Nurses and Physicians need answers to three questions, in order to overcome second wave

It is a picture with symbolic character: The Italian nurse Elena Pagliarini is exhausted next to a computer keyboard, drawn from a long hospital shift. The phot

Nurses and Physicians need answers to three questions, in order to overcome second wave

It is a picture with symbolic character: The Italian nurse Elena Pagliarini is exhausted next to a computer keyboard, drawn from a long hospital shift. The photo at the beginning of March, as the Coronavirus in Europe was still relatively new. Shortly thereafter, diseased Pagliarini even Covid-19.

you survived the Virus and was awarded in early June by Italy's President Sergio mattarella, together with 57 other citizens for special merits in the fight against the Coronavirus. The nurse may now hold the title of "Cavaliere del Lavoro" ("knights of labor"), according to the news Agency KNA reported. Stories like the Pagliarinis there are around the world, in all countries in which the Virus has spread. For Doctors, the sick and the old nurses fighting on the front lines of a Corona, and they are at risk, therefore, itself.

How high is the number of Covid-19 diseased or deceased employees in the health sector is, can hardly be secured say. The largest representation of the interests of carers and nurses, "International Council of Nurses" (ICN) is a worldwide 230.000 infected employees in the medical field, and over 600 dead. An average of seven percent of all Infected are to work in the health sector. Extrapolated to all the known Covid-19 cases in the world that could mean up to 450,000 fell ill, Doctors and nurses. One of the most affected countries is Spain. About 20 percent of the Infected are supposed to be employees of the health care system.

Inaccurate data,

Really reliable Figures to collect but only a few countries. Spain belongs to, because that is where infections among medical staff are listed separately. However, the fact that Doctors and nurses be tested more than other population groups, which distort the data again could. In other countries, and the details of who exactly falls under medical staff vary. Sometimes there are only Doctors and nurses, are also counted approximately employees in old people's homes to do this.

In the United States published by the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" (CDC), an Agency of the US-American Ministry of health, Infection rates among health staff. Accordingly, more than 77,000 Doctors have been infected in the United States, a nurse and a nurse with Corona, 415 have died (as of 15.06.) However, these figures are not complete. Because all of the Corona cases, the rises, the CDC is only specified in around one fifth as a professional, stating "medical staff". The number of unreported cases could be much higher.

the situation in Germany, cluttered

Also in Germany, the Figures are inaccurate. The Robert Koch Institute indicates that have been infected over 13.400 employees in doctor's offices and hospitals, 20 of them died. Inaccurate it is, but in nursing care facilities. Because the staff there are summarized in the data with Homeless shelters, Refugee shelters and prisons, so that also in Germany, it is unclear how many nurses have been infected outside of hospitals, with the Corona displayed.

Germany, I must learn, which is a risk for medical personnel from the Virus out, says health expert at the University of Bayreuth and a former member of the ethics Council, Eckhard Nagel in the DW. "In other countries, such as Britain or Italy, they were faced with an Overburdening of the health system, have failed all the Teams in hospitals. That was not the case in Germany. But, with the us gradually, many in the care of Infected plugged in, we had to learn only in retrospect."

the fingerprint of The Virus

The most prominent case of the Chinese doctor Li Ruifeng, who warned as one of the first in front of the Coronavirus and then it died is probably. In Iran, the news Agency AP from the doctor Mohammad Bakhshalizadeh, who was in charge at the beginning of the pandemic to 70 patients a day, mostly without protective clothing have been reported. In March, the physician, died. AP estimates that in just the first 90 days of the pandemic in Iran every day, an employee of the health care of Corona, passed away.

For the nursing Association ICN are more than just the fates of individuals. The clinical picture of Doctors and nurses could provide information on "the fingerprint of the Virus," such as ICN-Director Howard Catton in conversation with the DW says. "The data could give us information about where the medical staff infected, how well they were protected and which group is particularly vulnerable," says Catton. It could be that certain ethnic minorities, working with the asymptomatic patients, were particularly affected. "There should be a second Corona-wave, we need this information. In order to protect the staff and also to ensure that sufficient nurses are available to handle a second wave," says Catton. The Association, therefore, urges that all countries collect data systematically. This is also of importance for the countries that were still in the midst of a first wave, as some countries in South America.

deficits in the health system

Especially in Brazil, the medical staff, a high level of infection is exposed to danger. At least 157 of the nurses died on the Covid-19, according to ICN as many as nowhere else.

so Far, the world health organization has published a recommendation to all its member States, to systematically detect infections among medical staff. But that would be necessary, says Catton from the ICN. "The Virus has shown that the health systems were not globally prepared enough."

Germany have already drawn Lessons from the first shaft to the Corona of a pandemic, says health expert nail for over 30 years, doctor. "I can't imagine that in Germany, protective clothing, time just might be. There has been readjusted."

Also the views of other countries teaches us a lot about dealing with Corona. Nail is the Co-President of the Chinese-German Friendship hospital "Tongji" in Wuhan, China. There have been shown that the layers on a Corona-stations should not exceed with a particularly infectious patient for six hours. "The concentration has to remain high, otherwise mistakes will happen. In addition, the protective clothing and the body of the staff must be cleaned adequately, so that the Virus is not carried further. The cost of time."

While the world continues to Doctors and nurses infected with the Coronavirus, there are still many questions unanswered: On which Station has the highest risk of Infection? Affects certain ethnic groups? What protective equipment is in need of a nurse, depending on where he works? The answers to these questions could help to cope with a possible second-Corona-shaft.

author: Lisa Hänel

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