Political struggle for police reform in the United States | politics

After the death of George Floyd in a brutal police action, the US should be reformed-the police. Democrats and Republicans argue about the significance of the i

Political struggle for police reform in the United States | politics

After the death of George Floyd in a brutal police action, the US should be reformed-the police. Democrats and Republicans argue about the significance of the innovations. From Arizona, another death case, during a police operation known.

Washington (Reuters) - A month after the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police action, the US house of representatives has passed a bill against police violence.

The chamber of the Parliament approved on Thursday evening (local time), especially with the majority of the Democrats for the draft. He provides for, among other things, to facilitate the prosecution of police officers for use of force. The draft is expected to have in this Form, however, hardly a chance to become actual law. Because in the Senate, the second chamber of the Congress, of course, should also agree the Republicans have the majority.

The house of representatives adopted the draft according to which the immunity of police officers is to be restricted, so that they can more easily be held accountable. In addition, controversial police should be banned methods, such as the bars in firmly. Body cameras for police officers are increasingly to be used. The White house has made it clear that Trump would not accept a restriction of the immunity of police officers. Trump would have to such a law, so that it can enter into force.

The Democrats had blocked on Wednesday a draft law to the Republicans for a police reform in the Senate. The design of the Republicans lagged far behind the Democrats, and resembled the substance of a recent available Trumps. Among other things police have asked authorities in the Land grants, if they committed themselves to certain Standards, including a waiver of the bars belonged to.

Meanwhile, a new alleged case of police became known for violence against Non-whites. In Tucson (Arizona), died in a 27-Year-old with Latin American roots during a police operation, police chief Chris Magnus confirmed on Wednesday at a press conference. The use of had already on 21. April, occurred, the of the body cameras the officers recorded Video but was released only now. Accordingly, the ranking of the 27-year-old Carlos Adrian Ingram López in the case of the use in a dark Garage of the house his grandmother got in first with the officers, then handcuffed and was pressed face down on the floor - "about twelve minutes", as Magnus said.

The young man was, according to reports in the media, naked, desperate, and called, among other things, that he could not breathe. He had suffered stood a cardiac arrest, according to Magnus. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful, and his death had not yet been detected there. Coroner would have found the 27-Year-old a high cocaine content in the organism, as well as an enlarged heart. The exact cause of death but I can not be conclusively determined. The officials involved - according to Magnus' words, White and Black - had failed to an internal investigation, during the operation, but against the various rules of the authority. Media reported that the grandmother had called the police. Why, was initially unclear.

the Video was published a good two-month delay, said Magnus with a "bad communication" within the police, as well as delays due to the Corona pandemic. In view of the nationwide debate about police violence against Non-White after the death of Floyd, the incident did not contribute to confidence in the police, he confessed and offered during the press conference for his resignation. Mayor Regina Romero refused, however, on Thursday (local time). You don't have to decide on the resignation, but wanted Magnus to stay and the initiated police reforms lead to continue, she wrote on Twitter.

The protests against racism and police violence after Floyd's death on the 25. May have initiated in the USA, not only police reform, but also a debate on the cultural memory of the country. In different country, the protesters share a short process, and brought the statues to the case, the historical figures that are associated with racism. In Washington, protesters had failed on Monday evening in the attempt to overthrow a Statue of the seventh President Andrew Jackson (1829-37).

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday (local time) in the channel Fox News, he had stopped the fall of the Jackson Statue. His government had, in the meantime, mobilized the national guard to protect monuments in the capital city of Washington. Trump brought the overthrow of the articles of Association in connection with terrorism. He threatened the protesters that tried to bring statues of historical figures in the United States, with serious consequences. "Every night we will take action harder and harder," said Trump. "And at some point there will be retribution." These protesters are vandals and instigator - in truth, they are but "in a way, terrorists".

Floyd was on 25. May have died in a brutal arrest in Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. A white police officer had pressed his knee for almost eight minutes in the back of the neck of the lying on the floor Floyd - in spite of all entreaties to let him breathe.

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