Nothing more than hot air: the self-employed musician with a flaming appeal to policy

"hi, I'm a self-employed musician, in the 8. Month pregnant. Here's my little personal story comes to the subject of the Corona help. After I was confronted

Nothing more than hot air: the self-employed musician with a flaming appeal to policy

"hi, I'm a self-employed musician, in the 8. Month pregnant. Here's my little personal story comes to the subject of the Corona help. After I was confronted so often with the phrase "For artists is, however, done so much," I burst just the collar.

13.03.2020: On this day is cancelled for me for the first Time a occurs due to Corona. It is a sold-out concert in my hometown. A little later it says: Lockdown. The measures appear to me to be perfectly reasonable, I have a full understanding, also if I am due to the continuously eintrudel appearance cancel very worried. My friend is also a musician. Our income is reduced within a few days from 100 to 25 percent. I hear repeatedly the phrase, "We will not leave anyone alone" in the policy. That calms me down a bit - and also the Baby in my belly.

23.03. 2020: yay! There is a help for the self-employed: the emergency aid. I ask you - first of all for me until then, "assignable" cancelled performances. 2.800 euros in total. Two weeks later, the lands immediately to help on my account. Wow - that was fast. Two weeks later, it turns out that I can use this money only for "operating costs".

The Rest should be recovered, up to five years in prison for providing false information to threaten. I swallow. Operating costs? I have only minimal operating costs...the costs I need to cover my income, are for the most part private: rent, food, and Oh Yes - this time it is a Baby layette. Madness, what is the cost of something like that. But it does nothing....I reckon...ok then I should keep from 2,800 euros to 600 euros, my "cost of operation" for three months. My account rushes, however, in the red. It is simply becoming less and less.

"I'm not unemployed! I have a prohibition from practising a profession"

16.04.2020: the self-employed to facilitate the application for basic security. I look at the changes in more detail. Wow, 60 pages of Text - 113 proof of documents are required. The assets test will be suspended for six months, but only for applications received up to June. From then on, it goes to the reserves and retirement savings. Do this to me for a month of basic security? No, thank you. Also: I'm not unemployed? I ban the profession. I think to myself: 'This can't be all that is to come in a little.' I'll just wait. In the media, is emphasized by the politicians again and again how important the culture is.

29.04.2020: The state Minister for Culture Monika Grütters announces "failure fees" for artists. Thanks be to God. I'm reading up on. Really now? These only apply to the events of through the federally-funded facilities? Nice for the Bayreuth festival - in our Two-musician household, this applies to not a single commitment for 2020. In my pregnancy, first complications occur. I should now be much. My gynecologist asked me if I had a lot of Stress at the time. So, I answer....

20.04.2020: Prime Minister Söder announces a help for artists, which allowed private costs. Finally. 1000 euros a month, for three months. After all. At this time, it will be clear that we by the looks of it not three months, not five months, no - so like - the whole year unemployed. It takes 4 weeks until the applications are online. We look for every day. Yesterday it is ready. The first question I need to click is: "Have you applied for emergency assistance?" I click "Yes". Then the message appears that I not longer am eligible for this help. Everything is clear: the rent and the food overrated.

"By the Minister for the family, I get no answer"

From the middle of June, I'm in maternity protection. I get maternity allowance. How this is calculated? On the basis of income , I've moved in the 12 months prior to the birth. What? But I've earned from mid-March to mid-June, nothing more! If you please just the year 2019 as a basis for calculation could take? I wonder through all the Posts. The answer: you need to change a law. I write three E-Mails to family Minister Giffey. No Answer.

"We will not leave anyone alone," it said always. But! Although I don't feel left alone. I just feel completely screwed over. For over 13 years, I work hard as an independent artist, try me to build something, to build up savings, pay on time my taxes. Now that the fourth is the help for the Solo-self-employed is just hot air, makes me incredibly angry and shows me what art is for our policy really worth: NOTHING.

PS: I want to make it clear, that this is not a call for donations. I don't want to beg, and not standing with one leg on the road. I would merely point out that almost all of my colleagues are forced in March to live of their savings. According to the above-described course, the suspicion arises that the artist helps are nothing more than media sensationalism on the part of the state government. It is also in other areas, not so hard, quickly and to provide effective assistance arrives at the Affected also."

The policy must have their emergency aid for Solo-self-employed revise

In an interview with FOCUS Online, the artist is your point of view clearly. It would have been important that the policy would be sought in advance with private artists, the conversation, in order to adapt emergency measures to the reality of their lives.

cost-Especially the confusing communication of the policy for the reimbursement of operating and private cost and for private artists annoy the musician. In addition, a perspective for your profession is missing from your stand. The maximum emergency assistance amount for the Solo self-employed from 1000 Euro per month for a period of three months appears to be climate selected arbitrarily, and in view of the threat of a longer appearance of failures is insufficient.

"Why three months and what happens after that?", she asks. She pleads for support from the policy, based on short-time work for companies and their employees. In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

Date Of Update: 26 May 2020, 08:27