or lack of substantiation of the instruction received. In fact, the most excitement in the attorney career is focused in these moments of checking whether Thin, fit with the four prosecutors who have taken the cause of the procés in terms that the Government has been considering the wrong, especially with respect to the qualification of the facts as rebellion, and not as sedition, thesis that ended up holding the Law of the State, and that was assumed by the Supreme court in its judgment of last October.

The Union of Progressive public Prosecutors (UPF) expressed in change “a vote of confidence” towards Dolores Delgado from the belief that “you are going to act in the best interest of the race and justice with absolute independence”, in the terms foreseen by the Statute of the public Prosecutor. His spokeswoman, Teresa Peramato, added to this conviction the idea that Delgado has “a profile that meets all the principles necessary to occupy the position of the Prosecutor”, and it is expected that you will develop a “perfectly” their functions. Peramato added that, in case of any difficulties, Delgado will be able to have the experience together as belonging to one's own career prosecutor. It is —said the spokesperson of this association— a tax “preparadísima, who knows our race of the feet to the head.”

Criticism of the judiciary

From the judiciary, the Association of Judges Francisco de Vitoria (AJFV), targeting moderate, called it “extraordinary and damaging” to the appointment of Delgado. The spokesperson of this association, Jorge Fernández Vaquero, estimated that this designation “destroys any semblance of impartiality” in the future decisions of the office of the Prosecutor. Fernández Vaquero added that the choice of Thin “indirectly undermines the credibility of the great work professional and hard to do on a daily basis the members of the Fiscal Ministry in so many courts and tribunals”. For the Association Francisco de Vitoria —the second affiliate for the race, “almost any major initiative implemented by the office of the public Prosecutor at the serious issues that arise in the political horizon more immediate,” —a clear reference to the cause of the procés— will be “challenged by the inevitable shadow of partiality”.

In the opposite direction was expressed by the spokesman of Judges, and Judges for Democracy, Ignacio González Vega, believes that the fact that Delgado has been a minister there is “no obstacle” to perform the new position. Gonzalez highlighted his professionalism and his years of experience as a prosecutor, therefore, asked them to wait to “assess the facts” once you start to develop your new role.

Updated Date: 14 January 2020, 04:00

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