PS5-Event: All the games of the Sony presentation in the Overview | Games

While the launch event, Sony has introduced a number of game titles for the PS5. Here you can learn all of the announcements. Sony* presented in the context of

PS5-Event: All the games of the Sony presentation in the Overview | Games

While the launch event, Sony has introduced a number of game titles for the PS5. Here you can learn all of the announcements.

Sony* presented in the context of a launch event, a new PS5 games . Game has followed in Live-Ticker the event. All of the pre - games and information on the Next-Gen console at a glance.

During the hour-long presentation, Sony has provided an Outlook on the upcoming game title for the Playstation 5. In several trailers, a whole series has to be in Play. There were a total of 27 titles shown by Sony in the Stream. The Grand finale was the unveiling of the PS5* was then - for the first time, the Design of the console was presented. However, the presented game titles can be quite impressive.

Here is an Overview of all the featured title :

PS5 Exclusive title


Indie title

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

GTA 5 / GTA Online


Horizon 2: Forbidden West

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Goodbye Volcano High

Gran Turismo 7


Jett: The Far Shore

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Project Athia

Kena: Bridge of the Spirits

Demon's Souls Remake

Hitman 3

Little Devil Inside

Sackboy - a-Big-Adventure

NBA 2K21

Oddworld: Soulstorm


death loop

The Pathless

Destruction Allstars

Resident Evil: Village


Astro's Playroom


Solar Ash

interesting : PS5 - So stylish would be to Sony's new console in Black.

Live-Ticker to the PS5-Event

23:15: Finally have all of the certainty. Sony is finally showing the Design of the PS5 console. The PlayStation 5 also looks very modern with its two colors black and white. In addition, there will be only one console, but two. Once a Version with a Blu-ray drive and a digital Version of the PS5.

23.10: to the end of the Show, the Trailer does not tear. This Sony even had a real crusher of the party. There is talk of Horizon - Forbidden West, the successor to Horizon - Zero Dawn.

23:05: a title comes with the hardly anyone. BluePoint Games is responsible for Demon's Souls for the PS5 . But then it was weird because running strawberries were sent to the race. The game Bugsnax convinced with Humor and absurd vegetable - and fruit-characters.

23:00 PM Basketball Fans can look forward to NBA 2K21 . The Trailer shows the stunning graphics on the PS5. However, Sony has yet to show more in Store, for example, with Capcom the the creepy Horror-game Resident Evil: 8 - Village . Then Arkane Studios gets has now made its appearance with the lost game of death loop its appearance.

22:50: is not Yet final with new Games. At The Far Shore, there was a lot of water and space to see. The game comes in the Winter of 2020. It continues with exciting music, and the title Godfal of Gearbox Software. The drawn world of Solar Ash in the you will lose starting in 2021 followed. Surprisingly, Hitman 3, when you can be in 2020 to the assassins. A bit different-made game Little Devil Insode, therefore, is sweet.

22:40: The flood of trailers, does not break down. Lucid Studio showed with London Underground a game with Wumps. Many of the cars crashing to each other, and cool music promises to be fast-paced race in the arenas. Art is also one of the party with a Goodbye to Volcano High - a rather unusual title. A bit more child-friendly shows Ember Lab with Kena Bridge of Spirit. Then a Trailer for Oddworld Soulstorm and the title of Ghost Wire followed.

22:30 : The flood of Games continues to roll. And also Publisher with the game and Sqaure Enix that will be your new exclusive Project Athia shown. After that, a smaller title of the name of the "Stray", and 2021 for the PS5 appears to be still followed. Thereafter, a title of Hopusemarque under the name of Returnal still followed.

22:20: And it goes on with Gameplay is Shown, the new Ratchet & Clank for the PS5. The game comes once again from Insomiac Games. In addition to the Trailer, there was a lot of Gameplay scenes, which impressed all of them.

21:15: Sony is turning it on right now and shows a lot of exclusive games like a new Spider-Man and Gran Turismo 7.

21:05: , a Trailer was Shown of GTA 5. Which for the Launch of the PS5

22:00: is to start The Show. And a Video, which is what games have freeze shows on the PlayStation 4 your success was shown.

21:50 : 10 minutes until the Start of the actual Show. And furthermore, the Youtuber heating the Fans of PlayStation to the new console from Sony. In addition, there is increasing speculation the Games might be shown in the Show.

21:45: just before the Start of the Show, the Host, Geoff Keighley, another begins Panel with YouTube stars, to hear their opinions on the topic of PlayStation in General.

21:35: The PlayStation 5: The Future of Gaming, PS5 Pre-Show from Geoff Keighley has now been launched. There Youtuber to heat just the Fans.

+++ welcome to the Live-Ticker the Sony Events for the new PlayStation 5 games. informs you on 11. June 22 at all of the information of the Live event, unveiled games and first looks at the console.

Tokyo, Japan – although the Event several times, and now it is finally so far. On Thursday, the 11. June 2020 presents Sony in a Livestream the games for the PS5*. is there live and be informed about all the news.


PlayStation 5 (PS5)


Sony Interactive Entertainment (SHE)


stationary game console


9. Console generation

storage medium



expected to end in 2020.

PS5: So you can keep track of the idea of the event

the complete Event on two different platforms. you can Track For one, you can follow the Sony-Event at Twitch , on your own PlayStation channel. Only the comment function to unlock a required Account, otherwise you can enjoy the presentation without logging in. On the other hand, it is possible to view the Sony-Event on the YouTube channel of PlayStation. Here, too, no Account needed.

Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 11:34