Online Marketing 2020: the digital agencies to make SMEs fit for the future | career

you can like them or not, To digitization, no company comes around more. Digital agencies offer not only Websites, but expert advice. Originally it was for com

Online Marketing 2020: the digital agencies to make SMEs fit for the future | career

you can like them or not, To digitization, no company comes around more. Digital agencies offer not only Websites, but expert advice.

Originally it was for companies in the digitization about analog data in digital formats. From papers pdfs were, pictures were glued in albums, but it is stored. Meanwhile, the digital transformation describes the increasingly complex Interplay of digital data and digital applications. Special is the influence of the digitalization on the business world – successful Marketing can no longer be operated solely by analog measures.

By digitizing options, and dimensions that are hard to imagine

Who can knows already how large a pdf to a maximum of? How many images are in the world posted per Minute on Instagram? And as a professional Online Marketing actually works? Some questions can be answered quite simply: The maximum size of pdfs is actually 145.161 km2. And per Minute around the world 46.200 images are posted on Instagram.

so far everything is clear – but as with the professional Online Marketing ? The answer to that has developed the Creative and digital Agency Plietsch, since 2014 in the lower Saxony town of Syke clever concepts and clever solutions for your customers. High-reach portals, digital solutions for companies (B2B/B2C), cross-media communication, or targeted media strategies – in Plietsch you know how Online Marketing works successfully and how to take advantage of the opportunities of digitization optimally.

digital agencies have the Overview in the midst of growing complexity

The digital Transformation is moving German companies in the year 2020 . The majority of companies are still stuck in the middle of the process and are thus utilized to the full. The Expansion of digitalization for more than 70 percent of the company in the field of IT, according to a current IT-Trends-study of the consulting company Capgemini is a top priority. A major Problem of the digitization of the associated differentiation of the IT landscape is – despite their many advantages–. As a result, around a quarter of the company, complains of a strong increase in the complexity.

But you also know that you remain only by the digital Transformation on duration of competitive and more productive. This was the result of the representative study "digitization index Mittelstand 2019/2020" of tech consult on behalf of Deutsche Telekom. Every second company (51 percent) sees the digitization in the meantime, as a strategic project . The focus of digital efforts: The companies, the customers want to improve relations.

This also means that you can reach your customers in a targeted manner. In the course of digitization and with the rise of social media, Marketing, personal, customer has become oriented and thus more successful. There is established a closer connection to the customer, is transformed by closer contact, in the ideal case, in a Fan.

Online Marketing is easy

But the digital measures are the right ones to reach out to people and to win for made? Exactly where Smart comes into play: The Creative and digital Agency is the ideal Partner for Online Marketing. In the year 2020, it is not a long time ago alone in the creation of web pages or Ads. It is a matter of advice, as well as the Blog basic thinking says: The customers want and need a Partner who understands you, accompanies and advises.

A Partner, such as, for example, Plietsch. An Agency that is at the same time, impulses, creativity, lives, and ways of preparing. An Agency that provides traditional and digital channels, a variety of services related to Design, communication, advertising, Marketing, and software development. Short distances, personal contacts, direct access to: the Strengths of Plietsch to a large network of digital marketing are . Because networks are in the course of digitalisation is more important than ever. Agencies also are cooperating consciously with each other in order to use digital measures and to get their customers maximum success.

Online Marketing: the network is the A and O

How it works really well, show three agencies from lower Saxony: Using the ONMA Online Marketing GmbH and the Google Ads Agency AdPoint GmbH from Hanover, has developed Smart, a Creative and digital Agency, the loves of the digital Marketing and lives .

+ Anh Duc Nguyen of the Creative and digital Agency in Plietsch and Felix Wenzel of the Google Ads Agency AdPoint GmbH at the YouTube booth.

Through the cooperation of the three agencies, the Knowledge of a classical marketing Agency, a Google AdWords Agency and a Agency Backlinks buy bundle in a productive way. If the goal of the customer a Top placement in Google is – then he is in Plietsch & co. to the right place!

Date Of Update: 14 June 2020, 04:35