Praying medic and a child sex ring: The bizarre world of the QAnon-trailer

But the movement is more than a collection of right-wing weirdo: she has explained to the American democracy the war, and seems willing to defend trump's presi

Praying medic and a child sex ring: The bizarre world of the QAnon-trailer

But the movement is more than a collection of right-wing weirdo: she has explained to the American democracy the war, and seems willing to defend trump's presidency, if necessary, with weapons. David Hayes didn't know what he should from the Coronavirus hold. As a paramedic, he understood well how it worked, medically, and as a deeply devout Christian, he was sure that God would preserve him from in front of a contagion. But the question of Why he could not answer.

On the 23. March of the Californians then received a sign. His Prophet Q had talked about in a Post on the Portal 4chan to him and proclaimed: The Virus had been built with Barack Obama's help in a Chinese laboratory to thwart Donald trump's presidency. Hayes, of the "Praying Medic"- the praying medic is called online, spread the message, immediately under his 340000 followers on YouTube. Q had spoken, and now was the alleged million followers of the ominous Online clear how they had to think about the Virus.

movement has solidified a political ideology

The medic is a Central figure of the QAnon-movement in the USA, a rapidly growing cult of the right hand corners of the Internet that has made up of the Posts of the figure Q is a whole universe of interwoven conspiracy theories cobbled A purely American phenomenon, conspiracy theories are not. But nowhere else will you spread so rapidly, nowhere else your followers are so fanatical. And QAnon is much more than a spinning of individual fanatics. The movement has solidified into a political ideology, with the objective of, Donald trump's Power.

The US President himself fueled such theories again and again, delivers all his Disciples need to develop their theses. Most recently, as the mass protests against racism as a "radical left-wing uprising," an ominous "anti-fascist" brand of quality. Or as he identified the origin of the Coronavirus in a Chinese laboratory to deliver without the evidence. AP

"Trump has always benefited from the destabilization of the truth," says Lee McIntyre, an expert on conspiracy theories and a philosophy lecturer at the University of Boston. "The more you poison the information stream and the differences between truth and falsehood could smudge, the further we progress on the path to endangerment of democracy."

"It is reminiscent of the Online role-playing games that existed in the 90s"

is one of the most important beliefs of the Q-trailer, that a small cabal of left-wing politician to Obama, and Hillary Clinton is aiming for with the secret machinations of world domination, the Mainstream media, as well as an army controlled by secret agents, the Trump-government is undermined. You run a global child porn Ring, and control hordes of lizards in human form to infiltrate the centers of Power in the world.

your traction the movement is also due to the mystery around the figure you Q. leaves on various digital platforms in irregular intervals, the messages, the so-called Q-Drops. These messages to knitting a consistent narrative together, keeping the QAnon-trailer continuously on their toes. "It is reminiscent of the Online role-playing games, it was in the 90s," says McIntyre. "It's just fun threads and to weave such tales of it."

This is also true for the fables about the identity of Q. Some believe, behind Jim Watkins, the operator of the portals of 4chan and 8chan, where Q had for a long time his home would be. 8chan has been blocked in the past year, temporarily by the American government, because three of the bombers in mass shootings had left on the Portal Manifest. The hearing in front of Congress in Washington, Watkins had sewn the letters Q on his jacket.

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Unclear who is actually behind Q

Other Q-followers believe that the God-fearing medic Hayes could be Q. Others claim that it is Trump himself, and find the proof is in the Tweets of the President containing the letter Q-for example, Statements on the subject of quarantine or Queen. As a Trump, during a press meeting in the White house, painted with a hand movement of an arc in the air, you could interpret with a lot of imagination as Q, were some of the final conviction.

An even Wilder theory asserts that Q is the invention of a left-wing Italian author collective. The collective published under the Pseudonym Luther Blissett-named after a Jamaican football player in 1999, the novel "Q". The main character was an underground fighter in the time of the reformation. Since then, it has allowed the collective to a whole series of Situationist Pranks-including the appearance of the fictitious artist Darko Maver at the Venice Biennale with a work from disassembled body parts.

Q appeared for the first Time about three years ago, in appearance,

For the first Time Q appeared on the 28. October 2017 in appearance. In Posts on 4chan Q announced the arrest of Hillary Clinton was imminent. The detention will be the beginning of a wave of mass arrests of the left Clique, and a full and lasting power, Donald takeover, his Trumps.

The history of the post stretches back to the year 2016. Around the choice of Trump in November of that year, rumors began that prominent left-liberal like Clinton, her campaign Manager, John Podesta, and the philanthropist George Soros operated in a Pizzeria in Washington, D.C. child sex ring. The basis of the rumor E-Mails from the Podesta, who were to Wikileaks leaked were.

It was mundane dinner dates and pre-orders in the Pizzeria, however, rights as the YouTuber Alex Jones suggested pizza ingredients, such as Salami or cheese as a code for certain sexual practices. A growing group of Americans was convinced that in the basement of the pub's children would be enslaved.

Q-trailers: from the Power Of the moral degeneracy of the Elite

of One of these pendants, Edgar Maddison Welch, took on 4. December 2016 things into their own hands, entered with an assault rifle in the Restaurant and tried in the basement, to free the prisoners children. After he had nothing more than stock boxes, found, found, he voluntarily to the police. Welch alone was only the first of several incidents in which the fable of Q from the Internet spilled over into reality. In June of 2018, blocked Matthew Wright of the Hoover dam in Las Vegas with a tank of the vehicle and demanded the publication of Reports of the inspector General of the us government to Clinton's alleged machinations.

at the end of may this year, won in Oregon, Jo Rae Perkins, Republican pre-election for the Senate post in this state. Perkins is a self-confessed QAnon-follower. According to a report from the "Atlantic Magazine" is one of 35 Congress candidates in the forthcoming elections, the believe at least parts of the QAnon-theories. Adrienne LaFrance, author of the article in the "Atlantic Magazine", stresses the religious character of the QAnon-cult. Q-trailer self-talk of the forthcoming "the big revival", with the help of get rid of the Power of the morally degenerate, left-wing urban Elite.

Q-movement as a "religious offshoot"?

In the U.S. religious history of several movements of the 18 related. and 19. Century, on this renewal of the moment. They were reactions to social changes as a result of the Expansion of the country to the West of the urbanization or industrialization. Every Time a return was called for on the Puritan Tradition.

The renewal movements have produced a Wealth of new religious offshoot. In his book "The American Religion" is used to describe Harold Bloom's take, such as Baptists, Adventists or Mormons claim to renew the relationship of the individual to God. The journalist LaFrance sees Q in exactly this Tradition. "The Adventists and the Mormons are thriving, original American religions. Don't be surprised if QAnon will be another.“

"the very fact that we think about something like that, is quite disturbing?"

But Q is more than a Religion, more of a politically motivated theory with religious moves. In QAnon socio-together cultural developments of the past 50 years. In 2017, the Journalist Kurt Andersen described in his book "Fantasyland-How America Went Haywire," as the Alliance of the Republican party with fundamentalist Protestants in the eighties, the undermining of reason and science sped up dramatically: "If you believe that the Holy spirit speaks through them, then you are also inclined to the fact that climate change is an invention of China," said Andersen at the time, in an Interview.

the question Remains, what Makes the QAnon-conspirators actually have. A scenario that the scientists McIntyre pictures, is that Trump loses in November, the presidential election, the result, however, immediately doubts. QAnon-Younger then decorate stories about the Manipulation of the election by the left political forces, armed militias from the shock of Edgar Maddison Welch scuba diving in Washington, in order to prevent the removal of Trumps from the office, his vision of Horror. "The very fact that we think about something like that, is quite disturbing,?", asks McIntyre.

has been classified in the past year, the FBI QAnon and similar conspiracy movement as a terrorist threat. Criminal consequences of the so far, however, had not. For the weekend: storms intensify - here are the Thunderstorm on the most violent PCP Up for the weekend: storms intensify - here are the Thunderstorm on the most violent


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