Municipal : at Cherbourg, a crisis of nerves among the Walkers - The Point

"What's happening to Cherbourg exceeds the timeline of the series" black Baron ", launches from the outset, Sonia Krimi. But this is clear : the head of the

Municipal : at Cherbourg, a crisis of nerves among the Walkers - The Point

"What's happening to Cherbourg exceeds the timeline of the series" black Baron ", launches from the outset, Sonia Krimi. But this is clear : the head of the list LREM to the city hall of Cherbourg, and served as a member of the Channel does not intend to let it go. The first rebellious of the majority " – a title she had obtained when, in December 2017, it had stopped Gérard Collomb, then minister of the Interior to the topic of immigration – is in turn the target of a rebellion led by a handful of these colistiers, who accused him of holding a second round of municipal elections. Then that she had not received that 14,26 % of the votes cast in the first round, far behind Benedict Arrived, the mayor socialist outgoing (42,10 %) and David Margueritte, the candidate LR (29,68 %)...

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Friday, June 12, the seven candidates on the list of Krimi and two supports have in effect published a press release in which they announced " to be put in removal from the list ". "We believe that the solution was not to keep himself in contention for the second round of the municipal election, but to withdraw and reflect on the future... We cannot therefore be held responsible for its electoral setback," they wrote.

When the disappointment turns to bitterness

electoral setback, that's the key to understanding this strange battle which takes place within the list LREM. "Our third position in the evening of the first round created a lot of disappointment," says Valerie Gohel-Spangle, 5th of the list and close to Sonia Krimi. Some have taken a cold shower, because we thought to do a much better outcome. "Today, this disenchantment has turned into a battle against the head of the list, accused, among other things, having decided to remain for the second round without any consultation with its colistiers. "Sonia Krimi placed the list in the sub-prefecture as of Monday, march 16, without having met anyone," says Paul Goureman (4th on the list), who has finally joined the slingers Monday, June 15. Personally, I learned three days later. "

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" This accusation is totally unjust, defends Valerie Gohel-Spangle, who says he does not believe his ears. Since the beginning of the campaign, we were all agreed that we would go to the end and that we wouldn't be alliance, because we carry the project to do politics differently. "In the evening of the first round, in the ongoing campaign of the candidate, the issue of maintenance has, however, been asked. "But of the thirty or so people present were all in agreement to maintain, jure-t-it. Ditto the next morning, when 17 people came to constantly confirm that will. Nobody had, at that time, expressed the slightest doubt. And it is even one of the slingers, Thierry Bar, who went to file the list on the same day to the sub-prefecture. "

A campaign of chaotic

How did we get here ? For the slingers, conducted by Olivier Binst, the ex-collaborator of parliamentary Sonia Krimi, the original sin dates back to before the first round. "The campaign has been chaotic because of a lack of organization of the candidate. Several people have left the team, including the director of the campaign, which has not been replaced, said Olivier Binst. It is not surprising that the result of the first round has been disastrous. "And this former member of the bodyguard to add squeaky :" Sonia Krimi confuses authoritarianism and authority. "Not enough to destabilize the member, who has seen more in the chamber ! "If I am involved in politics, this is not to denigrate my opponents by means of the press ", she said before defending himself : "Those who attack me today are the same that I wore to the skies yesterday ! And this is not because they do not agree on the strategy that they have the right to me to denigrate it. "

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A corrupt politician

Sonia Krimi, things are clear : "It is a corrupt politician orchestrated by the candidate LR. The slingers are manipulated because of their hatred of the PS exceeds their love of Cherbourg. These are former socialists who wished to ally themselves with David Margueritte to leave the team socialist in place at the town hall. "And if she claims to have evidence, this accusation is refuted by David Margueritte who told West Francen'have had any contact with the team LREM.

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Still, if the slingers were ultimately not able to put the list Krimi out of the race – they had to meet 29 colistiers for the list to be eliminated – they have managed to make a lot of noise in landerneau originally from cherbourg. And this is without a doubt not finished. Because the offences do not cease to rain. The slingers accuse their former friends of stealing the computer of Olivier Binst, track their phones or have disclosed private e-mail... "I'm going to file a complaint," says Olivier Binst. This is also what is says Sonia Krimi, which says it wants to file a complaint for defamation. The last days until the second round will be long...

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