North Korea producer lights up again: This is the influential sister of Kim Jong-Un

"I feel that it is time to break with the South Korean government." With these words, Kim Yo Jong has been quoted, the sister of leader Kim Jong-Un from North

North Korea producer lights up again: This is the influential sister of Kim Jong-Un

"I feel that it is time to break with the South Korean government." With these words, Kim Yo Jong has been quoted, the sister of leader Kim Jong-Un from North Korean state media last Saturday. Said and done. On Tuesday at 14.50 PM (local time) was destroyed in the inter-Korean liaison office. The demolition of the building in the border city of Kaesong in the Wake of the interruption of all communication links between South and North Korea, reported the state media. This shows that one should take the statements of Kim Yo Jong, Ernst.

the occasion to this step is a Propaganda action by South Korean activists. At the end of may, North Korean refugees and the activists were sent by balloon to about half a million leaflets near the border in the direction of the North. The government in Pyongyang is criticized, and the North Koreans will be called for the overthrow of the autocratic leadership.

North Korea had already threatened at the beginning of may to the end of a military agreement with South Korea, 2018 on confidence-building measures, as well as the closure of a liaison office at the border. Then, too, Kim Yo Jong, has stepped forward and was followed up by deeds: Pyongyang severed all channels of communication to Seoul.

Common Childhood in Switzerland

Who is this woman that occurs for some time, more and more frequently in appearance and as a key Advisor to Kim Jong-Un?

"your influence within the North Korean government is greater. She enjoys the trust and confidence of your brother," says North Korea expert Enrico Fels of the University of Bonn, in an interview with FOCUS Online. Already in their Childhood, the siblings were closely linked, as the North Korea-an insider's portal to the "North 38," writes. Together, they should be shielded and under other names a school in Bern, Switzerland, have visited. In the process, they saw their aunt in 1998 she fled with her family from Switzerland to the USA.

Since then, not much is known about the career of the two-years younger sister of leader Kim Jong-Un. According to some Reports, Kim Yo Jong, among other things, computer science at the Kim Il-sung University, studied.

in 2016, carried her brother in a key position and appointed her as a member of the Central Committee of the workers ' party. In addition, she is officially the Deputy Director of the Department for Propaganda and Agitation and, therefore, is decisive for the cult of her brother responsible. You should schedule his public appearances and travels, and also his Speeches write.

sister, became this year the focus

At the Olympic winter games 2018 in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang games was of Kim Yo Jung, her brother, and was the first member of the Kim dynasty since the end of the Korean war in 1953, which continued even set foot on South Korean soil. CNN/Twitter, The South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, shakes the Hand of Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong-Un. Also at the first summit of the 2018 meeting of Kim Jong-Un, with President of South Korea, Moon in Panmunjom or in a Meeting with US President Donald Tump in Singapore, he was accompanied by his sister.

Already at the end of April, as the ruler Kim Jong-Un is out of the picture was gone, moved Kim Yo Jong is again in the focus. Experts take action for some time as the successor, if your brother zustoßt something. Shortly before the Disappearance of Kim Jong-Un had carried his sister on a higher Position in the leadership circle of the organization and guidance Department (OGD) of the ruling workers ' party. AFP Kim Yo-jong (left in the picture) to follow expresses the talks between Trump and Kim Jong-un

"special role in North Korea"

the influential woman currently now threats and prompt actions, a rating of the North Korea expert Rock as a logical consequence: "You want to put you in a Position in which she makes announcements on the nothing to follow." North Korean media reports on the influential nurse more often and for about 2014 officially be named, was no coincidence: "you should as a new and effective public acts of the urine will be presented on the international stage. In addition, the Power should remain within the family. The population of the world should be well aware of the fact that it occupies a special role in North Korea."

it is still Unclear how deep the support for you away from the Kim clan, and within the North Korean leadership elites, says Rock anchored.

what's next after the blowing up of the liaison office now?

What follows to the provocation of North Korea? As the South Korean news Agency Yonhap reported, convened a meeting of the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In on Tuesday an emergency meeting of the National security Council. The North Korean army threatened to meanwhile, with a military action. She was "fully ready," said the General staff of the Korean people's army.

Due to a deterioration of inter-Korean relations already examined, a "plan of action" to transform "the front line in a fortress", was quoted by the army leadership of the state media. The army wants to send, therefore, soldiers in the territories that were demilitarized after an agreement between the two countries.

The North Korean army did not indicate in which areas you want to penetrate. South Korean media reports that North Korea could back up border posts along the heavily fortified border.

The inter-Korean relations have come since the failed summit in North Korea with the United States in February last year to a Halt. According to the expert Rock this is a sign of how North Korea by South Korea and the United States alienating. He suspects that North Korea wants to increase with an escalation of the conflict, the pressure on the United States. "Display out": EU-member Semsrott buttoned Philip Amthor before FOCUS Online/Wochit "display out": EU-member Semsrott buttoned Philip Amthor before

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