Open Trump to the US television, as he has the choice to steal

In the US election is Apple the Post due to a massive increase in the number of postal voters in the Corona-pandemic, more and more strife. US President, Donald

Open Trump to the US television, as he has the choice to steal

In the US election is Apple the Post due to a massive increase in the number of postal voters in the Corona-pandemic, more and more strife. US President, Donald Trump is considering three months prior to the election, the Post with the necessary funds to withhold, to transport millions of ballot papers by the deadline.

As the Post itself confirmed, are currently in the nationwide 500 letter sorting machine to be removed and decommissioned, approximately 15 percent of the total inventory. The US Post office has responded well: they warned on Friday (local time) published letters to the States, they could not guarantee that by way of postal ballot issued ballot papers would be delivered on time, in order to be counted. At the same time, internal documents were known, according to which the Post breaks down just many letter sorting machines.

In the pandemic to the polling station

Democrats see this as an attempt by the Republicans to keep the turnout in his favor as low as. In addition, the Republicans endanger its Existence on the votes in the polling stations in the midst of the pandemic, the health of the citizens, so the accusations.

Trump warns, again, without stating the reasons, absentee voting will lead to fraud solid choice. "This is the biggest Scam in the history", he claimed on Thursday. In Federal States, such as Virginia postal ballot documents were sent to "the Dead and the dogs," he said. Reuters/Matt Rourke/AP/dpa letter ballot documents in the United States. President Trump alleged that more absentee voting will lead to election fraud.

fear of the letter of choice

Republicans are the Instrument of the election for the traditionally sceptical, not least because it must work, especially of poorer people (who don't have a car, or on the day of the election), and students will be used. These layers of the population to choose, however, is rather democratic. If there is anywhere in the Land of absentee voting, "would be elected in this country is never again a Republican," said Trump until the end of March.

For Trumps allegation that the postal ballot to facilitate fraud, there is no evidence. Fraud via absentee ballot in the US is extremely rare. One of Trump's self-appointed Commission, which should investigate possible fraud in the absentee ballot in the presidential election of 2016, found no evidence, and dissolved after a few months.

hundreds of thousands of ballots could not

Trump count tried to dispel the allegations that he wanted to affect with his almost daily attacks on the postal voting election. This does not mean that "someone takes away your voice," he said on Thursday evening (local time) in the White house. He did not want the Americans in the election on 3. November vote, but "this means that you would have to go to a polling station, as they have always done, and vote," said Trump. The point, in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic, it should be safe, he said.

The majority of US States expected because of the pandemic, with a much longer letter to voters. Many States have made it easier to apply for the Post. Some even send proactive election documents to the citizens. Thus, a far more strauchelndes company is suddenly in the center of the election year moved: The U.S. Postal service (USPS). AFP letter from the US Post office boxes in Chicago (state of Illinois)

The company is headed by a Republican major donors, and already struggling with deficits and delays in the deliveries. However, without a timely delivery of the absentee ballot documents, the deadlines differ depending on the Federal state – could, in the worst stay if hundreds of thousands or even more ballot blank counts.

"All of these slips of paper but millions of voting -"

Trump threatens on Thursday, however, in the case of an agreement on a new Corona-aid package to be lodged with the Democrats with a Veto, if this billion should be included in the Post. "That means that they (the Democrats) can get no General postal vote," said Trump to the conservative channel Fox Business. The Democrats need this money, so that the Post "can take on all these millions of ballot papers". The Interview sparked fierce criticism – Trump rowed back again later on something.

The additional billion for the Post were part of the negotiations with the Democrats to another Corona-stimulus package. The talks were a failure at the end of last week, however, and the U.S. Congress has adopted in the summer break. The Post should, therefore, $ 25 billion, and $ 3.5 billion should be specifically for the postal ballot to be used.

life for voting to risk?

The Corona-pandemic in the United States is still completely out of control. Every day around 50,000 new infections were reported. Nearly 170,000 people came to infection with the pathogen killed. Reuters/Mary Altaffer/AP/Reuters Medical staff transported a body from a cooling.

The Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said this week, the smooth Functioning of the Post was particularly due to the Corona pandemic "is crucial, in order to protect the life of our democracy".

for The implementation of the state of Colorado competent Democrat, Jena Griswold said in an interview with CNN, trump's Attempts to honor the Post with the necessary funds managers, aimed to reduce the turnout: "The safest way, the voting during a pandemic to undermine, is a suppression of turnout, and forcing Americans to risk their lives for the vote."

Even Trump selects by letter

Trump even a regular letter to voters: Official databases show that the US President and his wife records for an area code in the state of Florida on Tuesday to be sent. Florida is for the year 2019 of the official residence of the married couple.

The Democrats are committed to ensuring that the Federal States due to the pandemic, as many voters vote by absentee ballot. Because in November, more ballot papers by Post should be received, this could delay the announcement of the election result this year, according to many observers, and it may provide allegations of electoral fraud additional tailwind. Climate scientists paints a grim scenario for the future, and warns of nuclear war FOCUS Online/Wochit climate scientists paints a grim scenario for the future, and warns of nuclear war

Updated Date: 15 August 2020, 09:26

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