My mask is driving me crazy – now I wear it out of Conviction

On the 27. April Wearing a mouth and nose protection in most German länder to duty. A day that I will not soon forget. I had not prepared me, not a respiratory

My mask is driving me crazy – now I wear it out of Conviction

On the 27. April Wearing a mouth and nose protection in most German länder to duty. A day that I will not soon forget. I had not prepared me, not a respiratory mask is concerned and stand to this day in the drugstore in front of empty shelves. Sold out! No longer available! The last ten-Pack was still in front of my eyes over the cash register tape. Out in the fugänger zone, they were suddenly everywhere: the people with the baby blue piece of cloth before their mouths. And I? I felt naked all of a sudden.

The mask and I: We have for a long time gefremdelt

mask carrier, the goods for me has always been hypochondriacs, or people who have to squeeze in Beijing or Tokyo in crowded buses and metros. Never before Corona – the annual wave of Flu – I would come up with the idea, my mouth and my nose to cover with this strange clinically, with the smell of paper snippets. Would it not become a duty, I would probably have dispensed with even in spite of the Corona-pandemic on the mask.

My first mask I got from my mother when I visited her in early may. She was clearly better prepared than I and already had a whole range of masks – all hand-sewn from one of her busy Friends. At this time the respiratory protection masks – not only the professional FFP2 masks, but also the very simple paper-and-mouth protection – traded on the Internet at exorbitant prices. Thankful I served me so of my mother's masks Repertoire and adopted different models to take home.

The mask moves like a Filter between me and the world

The Sample in front of the mirror I did not recognize me. Neither the colorful self-sewn masks are made from cotton, the simple models that we know from the hospital and doctor's office wanted me to like it. But that was the least of the Problem. While Wearing the mask, my glasses were permanently. The world became blurry in front of my eyes. I felt cloaks, oddly disengaged, almost as if the piece of cloth over the mouth and nose as a Filter between me and the world would slide.

Is not under conscious rejection, the feeling that the substance belongs just to me and my life, the reason why I forget my mask always? When shopping, at the swimming pool-visit, in the Restaurant and the subway?

Only the day before yesterday, I stood in the supermarket, and I noticed after Entering the store, that I was "naked" in the face. I felt uncomfortable, guilty, and crept in shame with my T-Shirt in front of the face through the rows of Shelves. In my shopping I have reduced to a Minimum, and fortunately there was no queue at the checkout. I had me set on the inside on the unpleasant comments of others.

mask duty: you is annoying and limits me - but I find it really

I'll admit it: Even after three months fremdel I with the mask. It is a nuisance, a hindrance, it limits me, and I can understand the longing to be in the end of the mask duty. Also, I would like to go back to carefree on a Shopping trip without having to spend hours just stale air inhalation.

But always when me, my mask is annoying and in the madness drives, do I stop and back coil mentally 10 weeks: output restrictions, empty, swept streets, closed shops and Restaurants, horrors, a spooky silence in the country, and every day, reports of Thousands of new infections are among hundreds dead. No, I don't want any more. And if my mask helps that we no longer need to back into the Lockdown, I like wearing them.

studies of effectiveness show

I find the discussion on the end of a mask of duty, frankly, is stupid and pointless. Instead of being pleased about the slow return to normality, many apparently not fast enough. You want to strip away the masks, such as the thick winter jacket on the first day of spring – and don't forget that the Frost is probably over.

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It has been proven by numerous national and international studies that the Wearing of respiratory masks in the fight against Corona helps. Scientists from four universities of Mainz, Darmstadt, Kassel, Germany and Sønderborg in Denmark – have to pay, for example, the Infection of the cities of Jena, where the mask duty very early on has been introduced, with those from regions compared, the later is not responding. The result: "It's a significant gap between the case numbers in Jena and the comparison group without the mask of duty." 20 days after the introduction of the mask mandatory in Jena, the total number of registered Covid-19 cases had increased only to 16. In other cities without early mask of duty, however, to more than 60.

Also to me is this: If I wear several hours a mask, this usually damp, slightly. "The mouth-nose protection inhibits the Talk to the air flow, thereby reducing the Transmission of infectious particles", argue Epidemologen.

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tip against the masks-Forgotten

in the Meantime I have closed with my mask of peace, I arranged with her and get along in everyday life pretty well with her. Only one thing remained: my distractedness. But here, too, there is a solution.

I've amassed a whole collection of masks. So, always and everywhere, at least one handle is ready, I put them in the car, on the steering Wheel of my Bicycle, in a Jacket, pants and purse are deposited. So I make sure that I am "naked" in front of the supermarket or at the swimming pool Fund and in the tube look.

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pandemic say "goodbye" requires "masks-victims" of all of us

Since then, I wear my mask, I have also developed great compassion for all those who have to wear them for hours at work: the seller, nurses, waitresses in the Restaurant. As challenging as that is, has shown me recently, a six-hour trip by train. My only "masks-time-outs" were the visits to the toilet.

to carry, I take my hat off to all the people who can't afford such brief moments of recovery – because you are bound by the masks at work. Since then, I conscious, I try to use when shopping, to be at the bakery or at the ticket control a piece of friendly with these people. Because I know that you are helping with your "masks of victims of the" I that us pictures of a couple of weeks in the future, hopefully saves. Mask to wear in the summer: tips for heat, skin, and hearing AIDS PCP mask to wear in the summer: tips for heat, skin, and hearing AIDS yeast plait, stick-bread, Pizza: This basic recipe will inspire you PCP yeast plait, stick-bread, Pizza: This basic recipe will inspire you

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