Now I can die in peace: nurses go for the last wish of their patients (90) to an incredible trip

It is one of those stories that go to the heart. The between Hunger, violence, pandemics, and armed to the Good in people and in the world to believe. It's the

Now I can die in peace: nurses go for the last wish of their patients (90) to an incredible trip

It is one of those stories that go to the heart. The between Hunger, violence, pandemics, and armed to the Good in people and in the world to believe. It's the story of a mother, Miri (51), and a daughter, Jamie D. (22) – leave on for two nurses from Disternich (Kreis Düren), brought it just over the heart, the last wish of one of your patients is unfulfilled to.

Kreis Düren: nurses emotional meet last patients desire

"does He live for ten years in the retirement home. Nevertheless, he has never spoken with anyone about his past. I know of the employees,” says Miri in the EXPRESS talking about the 90-year-old man who motivated you and your daughter to an incredible journey.

The two women are employed as nurses at the company Felten personalservice (headquarters in Herdecke, North Rhine-Westphalia), will be temporarily taught in retirement homes or hospitals, when staff is needed. "We are nurses with heart, the Motto 'Personal, human, close' (Slogan of the company, d. ed.) will lived with us in everyday life, really”, and so on.

residents (90) being familiar with the nurses in the old people's home to

And the close to come: In July of 2020 old-age home, being familiar with the residents, Klaus C. (name of the 51 changed)-Year-olds. With tears in his eyes, he tells her of his last request: once at the grave of his brother (†1945), and mourn for may. Express daughter Jamie (left) and mother Miri, brought together an incredible action.

Klaus C. is a Vintage 1930's classic a child of the war, was in the Hitler youth. At the end of the war in 1945, he is 15 years old. "He said he had been at the beginning, proud to be in the Hitler youth. Only with time he realized what was really behind it,” says D. personal interview.

brother falls in 1945, at the age of just 19 years

But even more than his own history of pushing the 90-to-Year, the fate of his brother. He, Stefan, is five years older and goes to war. In January 1945, he falls at the age of just 19 years, in the devastating battle of the huertgen forest (North-Eifel), like 12,000 other German and 12,000 Americans.

"He told how much he misses his brother," says D. And: For 75 years, he was not able to visit the grave of the deceased. Because, as many of the Fallen of the 2. World war II – the exact resting place was known. Until now!

grave of the brother (†19) is not in Germany, but in Belgium

"I did everything told in the evening of my daughter. And for us it was clear: We must do something,” said the 51-Year-old. Since birth and date of death of the deceased are known, we can start the search. And indeed, After countless phone calls and their own research on the net there is a result.

Stefan C. is buried in Lommel (Belgium). There, in the North of the country, is the largest German military cemetery in Western Europe; almost 40,000 German soldiers killed in action are buried on 16 acres of beige.

23. July 2020: The emotional trip to Lommel begins

On the 23. July begins the journey, the forgotten, Miri and Jamie will probably never be. You no longer have to fight alone, because the health condition of C., allowing them to travel. However, his last wish is to be fulfilled.

With the car you drive the three hours to Lommel. In Block 6, the sought-after tomb is located, also the series is known for. A "blind" searching would have been convicted at 40,000 graves to Failure. EXPRESS

The military cemetery in Lommel (Belgium) is approximately 16 acres in size,. nearly 40,000 of the fallen Germans are buried here.

The two nurses lay flowers on the grave and stop. "In silence I've spoken with the deceased and told him that I am in the name of his brother here, and he loves him very much and miss," says D. the EXPRESS. An emotional Moment, one day later (24. July) will be topped.

Surprise: a Collage of images of patients

Then pass the mother and daughter to surprise the 90-Year-old in a retirement home with a Collage of pictures; he knew, to date, of the action, you don't. "Now I know that there are angels," says of the residents, before he breaks out in tears and the women in the novel.

"it was worth all The action is definitely. I think we make a lot of Good, but that was something very Special,” said Miri.

The last request is fulfilled, if only vicariously. The memory of his brother, shortly before his own death as fresh as ever. And Yes, that is also the own life back into perspective, such as the 90-Year-old told his two "angels" already: "Now I can die in peace."

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The Original of this article "nurses to go for the last wish of their patients (90) on the incredible journey" comes from the Cologne Express.

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Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 20:27

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