Party and event scene: Dangerous term belittles the Mob of Stuttgart

Who was beaten by the police, is not only punishable, but also commits an act of Rebellion against the community. The vast majority of people in Germany has no

Party and event scene: Dangerous term belittles the Mob of Stuttgart

Who was beaten by the police, is not only punishable, but also commits an act of Rebellion against the community. The vast majority of people in Germany has no Problem with you has to say in the case of doubt, the police how to behave.

The few that do not come so clear, not only have a disturbed relationship to the police, but also to their fellow human beings and one to the state. "A Party and event scene" is a strange term. The Stuttgart police used him to give the perpetrators of the violence against themselves a group name, is only explained by the fact that the police did not want to make vulnerable. Therefore, it turned out also that there had been in the Stuttgart night, no political motives. The police said so, has a reason: she's scared. About the author: Ulrich Reitz

Ulrich Reitz worked as a correspondent in the world, was in the starting team of FOCUS, which he led, and was a total of 17 years as editor-in-chief of the two largest German regional newspaper "WAZ" and "Rheinische Post". He deals with the societal consequences of digitalization, the cultural foundations of Germany and the Performance of its elites in politics and the economy. Reitz sees itself as economically ordoliberal and politically conservative. He appreciates the well-maintained controversy.

Dominik Butzmann Ulrich Reitz

The experience of police officers with the Public that you're protecting, looks like this: Regularly you will be berated by protesters as "pigs". By a group called "Antifa" and believes that, because of your Name, as well as all out violence against the state violence, they are referred to as servants of a rotten capitalist system. Happy as a racist.

police officers is the Image of PISTOLEROS attached seals

This is discrimination of an entire group, for again, an act of racism, or how the so-called Antifa would say: fascism, has set a target: the police as an Organ of the state power on the way of the intimidation out of action. From the policy, police officers know only a little restraint, on the contrary. In Germany is so well demonstrated, such as anti-everything. But as the Chairman of the social Democrats, the police found a "latent racism", a monstrosity that is not covered by the facts in the approach, has not logged a single Demonstration against it.

  • All new findings to the Stuttgart riot you read in the News Ticker.

police will seal in the social networks under the Hashtag #police violence an Image of PISTOLEROS, and these are people who are likely to be more peaceful than the average of the society. Last Saturday, police officers from left Autonomous in a relevant, known Essen district as racists, and much unkind insults were, without a single one of them would have to fight it. This is exactly why they are trained, and this is a hard school. What guy would not be slipped under the permanent "asshole"-fire at some point in the Hand?

to drink One over the thirst is no reason a police officer is shot in the mouth to knock off

In Germany, the state, the monopoly on the exercise of violence and its with this difficult task of people served police officers. If police officers exert in Germany violence, then you have to think about it well. You do not act then because it's different. Has long been in the police tactics, the principle of de-escalation by, so it was at the weekend in Essen, and also in Stuttgart, mainly police officers, were injured, not rioters. The cops act violently, then, because it was not working with the de-escalation.

in the Meantime, it has become customary that any people access to the cell phone, COP movies, and then your Video as proof for an allegedly violence-savvy police to the network. This has a devastating effect. It would be different, the Videos would not be shared thousandfold, obviously by people who would self-identify as "bourgeois". In the meantime, the media do so, as it was evidence, like the testimony of police officers.

violence against the police is, once again: an immensely political act. What is that supposed to be: a "Party and event scene", which is organized when one of their own gets caught in a control of drug, immediately such a Pogo? There is no such thing. To drink one over the thirst is no reason to hit a police officer in the face. Where so little mass that happens is a Mob on the way to make a collection of people, the thickness to do what you want without anyone to stop. In other words: anti-social.

violence against the police arises out of Nothing

In these circles and, unfortunately, not only there is police-Bashing is now part of an anti-bourgeois "Chic". Who's "racism" when a police officer makes a dark-skinned drug dealer using his body thing can have the feeling to move in a radical left-wing Mainstream. Because this is so, discuss it now in the "taz" in all seriousness, whether it was in order that a columnist for police officers, the landfill could think of. The columnist, it is said, had even become the victims of racism. So what? May rush you, therefore, against this state? How good that she has collected for a display, of the police Union. The Federal Minister of the interior is on the way, to be his Chancellor thwarted - but why?

journalists are not allowed to write anything, and also a Satire does not move outside of the criminal law. That now Green, the regretted in the Morning, the police crocodile tears in prison, complaining now of an attack on the freedom of the press in the face of this plant in the "taz", shows what the displays of Tomorrow are really worth.

From social Democrats in the police, you can know how horrible you find it, if you are demonstratively taken mainly from the AfD in protection. A commentator of the" Neue Zürcher Zeitung": as Long as bourgeois politicians were watching can stage, "as left-wing radical violence is small and written talk and the police as potentially racist perpetrators of violence under General suspicion, as long as will the AfD-politician as a supposed plain-text speaker". Violence against the police does not arise out of Nothing. It happens only long after it has been legitimized. As a seed goes on, the was sown years ago. With a "Party and event scene" has all this to do but also nothing to. As of Kosen with slaves-starts a comparison, bursts of Boetticher, the collar FOCUS Online/Wochit As of Kosen with slaves-comparison begins, bursts of Boetticher, the collar of cold air drops keeps heat-wave short-in check - but here, 37 degrees to be cracked PCP cold air drops heat wave stops short in chess, but here are the 37 degree of be cracked

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