Opinion | The effect Neymar

When ETA made explode bombs, its political arm exploited the language. They were well synchronized. The killers kill and their delegates, politicians picked up

Opinion | The effect Neymar

When ETA made explode bombs, its political arm exploited the language. They were well synchronized. The killers kill and their delegates, politicians picked up the dictionary, and formulated expressions fabulous to not call them murderers. To call someone something gives work, but not llamárselo is tremendous. So he cast the abertzale left and the years, so much and so well that rare is it that none of its leaders most distinguished finish with an armchair in the SAR. Do-not-call “terrorist” to a terrorist band for forty years of terrorist attacks has a merit doubtful that anyone in Spain knew how to appreciate at the time. What now? Could be, but either. Perhaps you don't understand, but everything you say on the podium of the Congress Mertxe Aizpurua, whether it is a speech that could proclaim any, is vitiated by the lack of a fundamental premise which both serves to do by the policy as to walk in life.

that's why, when he speaks Bildu in Congress, every one is entitled to be absent, as Abascal, or ridicule, as Suárez Illana. What is not landlord is converting the house into a dunghill, that is what it became when he tried to speak, the mep's independence. Bildu has spent many years in the Congress of Deputies and has given many speeches there; never raised so much anger, and the reason is not his party, but the Government. The day before several deputies of PP and Vox had insulted, yelled, pataleado and interrupted the speeches of Sanchez. Disturbs the image of gentlemen well and well stricken in years, suited, well-paid, the majority of whom do not paste it there a stick in the water, yelling “you scoundrel!” or “thief!” or “¡asesinos!” in the middle of the speech of a colleague, as representative of citizens with the same rights as yours, and then throw the back back, with a gesture naughty, have a laugh with the neighbor seat and look with the eyes, the complicity of the leader or his companions, in plan to justify his presence there, more as a troublemaker than as a member of parliament, but the presence in the end. It's all part of the effect Neymar, these deputies who spent weeks rolling on the grass, taking the hand to Spain, to be broken; asking for the stretcher, expulsions, waving to the public. The right of the aspaviento.


The intervention of EH Bildu in the Congress causes a lot of anger in the right DIRECT So you have explained the debate of investiture Sanchez face to face with Abascal and responds with data to the “lies of the far right”

Then there is Ines Arrimadas, a spokesman for Citizens. By moving their divisions in the invisible on the board of the national policy; commanding and requiring, full.

—That the six of Albacete blocked on that resource and go to his aid our twelve deputies of Valencia!

—Inés, but if in Albacete we do not have a seat.

he Pulled out a poster, of course. “You gave Me posters for the first time a year ago / they called me the girl of the cartels.” Is a little changed and it is T. S. Eliot in The wasteland, a title which in some way anticipated the Citizens present, a party without a cause, like James Dean. The poster was to mess with Adriana Lastra and its absence, or alleged absence, of curriculum (not what I know or I'm interested in, I am I to talk about curriculum, that I had to go to Google to see how to write the word: I had put currículun and I sounded like nothing; imagínenme now getting to a job interview: “I bring my currículun”); well, the poster was the least of it, I want to say. What's impressive is the gesture: a huge poster puts in big Adriana Lastra and Joined pointing to Adriana Lastra and saying, “you are, you are” blinking the eye because, as Lastra has no career, just as he thought he could not read. In the end, it's all very complicated.

Date Of Update: 06 January 2020, 00:00