Ocean City: We are through with Corona

to be running, Who wants to go to the beach and boardwalk of Ocean City, a resort in the East coast state of Maryland, a warning that has been sprayed with red

Ocean City: We are through with Corona

to be running, Who wants to go to the beach and boardwalk of Ocean City, a resort in the East coast state of Maryland, a warning that has been sprayed with red paint on the sidewalk: "proceed at your own risk. Keep Your Distance. COVID-19-improvement." The note is not treated in a relaxed holiday mood, but it is also easy to overlook for those who have after a month-long quarantine is finally fun again and have a nice day on the beach want to spend.

The walkway-a warning about the vacationers just out for a walk, fits on the current Situation in the United States. The country has to pay in the past days and weeks, new records of Coronavirus-case and hospital admissions broken - and yet you see more and more people who are without a mask on-the-go and with friends in Bars and Restaurants.

"the crisis is not yet behind us"

in Ocean City, the majority of people stroll on Wednesday between the beach and the souvenir shops is, without a mask on-the-go. In the process, Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan emphasized the end of June, it is still important to be careful. "We get on with the re-opening [after the Corona-Lockdown], but this crisis is not yet behind us."

However, after about three months of extreme restrictions have many people in the United States, the pandemic sick of it. "We want as much as possible, return to normalcy," says Paul, who traveled with his family from New York and New Jersey to Ocean City. His brother-in-law, Billy agrees. To force "the people for so long, to stay at home, is not normal," he says. "Some of the Federal States in order to go well with the Situation, but others have overreacted."

The family enjoys the day at the beach, where visitors can enjoy the view from the newly opened Ferris wheel, the chips, ice cream and Pizza to get a variety of food stalls, or T-Shirts can be bought in souvenir shops. On Wednesday morning, not much going on yet. But in the afternoon the sun comes out and more and more people to the beach promenade populate, you could almost forget that the USA is still in the midst of a pandemic. Debby, who came with her husband Gene to Camp from Pennsylvania to Ocean City, sums up the mood well. "We are through with Corona," she explains decided.

"Only a quarter of takes the Virus really seriously,"

health experts believe that the carelessness is dangerous. The United States could reach Numbers of up to 100,000 new infections per day, if it continues as it is now, said Anthony Fauci, the chief virologist of the U.S. government, on Tuesday. Re-Coronavirus outbreaks in States such as Texas, Arizona and California "to endanger the whole country," says Fauci. "A [Virus]outbreak in one part of the country also makes people in other parts of the country, where it runs really well, vulnerable."

This concern is also Mia Mason. The Democrat, applies to the election in November to a seat in the U.S. house of representatives, and to Mary of Scotland 1. The district, in the Ocean City is, as the Congressman represented. "Ocean City is a tourist destination," she says of the DW. "Here, people come, for example, from Pennsylvania, States where it [running with the Corona-recovery] quite well. But you may infect other travelers from North Carolina, and then the Virus back in their home state."

Mason said, "only a quarter of the people here [in Ocean City] takes the Virus is really serious," and only about half of the people put on a mask when you enter a store, the prescribed. As well as all the shops on the Boardwalk, the signs in the Windows, pointing to the mask mandatory in Restaurants and shops. For the coffers of the business people, it is a blessing that, finally, vacationers flock to Ocean City. But the source of income also involves a large risk. The relaxations in Maryland to sudden increase of the Corona cases, "could result in transactions even before the labor Day [on 7 should. September] will be forced to close again," warns Mason.

customer-friendliness or health?

cash sitzerin Brenda Parker, now in its fifth Generation, the "Inlet Bar and Grille" on the Boardwalk in Ocean City. For 75 years, there is a Bar, but a crisis have you had to do never, says Parker. After all, guests come back now - but not all of them wear a mask while you wait on the long counter on your drinks. This brings Parker and their employees in a difficult Situation. "I'm not sure if [the guests] don't wear a mask," says Parker. But Now in the summer, and especially on the weekend, the national holiday at the 4. July is the main season the beach bars like the Parker. To piss off there customers, or may not even drive away with the prompt, but please be a mouth to put on protection, you can afford. "We can't tell you, you need to put on their mask, because it is your right to wear it or not."

that's Why the bar sitzerin want a clear law, that the Wearing of a mask required in closed areas. US President, Donald Trump would have to show Initiative, calls on Parker: "He can introduce a rule that you have to pay a 500 Dollar fine if you wear no mask."

So long as there is such a rule, there will be many people in Ocean City on holiday weekends without a mask on-the-go. After the last big holiday, the Memorial Day at the end of may, conservation of the new infections in the U.S. skyrocketed. In a few weeks will be to see if the independence day on 4. July, similar to the devastating aftermath has been.

author: Carla Bleiker

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