Opinion | The fight for investiture

the sessions of The Congress of this weekend have drawn the perfect storm. It was easy —and predictable— the very, very tough attack of the right wing of a cand

Opinion | The fight for investiture

the sessions of The Congress of this weekend have drawn the perfect storm. It was easy —and predictable— the very, very tough attack of the right wing of a candidate as weak, submissive now to the independence forces. Already warned him with his bullying usual the spokesman of ERC, Gabriel Ruffian. But the storm and the show overall —sultry at times— has broken the mould.

While the politicians exposed in the floor of their arguments and, above all, threw their fiery speeches, in Barcelona, the Parliament tightened the atmosphere with a resolution that branded as coup d'etat, the disqualification of the Round and in Madrid, the dome conservative of the city Council joined a demonstration against Pedro Sanchez. These are the two poles of tension that you saw and will come under the next Government of Pedro Sanchez. If this asked to do political response to the litigation, Paul Married threatened with a new complaint and CKD he cited the amnesty, in addition to introducing a new element of uncertainty to the analysis of whether the decision of the Central Electoral Board with regard to Torra had to change or not change the direction of his vote. It has been a way of reminding Sanchez extent to which the republican party is going to keep you in suspense permanently.

The parliamentarism Spanish, clinging to the endless succession of monologues, has turned the exchange of arguments in a combat scarcely edifying. In front of a social program is certainly interesting and will probably naive to moderate the pro-independence Catalan in exchange for concessions, your honours have been caught up in the melee. And so, proving that the political engine is seized, has spoken more of franco's regime of repression, of Pérez Galdós or Victoria Kent that of the pension or the legalization of euthanasia.

independence was marked by the endowment session. Is the new hinge; the new force as aggressive with “the Spanish State” as necessary. The novelty is not that the spokesperson of EH Bildu, Mertxe Aizpurua, review the history of their measurement and acknowledgement of totalitarian at the head of the State. The novelty is that the socialist candidate will respond to it as a Thug with a glove of silk, and the same correction as parliamentary with which he has treated others.

This struggle of investiture confirms the obvious: this will be a legislature without a majority sufficient to reach agreements draft and will be dominated by CKD. In this context, it is of thanking you for the breath of fresh air that has entered the left represented by Can and their confluences. Pablo Iglesias, by the way, in an intervention moderate and professorial, was the only one who spoke of patriotism. Between the bitter insults, the enthusiasm of these politicians —“yes, we can”— dignified a both the first endowment session, regardless of the ideas they defend.

The input exciting the leftists, however, it is becoming insufficient to reduce the tension and scare off the threats that loom over the governance of this country. The fragmentation of the Parliament has not been put at the service of dialogue, but of the polarization. The Parliament is going to be a good scenario to test it. Not even the socialist spokeswoman, Adriana Lastra, took his turn to defend his program, but also to raise the tension. The best description of what occurred provided, paradoxically, the pro-independence Catalan Laura Borràs: “Viéndoles here it seems to me that the problem of coexistence what have you.”

Updated Date: 05 January 2020, 14:00

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