Mysterious ship and track to Germany: The puzzle after the Beirut Explosion

The huge Explosion in the port of Beirut, leaving behind a crater about 200 meters in diameter, destroyed half the city, killed at least 135 people and injured

Mysterious ship and track to Germany: The puzzle after the Beirut Explosion

The huge Explosion in the port of Beirut, leaving behind a crater about 200 meters in diameter, destroyed half the city, killed at least 135 people and injured thousands. Alleged cause of Detonation: about 2.750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, stored in the port area and may be inflamed work by welding. Six months ago, a Lebanese customs Commission has warned that the ammonium nitrate could blow "the whole of Beirut is in the air".

ammonium nitrate is an industrial chemical that is used worldwide as a plant fertilizer, as an explosive for mining or in cold packs for athletes. As an important component for improvised bombs it was used in the attack in 1995 in Oklahoma City, or in the case of Anders Behring Breivik's attack in Norway in 2011.

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cargo ship with ammonium nitrate cargo: accidentally or intentionally in the port of Beirut?

the Beirut cargo was Delivered on Board a ship. According to the Lebanese customs authority of the freighter "Rhosus should carry" the charge in September 2013 to Beira in Mozambique. Due to technical problems the ship for repairs, had to retract, apparently, in Beirut. A report of the "Bild"newspaper, according to the ship Beirut could have controlled, possibly on purpose. Accordingly, the Russian owner of the "Rhodus" the captain of the ship gave the command to charge in Beirut, the heavy Road construction equipment. Local port authorities stopped the freighter and its cargo, due to "gross violations in the operation of a vessel", to unpaid fees and complaints of the Russian and Ukrainian crew, said the Seafarers' Union of Russia, representative of the Russian sailors, to CNN.

The "image" reported that, in addition to the captain and part of the Crew were detained in the port. A few weeks after the Break-in, the ammonium nitrate was placed in a warehouse in the port of the city. The customs authority noted on several occasions afterwards, that the industrial chemical in a cool, well-ventilated and away from sources of heat to be stored.

Unclear whether the terrorist militia Hezbollah wanted to keep the cargo in the country

The Lebanese customs authority, urged in vain, according to the Jerusalem Post, that the cargo is brought abroad. Israeli observers speculate that it should be used for military purposes, the newspaper reported. Accordingly, the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah wanted to keep the cargo in the country. The fact is that the highly explosive ammonium nitrate is in the case of terrorist organisations, popular. And: The warehouse where the ammonium nitrate was stored is allegedly in the possession of the terrorist militia, like the "Jerusalem Post" reported. Archival material of Speeches of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah that circulated after the Explosion of the Internet, lets also assume that the terrorist organization has studied the use of ammonia as an accelerator for rockets. May the Hezbollah has examined the warehouse in Beirut and the ships thereupon, reported the "Jerusalem Post".

Explosion in Beirut

According to the Lebanese government, were killed in the blast, more than 130 people, and about 5000 were injured. It is estimated that circa 300,000 people have lost their homes.

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In the customs Writing of 2016 suggested to the Director that one could sell the cargo to the explosives company, "Majdal Shams". The company name resembles the name of a city, which apparently was planned to be the target of attack by the militia, such as the "Bild" writes. The judge dismissed accordingly, and the cargo remained within the port. In addition, the Hezbollah should have tried since 2009 to obtain ammonium nitrate on Syria and to infiltrate the Ministry of agriculture in Lebanon, such as the "world" according to diplomatic sources.

Hezbollah stored ammonium nitrate in southern Germany, authorities could Fund. destroyed

in may, time reported: "Online", that the Hezbollah is said to have stored hundreds of kilograms of ammonium nitrate in warehouses in the South of Germany According to a report in the Israeli news channel N12 of the Israeli secret service, Mossad, German intelligence and the judiciary had informed authorities about the storage. The German authorities had discovered "this Fund and, accordingly, destroyed," said the RTL-terrorism expert Michael Ortmann. Both reports do not specify a precise point in time. According to the "time Online" did the German authorities prior to the announcement of the confirmation of the prohibition against Hezbollah in Germany in April of the storage.

An Israeli Official had N21 informed that the information had been the result of a months-long collaboration "with all Stakeholders in Germany". Earlier, the Mossad had sent instructions to the intelligence services of other countries, which were subsequently ammonium nitrate, of Hezbollah as a cold pack disguised, in London, Thailand and Cyprus.

Inaccurate information, when ammonium nitrate,

storage on German soil was an important component of the confirmation of the prohibition against Hezbollah in Germany, the Federal government announced interior Minister Horst Seehofer in April. All of the foundations, mosques and civilian facilities of the terrorist militia were prohibited. The activities of the Hezbollah "violated the criminal law, and the organization is contrary to the concept of international understanding", said Seehofer. According to the protection of the Constitution, it is to be in Germany about 1050, supporters of the militia, will be classified as extremist.

After the Explosion in Beirut the ammonia get nitrates bearings on a new meaning. RTL-terrorism expert Michael Ortmann says: The Information that Hezbollah has stored the chemical in Germany, is in the security circles. These findings should not be based only on information from the Israeli secret service, but also services from other countries and from Germany. Ortmann: "Sure is according to the current state that the Hezbollah in the South of Germany, has probably stored in Bavaria, hundreds of kilograms of ammonium nitrate. Unsure of when is but. Some say that it was only a few months ago. Others say it goes much further than the last year“. The "world" as quoted in a report, a paper of the Federal Ministry of the interior of the end of March, according to the chemical between 2012 and 2016 in the South of Germany was stored.

Israel fears suspect similar Detonation

intelligence services, that the Material should be used for attacks on Israeli institutions in the different countries. The terrorist militia denies Israel's right to exist and supports armed terrorist struggle against the Jewish state. In February 2016, and 15,000 tons of Ammonium in the Harbor of the Northern Israeli city of were found Haifa – stored by the Hezbollah. The chief of the terrorist militia, Hassan Nasrallah boasted at the time: "Lebanon has a nuclear bomb. This is no Exaggeration“. Four and a half years later, his compatriots are Victims of the chemical. After the Detonation of Israel fears a similar incident and wants to remove all chemical deposits from the port of Haifa.

eye-witnesses-Videos Explosion in Beirut, from different angles, FOCUS Online/Wochit eye witness Videos show Explosion in Beirut from different angles


Date Of Update: 06 August 2020, 12:27

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