Not only Adrian V. in the visor: The open questions in the case of abuse of Münster

prosecutors and police informed of the case of abuse of Münster about many of the Details. After the arrest of eleven suspects, seven of whom sit in detention,

Not only Adrian V. in the visor: The open questions in the case of abuse of Münster

prosecutors and police informed of the case of abuse of Münster about many of the Details. After the arrest of eleven suspects, seven of whom sit in detention, it is clear that so far there are three victims. However, because a large part of the seized storage media could not be evaluated, there are still many open questions.

there Are more victims and perpetrators?

On Monday there was no new investigation. With high pressure of approximately 50 investigators are working alone in Münster with the police to identify more victims. Across the country, additional forces and experts of the country in crime be office in the evaluation of the seized images and Videos.

Among the alleged perpetrators is the 27-year-old Adrian V. the main suspect. Also, the 45-year-old mother is sitting in detention. According to the investigators what was going on there knew.

so Far, three of the victims are known. Including the 10-Year-old step-son of Adrian V. that he should also have the relevant platforms. Against the mother, nor no probable cause exists to date. "It cannot be ruled out that additional suspects and victims will come to it," said Munster chief Prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt.

there Are more crime scenes?

Also on the chief Prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt is. In addition to the gazebo in Münster, the investigators have detected a car in Cologne as the scene of the crime. On provided photos of other acts, the environment is not yet identified. The perpetrators have given up on the recordings, great effort, no notes on places of interest to disclose. Here is the environment for the investigators, therefore, still a mystery. dpa/Guido Kirchner/dpabild A police officer kneels in front of the gazebo of the alleged main perpetrator and opens the door.

it Is known how many customers the main suspect had?

no. Here are the plainclothes officers are still at the beginning. However, the investigations were triggered by an error in the Offer of files. The 27-Year-old from Münster, suspicion had fallen, because an IP address led to a farm in Coesfeld, for the main suspect worked as an IT expert. This is not a blurry trail left by the man, when he had offered over the Internet children's pornographic Material.

the accused respond to the allegations?

no, up to a 35-year-old man from Cologne, who stood not speak, the other five men and the woman so far.

What is the role of the 45-year-old mother of the main accused?

The teacher from a Kindergarten in Münster had left her son in the garden gazebo and in the district of the children's house. The cottage is so far, the scene of the crime as the Main. The investigators accuse the woman that she has done with the intent to aid the acts of Abuse.

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The main 27 accused-Year-old has twice been on probation sentenced - how can that be?

Here plays a role that was once in the youth, and according to adult criminal law was judged. Complicated the assessment of the penalties is because of the actions of the second judgment at 8. June 2017 during the probation period after the first judgment on 13. January 2016 are happening, but in front of it.

to his paedophile inclination self-confessed man had not, therefore, violate parole. In addition, he had begun his therapy as imposed. His therapist said in court positively about him.

How many of the found storage media are already evaluated?

Only a small fraction. The investigators do not want to determine this question. About 500 - 800 terabytes were discovered (1 Terabyte is 1000 gigabytes). Here, the specialists in the brigade go out on a date just a rough estimate. Commercially available Computer for home use have storage disks with a size of 1 to 3 terabytes. For this reason, the investigators are also talking with the previous result of the tip of the iceberg.

Adrian V had a high level of IT Know-How. In the double ceiling and floor of the gazebo, the commissioners discovered the Hardware, in which twelve objects were seized.

among the accused is another IT expert?

According to the head of the investigation Commission, Joachim Poll, the 35-year-old Accused of Hannover, at the least IT-savvy. As experts of the criminal investigation Department officials had referred to at the press conference on Saturday, man.

it Is the local authorities fault?

According to information from the city of Münster was informed the youth welfare office in the course of criminal procedure a few years ago. Today, the main suspect did not live at this time with the mother of the later alleged victim.

The family matters, the competent local court of Münster decided by the end of 2015, that no intervention was necessary. The youth welfare office has had more contact with the mother, the child and the suspects. The case was discussed in a panel of experts: representatives of the police, the courts, psychologists, child protection, ambulance and the General Social service (ASD) of the city.

read More about it here: the victims were sedated: The shocking pedophile System of Adrian V.

there Was evidence of a threat to the subsequent victim?

This body, the city of Münster speaks of a "clearing house", saw no sufficient evidence for possible risk moments, to deprive the mother custody and to pick up the child from the family. The city, however, remained in contact with the woman, who refused assistance by the youth welfare office.

after 2016, there was in the view of the city no reason to intervene. Social environment-there have been, until today, no indication of a possible risk to or abnormalities of the child.

plot neighbour in the small garden reported, according to the "image" that the mother left her child with the main suspect Adrian V. often alone.

What is father of the victim with the body?

the 10-year-old Boy to contact his body had a father, at least according to the neighbors, is not known. It was not known that the Boy was picked up at the weekend by his father.

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