Police drags organisers of stage and the crowd - Mega-rally in Berlin resolved

In the resolution of the rally of opponents of state Corona-pads in Berlin, has occupied the police the event stage. Several representatives of the organizer of

Police drags organisers of stage and the crowd - Mega-rally in Berlin resolved

In the resolution of the rally of opponents of state Corona-pads in Berlin, has occupied the police the event stage. Several representatives of the organizer of were brought in under protest call of the rally participants from the stage. As a Person fought against it, went to the official with use of the body.

Previously, had called the police the first 20,000 participants of the rally on several occasions, the area on the Straße des 17. To clear June. After an initial Ask of a police pointed to the speaker to the fact that the protesters committed now misdemeanors. The was always of Boos and protest call accompanied.

thousands gathered in front of the Reichstag

Many of the participants were still, or were spread on the meadows of the adjacent animal Park. About 3,000 gathered in the meantime in front of the middle of the Reichstag. In front of the stage of the rally, a hard core of participants was initially.

The police had stopped the rally because the organizers had not been able to comply with the hygiene measures. This was also at the Demonstration before the event. "Due to the non-compliance with the hygiene rules of a criminal was made a complaint against the head of the Assembly," tweeted the police. The organizers declared the Demonstration then ended.

demonstrators do not follow Hygiene pads

At the rally on Saturday, according to police sources, around 20,000 people on the Straße des 17. June, close to the Brandenburg gate gathered. Previously the previous Demo, the organiser had been declared closed.

Previously, thousands of people pay with a March through Berlin against the Corona protested, in spite of a rising Infection measures. The police went up to 17 000 participants in the Demo. The protesters demanded an end to all requirements. AP rally by Corona-deniers in Berlin: the police approaching the stage.

According to police, the hygiene requirements, such as distance and the mouth, nose, have not been complied with in protection. Forces were initially using loud-speakers, or individual speeches. "In addition, violations will be documented, so that even in the Wake of the sanctioning of infringements is possible," announced the police.

Spahn: "demonstrations have to be in Corona-times. But not so - "

the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn practiced harsh criticism of the Berlin protest March. "Yes, the demonstrations also have to be in Corona-times. But not so," wrote the CDU-politician in the late Saturday afternoon on Twitter. The pandemic is the only way to meet "with reason, perseverance, and team spirit". "The more responsible we all live in everyday life with each other, the more normality is despite Corona possible," said Spahn.

at the beginning of 10,000 participants on-the-spot

On the unter den Linden Boulevard, the demonstrators were pushed initially tight. A police spokesman for the news Agency AFP said, already at the start of the protest March of approximately 10,000 participants have been counted. This number was, in fact, been logged in for the final rally in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the police then spoke of 17,000 participants. At a distance of not respected rules to a great extent.

The Berlin police Department announced at noon via Twitter: "After the Chairman of the meeting has informed the Participants that there is sufficient spacing & Wear a mouth-nose cover, our College. compliance with these requirements pay attention to."

in The afternoon was according to the police, against the Chairman of the meeting to a criminal complaint manufactured because of the "non-compliance with the hygiene rules". In addition, it attempts to equalize the lift and check the "more actions". the around 14: 30, the police announced that the Demo was ended by organizers in advance.

thousands protest without masks: Here is the Virus-deniers to pull through Berlin FOCUS Online thousands protest without masks: Here is the Virus-deniers to pull through Berlin

Absurd slogans: "We are the second wave".

On the Demo, Signs and flags of the different provinces were to be seen. Their displeasure with the measures of protection against the Coronavirus were people with whistles and Call for "freedom" or "resistance" of the air. Also slogans such as "The biggest conspiracy theory is the Corona-pandemic" were heard.How the "daily mirror" reported, is a further Slogan: "We are the second wave". Others again hold, therefore, posters with the words "Nip it in the Bud", and "no compulsory vaccination". Again and again, is scattered by opponents of the rumor, the German government plane in the case of Corona, a compulsory vaccination. This speculation was rejected by the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) multiple times.

Also, people with Imperial war flag in front of the place

For the subsequent rally were logged according to the police, approximately 10,000 participants. The Motto of the Demonstration was "the end of the pandemic - the day of freedom". The title "day of freedom" is also a propaganda film of the Nazi icon Riefenstahl, on the party Congress of the NSDAP in 1935. Photos that have been shared via the short message service Twitter, there are also people that appear to be with the Reich war flag to the Demonstration on-the-go. Christoph Soeder/dpa

On Twitter, many people Express their lack of understanding in the face of the ignorance of the protesters. "You're not the 2. Wave. You're the plague," writes a User. Another says: "personally, I think the conspiracy demo in Berlin just ridiculous and stupid, as they demonstrate against the measures, and for the "freedom", but by the failure to respect the distance and masks rules help to ensure that the measures continue even longer."

"thousands of #Covidioten celebrate in Berlin"

a lack of understanding for the Demo, there was also political. The SPD-Chairwoman Saskia esque wrote on Twitter: "thousands of #Covidioten celebrations in #Berlin as "the second wave", without distance, without a mask. Not only do you endanger our health, jeopardize our success against the pandemic and for the revival of the economy, education and society. Irresponsible!" In Brandenburg the CDU parliamentary group Chairman, Jan Redmann wrote on Twitter: "Back to 1000 new infections/day, and in Berlin demonstrated against corona conditions? This dangerous nonsense we can't afford more."

But it was also criticized the lack of Intervention by the police. A User asks: "I understand why the #b0108 Demo is not resolved. The MNS-pad and gap-pad?"

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Several counter-demonstrations

the Demonstration of the Stuttgart Initiative“ was Organized cross-711 state of mind“. According to Berlin's interior Senator Andreas hostage (SPD), also called various neo-Nazi organizations to participate.

in Addition to several held counter-demonstrations, among other things, an event was logged "No foot of the conspiracy theorists" with 500 people. Overall, are expected at the weekend in Berlin at dozens of events about 22,000 protesters, the police is with more than a thousand officers deployed.

on A Saturday logged-in event of the conspiracy theorist Attila Hildmann had been said in the run-up to, among other things, allegations of sedition under. It was the second ban on Hildmann-rally in a row.

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