Noise helped him recently during renovation: So experienced well-Known the Tarn-man

the half-timbered houses with wooden balconies full of flowers, fountains, and sidewalk cafes: Oppenau, a municipality with almost 5,000 inhabitants in baden-wü

Noise helped him recently during renovation: So experienced well-Known the Tarn-man

the half-timbered houses with wooden balconies full of flowers, fountains, and sidewalk cafes: Oppenau, a municipality with almost 5,000 inhabitants in baden-württemberg, ortenaukreis, a black forest Idyll out of a picture book. But since the weekend, everything is different. The durable over the place circling police helicopters, residents and visitors are reminded of the manhunt for the 31-year-old Yves noise that keeps the Region since the days of the in breath. dpa

the noise had overwhelmed four police officers at a control and give you the service removed weapons. Since then, he is on the run, the police have an APB out with a big posse after him. In the place, the people are on Tuesday to be vigilant, but still relatively relaxed. Noise many know here, but most of them only by sight. As harmless, the majority considers him, however, as a loner. "He walked around with a white rat on the shoulder," says an older man sitting in the garden of the snack bar "the pavilion" in the town centre and a beer to drink. Description of the search in Oppenau in the black forest

  • Name: Yves Etienne rush
  • nationality: German
  • age: 31 years old
  • size: 1.70 Meter
  • eye color Blue
  • hair: partial balding
  • build: Slender
  • clothing-characteristics: Camouflage pattern

Yves Rausch injured friend once knew with crossbow

Marion Hauser and her husband, Uwe, who operate the "pavilion" and a nearby mini-Golf course, Yves noise well and describe him as peculiar, but nice. The latest incident is not the first Time that noise has come into conflict with the law. Because he was injured at the age of 20 years, his then girlfriend with a crossbow, he was sentenced to a prison term of three and a half years. dpa, The municipality of Oppenau is located in the afternoon sun, while the sky is very small, a helicopter, whose crew is looking for a man.

After two-thirds of the time you have offered him to come on, says Marion Hauser. But the noise refused: he had begun in prison, a Carpenter, and I have this want to necessarily bring to an end, as Marion Hauser. As a carpenter he worked for different employers, most recently at the Deutsche Bahn, which is announced to him. Why, don't know Marion Hauser.

"Remarkable craftsmanship"

Later, he lost his apartment in Oppenau and was homeless, camped on a Parking lot. By June, he had helped him with the renovation of the miniature Golf hut, says Uwe Hauser. "He was incredibly good with wood," says the 56-year-old, his manual dexterity was remarkable. Even if noise have always brought an axe to the mini-Golf hut, he had never felt threatened, so Hauser more.

read everything on the large-scale manhunt for the Fugitive in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

He shows photos of noise during the renovation, the food in a convivial atmosphere, when you Examine the interior of the hut. The young man is reserved, on some photos he laughs openly and heartily. How it could come to the fact, Hauser a mystery. A penchant for weapons and weird behavior is the sign of Oppenauer, according to a constant in the life of Yves noise.

noise in the French foreign Legion train

Yunus Aksu, an 18-year-old distant Acquaintance of the Fugitive, reported that noise one day, was walking with a sword through the place. With a crossbow he had been seen. Aksu also know that noise can volunteer in the French foreign Legion to train – a statement confirmed by Uwe Hauser. The ability to overwhelm several police officers, writes Aksu this training. That noise is mentally ill, does not believe the well-Known however.

Rather, he draws the picture of a man who just wanted to have his rest after "all the shit he went through". This impression statements of the state Prosecutor Herwig Schäfer confirm at the press conference in the afternoon. Accordingly, the noise to see themselves as "a kind of Ranger, which can be very well made, and good works," said Schaefer. Police President Reinhard Renter, according to the fact that noise-home feel in the forest so that search a little harder for him to do.

Although waffenaffin, but not a rowdy Person,

The motive for the crime, the Prosecutor believed in the personality of rush. Police President Reinhard Renter, confirmed at the press conference the evaluation of the population. Although Yves, noise to be assessed as waffenaffin, but never noticed as a rowdy Person. Nevertheless, the provision quoted one of the concerned police officers with the words: "The Situation was for me at any time threat. I expected at any moment that he might shoot on me and I could die in this hut.“

rush's best friend, Sebastian S. had told his friend wool reported again in the jail, Uwe Hauser. S. has posted on Facebook in the meantime, a Statement allegedly from rush's mother is. it says: "Yves is not a violent man and wouldn't hurt anyone; I think he is just scared, not white, is not alone; Yves is polite and friendly; perhaps a bit "Exotic", but he is helpful, creative, sensitive, and loves nature. He is hunted like a wild animal. What can come out of it, could be more often followed in the news; these animals are not shot because they fit in this "Idyll ". I am very sad, what Makes not able to judge have media about a people, you know. It is advisable to inform yourself first! He has the right to his place in society, so that he is! Yves's mother."

"He was a dweeb"

Recently, Yves Rausch came in a crate, on a forested slope, which is directly adjacent to the town centre. In the afternoon, the police carried out several inspection actions, among other things there, too. The people in Oppenau respond to the non-relaxed strict police presence, children are on the street. "I have seen him more often. He was a funny guy,“ says a man who goes out with his dog between the town hall and St. John's Church for a walk. In January, he had seen how he had in a Parking lot in the town camps. The man describes the noise of the impression as a "peace-loving Person," the message from the weekend have surprised him.

A woman comes out of a house in the vicinity, sees the similar – with restrictions: "If he is not cornered, I believe that the danger emanates from him," she says. In Oppenau much less was going on, however, since the incident, and they don't move so naturally through the place like before. "We live directly on a slope, our garden is to the rear. After the police was now also not more we go in this direction,“ said the inhabitant. "Obama and Biden stopped Tests": Trump confused with the next absurd Corona excuse FOCUS Online "Obama and Biden stopped Tests": Trump confused with the next absurd Corona excuse Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" to see in the night sky PCP Only every 5000 to 7000 years: comet "Neowise" now in the night sky to see

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