Peru and Mexico reported more than 500,000 Corona cases

the World is proven to be the Coronavirus is now almost 21 million people. The news Agency Reuters reported, citing its own analysis of the Data. Accordingly, 7

Peru and Mexico reported more than 500,000 Corona cases

the World is proven to be the Coronavirus is now almost 21 million people. The news Agency Reuters reported, citing its own analysis of the Data. Accordingly, 749.871 people died and with COVID-19.

the countries with the highest case numbers belong to the United States (5,19 million), Brazil (3.16 million) and India (2,39 million), it is now the Latin American countries, Peru and Mexico. Both have now crossed the threshold of 500,000 cases, according to the Reuters news Agency.

In Mexico, nearly 55,000 people have died in Peru there were more than 25,000. In relation to the number of inhabitants of the Andean state, in order to 78.6 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Thus, Peru takes the sad leading position in the Region and thus, also violently of Corona-stricken countries, Chile and Brazil behind.

Overall, Latin America and the Caribbean countries to the worst of the pandemic hit Region of the world: Here were previously counted 5.8 million cases and almost a third of the almost 750,000 deaths worldwide.

companion Maduros died

the Governor of The Venezuelan capital district of Caracas, Venezuela, Dario Vivas, is succumbed to, according to the government of his COVID-19-disease. The close ally of President Nicolas Maduro had announced in mid-July that he had been positively on the Coronavirus tested. Vivas was 70 years old. In Venezuela, yet 29.088 Corona were confirmed cases of 247 people died.

the UK imposed quarantine

Due to the sharp increase Corona-the case of travellers arriving in the UK will have to pay from France and the Netherlands starting from Saturday in quarantine. Arriving from the two countries, as well as from Monaco, Malta, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and Aruba would have to isolate after your arrival in the United Kingdom "for two weeks", as transport Minister Grant shapp's announced.

showed The "data" that the new quarantine rules for travelers was necessary, wrote shapp's in the short message service Twitter. The British government had removed at the end of June already Spain from the list of those countries from which entry without a quarantine is possible. Last week, the transport Ministry said that travelers from Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas would have to re-in the insulation.

France reacts in a Huff

France's government responded promptly: The new British measures were a "decision that we regret and lead to a reciprocal measure," tweeted the French European Affairs Minister, Clement Beaune. How, exactly, the French measures should look like, not from the Minister, first of all. He stressed his government's hope that the situation will "personalize as soon as possible," returned Norma. According to estimates, around half a Million Britons currently on holiday in France. Given the new quarantine regulations, observers expect a mass return of vacationers are liable. The Corona-infection rates have increased in France noticeably. On Thursday 2669 new infection cases were recorded within a day - the highest daily figure since may.

the United Kingdom is the European country with the highest recorded number of fatalities of the pandemic. More than 41,000 people have died there, according to information from the authorities to the consequences of infection with the novel pathogen.

"holiday home-comers are a Problem number one"

in Germany, Too, Figures in the holiday returnees for discussions and an increase in the Corona. After the breakdown in Bavaria, where a positive Corona and individuals tested were for days, not about your infection informed, ask CDU parliamentarian in the Federal government and in the EU Parliament quick remedy for the airport tests.

Unions interior expert Armin Schuster called "holiday returnees with Corona-infection" in the "image"newspaper as "our number One Problem". Controls the rear passengers would have to operate at airports reliably, said the CDU politician. Especially when arriving from high-risk areas, the Tests should not be bypassed deliberately.

supporting this criticism in the European Parliament. Air traffic expert, Sven Schulze said: "The return tests to be carried out between the passenger bridge and the terminal building." He also insists that police officers should monitor the "accurate implementation" of the controls.

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