Moving in old age: you can Make your change of location active

The motivations for a move first, it is important to be the motivation for a Move is clear, because a move is both emotionally and organizationally an enormous

Moving in old age: you can Make your change of location active
The motivations for a move

first, it is important to be the motivation for a Move is clear, because a move is both emotionally and organizationally an enormous challenge. It is obvious, the advantages and disadvantages of a Removal to weigh. These are very individual decisions may vary accordingly.

"most of The older people have lived long in one place," explains Susanne Fleidl, family, child and adolescent therapist from Munich, Germany. "It makes the parting from familiar surroundings is difficult. Those who are familiar with his new home, the move is easier. To familiarize yourself with the new environment, is extremely important.“

life-long friendships are also an important factor for a commitment to the place of residence. Here it makes sense to discuss with friends and to consider how the new distance can be overcome. Technical tools such as Skype and WhatsApp can also help to maintain friendships. The Involvement of the friends in the upcoming change can have an invigorating effect on all Concerned. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

FOCUS Online, we see not only problems but also solutions. We do not hide what is bad – but we also show what is done, and how each Individual can make a contribution. We give people and ideas that contribute to addressing the individual and societal challenges. To tell these particular stories, we have formed the K-Team. K is a Constructive one. All the items of the K-team can be found under the heading "perspectives".

Own interests to develop

the decision to move the private interests play a significant role. It may be nice to live near the grandchildren, and may help with childcare. And also the grandchildren will enjoy the time with grandma and grandpa for sure. Nevertheless, this time is finally here, and should be included in the planning. At the latest in puberty, the grandchildren of grandparents as babysitters are unnecessary, and the interests of the grandchildren are shifting.

The more important other Hobbies: sporting activities, Singing in a choir, the care of the garden, volunteering, or a class at the community College then. These activities help fill the time available useful. It needs independence and a sense, as once in the occupation, or own children, to feel in the new environment.

farewell to consciously shape – anticipation

build, it is Important to make his departure from the old environment or even home deliberately, because this time will definitely not be coming back. "This is an important inner process that has a lot to do with letting go and also with nostalgia," says Fleidl. "If this decision is made voluntarily and not due to illness – then they would naturally find it easier."

the anticipation of The new life situation may be in this sense of location is very helpful. If it is possible to judge the thoughts on the future and creative Potential develops. Depending on your personal preferences and Hobbies of exciting questions to ask here: Where can I find new friends? What cafes or Restaurants I want to visit? There are cultural offers that are of interest to me? What excursions can I make in the new environment? I also feel in the dark in my area probably? The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

The distances of small

The first phases of life of a people is usually quite linear. Usually children up to the age of majority, the parents and begin an apprenticeship or enter into the professional life. Eventually, the family planning may be on the Plan and the next Phase begins.

In the age, the phases are shortened and this can lead to faster breakage. So, it makes 70 years of age, only makes sense due to the next 30 years to plan, since it can, under certain circumstances, very different. Such thoughts should find attention.

A sudden illness requires perhaps a quick rethink and a new plan. The change may not be visible, what is going on now. This mental aspect is more in the foreground.

The more detailed and concrete preparations for the new life section or the imminent change of location take place, the easier the transition is. If you are considering voluntarily and on the private car dispensed with, the it is not difficult perhaps even. Finally, will result in a saving of costs. An apartment on the ground floor or with Lift access to a pharmacy or a doctors house – even if these things have no weight, should you are already involved in the planning.


no Matter what the motivations for a move in the old plan: "The sooner people with the issue of change of location in the old deal, the better you can make the process," explains Fleidl. May need to be an existing property is sold, and then new residential property purchase.

Many of the things the budget will not be needed in the future and need to be sold or disposed of. A lawn mower at the new place of residence in an apartment without a garden no longer makes sense. The Mucking out takes time and should not be done in a hurry and haste. On the contrary: This can be done deliberately, in small steps, and maybe you see this as a Chance. Who can disconnect the old Ballast, creates space for New. Here you will find information on the topic of Living

national network for multi-generation houses

Local alliances for the family

the Age //

don't throw in the towel

may Not all succeed in the first attempt the same, but the advantage of age, a certain serenity is definitely. As in the case of a major renovation in a house, when suddenly a water damage occurs, the architect certainly has not expected. So it can look even with the challenges in the case of a change of location. There is a need for all Involved patience and some perseverance to master the Situation.

The ability to adapt may be for older people not quite as pronounced as earlier but it is available. "Maybe problems arise all of a sudden, with which nobody expected. This is not to say, however, that immediately, the overall concept needs to be challenged. It may just need a little more patience or understanding. Nothing is set in stone,“ the family therapist. Tiny House in the Test: a Reporter moves to sample-Live critical conclusion PCP Tiny House in the Test: a Reporter moves to sample-Live critical conclusion

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