Parallel to US-police violence: Israeli police shoot autistic Palestinians, he dies behind trash bin

Almost every Morning, was Iyad Hallak on foot in the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem's old town. His path led through the lion gate and the long lane up to the

Parallel to US-police violence: Israeli police shoot autistic Palestinians, he dies behind trash bin

Almost every Morning, was Iyad Hallak on foot in the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem's old town. His path led through the lion gate and the long lane up to the Elwyn center. In the institution for people with disabilities, the young Palestinians made a training as a Chef assistant. The 32-Year-old was autistic, and the daily walk is a challenge and a bit of independence at the same time. However, in the last days of May all of this came to an abrupt end. The message of the Israeli police on that Saturday morning reads sober: A suspect had been neutralized near the Löwentors in the old city of Jerusalem - a expression in the Israeli police jargon that often describes the death of the Person concerned.

border police officers had to stay Iyad Hallak asked, so the Police report. They took up the chase, and shot at him. He had a suspicious object, possibly a gun, said in a statement. The young man died behind the garbage cans, behind which he had apparently sought protection, only a few meters from the center. The police later admitted that they found no weapon on him.

In the Elwyn center is also days after the deadly incident is still in a state of shock. "It has broken all the heart," says Diaa Seider, social workers, and one of his managers. "As an autistic, it was for Iyad extremely difficult, with unfamiliar people and new situations. An autistic young man like him on the street address, is nearly impossible."

Imad Muna, brings this Morning his 21-year-old daughter to the centre, is affected. "It is very easy for these people to kill someone, especially if it is a Palestinian," says Muna, and speaks to what many Palestinians. In East Jerusalem we are accustomed, unfortunately, to such events, but the shooting of a disabled and defenseless young man do a lot of residents particularly affected.

Parallels to police violence in the USA

Since the deadly incident, it ferments in the social networks. Palestinian and some Israeli activists draw comparisons to the excessive racist police violence in the United States, and the protests triggered by the death of the African-American George Floyd. So there was, for example, in Bethlehem in the West Bank, in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, the demonstrations, the justice for Hallak requested. Some of the participants held photos of Hallak and Floyd high, and banners with the words "Palestinian Lives Matter" - "Palestinian lives count".

In Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, criticism of human rights groups have long been part of disproportionate violence by the Israeli forces against Palestinians and the lack of prosecution against members of the army and the police.

In the case of Iyad Hallak, the Ministry of justice have now taken over the internal investigation, said a police spokesman. The police officers are currently suspended from duty.

The death Hallaks attracted unusually many comments of Israeli politicians and official apologies to: "We regret the incident," said defense Minister Benny Gantz at a Cabinet meeting, and expressed to the family his condolences. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sitting next to him, not expressed.

Israel's Minister for Internal security, Amir Ohana from the conservative Likud, promised a full investigation and new guidelines in dealing with "Suspects with disabilities". At the same time, he made it clear that police officers would have to meet in use often "split-second decisions about life and death," in case of danger for their own lives. In the past few years, Palestinian perpetrators attacked again and again, passers-by and Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, and often killed.

do Not trust state protection

father Khairi Hallak, may take the death of his son, still barely. The family has received the whole week, condolence visits to the mourning tent. "He loved to go in the centre," says the father, and told them how important it was that Iyad was able to create the way to and from work independently.

Around the lion's gate, many of the Israeli forces present are, in particular, it is one of the ways to the temple mount and Al-Aqsa mosque. At the beginning, it should be run for a supervisor, the Iyad possible Checkpoints and the police have declared presence. "He was a young man of 32 years, in his essence, but he remained a child of eight years. It is hard to grasp that he was completely killed for no reason by the police."

In the Elwyn center are now working supervisors, trainees, and parents to the question of how they can prevent such incidents in the future. The protection by the police, they don't count. "In recent times, I have let my daughter often go alone and observed from a distance until she was safely at the door, so that she can experience a little independence," said Imad Muna. "But for now, I'll accompany you back every day up to the center."

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