Most of the Dead of all the Scandinavian countries: Why Sweden's Plan still believes Corona

Sweden and Denmark, both known to point 14.00 your daily Corona-Pay. Thus, the similarities between the Scandinavian neighbors in the Corona-crisis stop already

Most of the Dead of all the Scandinavian countries: Why Sweden's Plan still believes Corona

Sweden and Denmark, both known to point 14.00 your daily Corona-Pay. Thus, the similarities between the Scandinavian neighbors in the Corona-crisis stop already: While the Danes have got the new Coronavirus, with strict measures such as no other country in Europe, there are the Swedes with their more permissive strategy has been to far worse.

And on the Danish side of the öresund bridge you already ask yourself: Are the Swedes crazy - or it turns out their specific path to end up being awesome?

compared to neighboring Denmark, the Figures are alarming

A glance at the Figures of the past days makes the differences between the two otherwise closely related countries: On Thursday, the Swedes reported 69 new Covid-19-Dead and 673 new infections, while among the Danes, only four other deaths and 46 new confirmed cases. On Wednesday were added in Sweden 147 Dead, in Denmark, there were only six. Overall, Sweden is more than 28 600 infectious and 3500 deaths, compared with about 10 700 diseases and nearly 540 deaths in Denmark, where about half as many people live.

in comparison to the rest of Scandinavia, Sweden stands out with the highest Numbers. Nevertheless, the country's Prime Minister, is holding Stefan Löfven and state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell at his strategy. The situation in the country was stable, insured Tegnell last. Even though he admitted: "It is terribly sad that so many people in Sweden die from this disease."

to limit, unlike Germany and the Rest of Europe has chosen Sweden in the fight against the Coronavirus, however, large parts of public life. Schools, shops and Restaurants have been opened now in Denmark, and, or - have remained open throughout. Nevertheless, it is also the Sweden, therefore, the Corona of propagation to slow down to avoid deaths, and not to overwhelm the health care system. "Sweden pursues the same objectives as all the other countries - to save lives and to protect the public's health," said Secretary Ann Linde on Wednesday, again on Twitter. dpa, Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden

The measures taken have been in Sweden, however, much more moderate than elsewhere: meetings with more than 50 people are banned, only high schools and universities closed. The government and the authorities to appeal otherwise mainly to the good sense and the common sense of its citizens. Ask them to keep a distance and to remain with symptoms at home - the Latter in particular is seen by some scientists skeptical.

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Sweden: "living dangerous concept"

"the whole strategy of The Swedish health authority is based on a life-threatening concept: Stay home if you feel sick," criticized the Stockholm Virologist Lena Einhorn already SVT in the middle of April in the transmitter. If you please Sick, to stay home, then you have a large proportion of the Infected are not in the view, which does not mean last for Older danger to life, unicorn.

With your criticism of the Sonderweg, she is not alone, as several opinion posts with Swedish scientists. 22 researchers explained the actions of the health authority in the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" in April failed. Others believe more firmly in the anti-authoritarian and freedom-friendly approach. The results so far, that some of Sweden T-Shirts with Tegnell-wear-portraits or Tattoos with his face stinging. Even of the "Corona-patriots" and "health nationalism" is in the leading Newspapers of the country, the speech.

in Particular, the situation among the elderly in Sweden, on the unicorn pointed, however, represents a significant Problem: Nearly 90 percent of all Swedish Corona-the dead are over 70 years old. The government has asked these main risk group urgently to avoid social contacts, visits to homes for the elderly are since 1. Banned from April. However, these homes of the pandemic have been hit especially hard, whether it is to share in the capital of Stockholm or in any other country: About every second previous Covid-19-Dead in the country has been a home resident.

way of the approaching herd immunity will be discussed

but There are also positive developments: The reproduction number was in the second half of April almost constantly below 1.0. This means that each Infected infects on average less than one other Person. The number of new ICU patients goes back more or less regularly. And in Stockholm, we discussed also about a possibly approaching herd immunity, which could occur as a consequence of the special path soon in the city. To said 22 researchers wrote on Thursday, however, in a new Opinion piece that it was "unrealistic and dangerous" to rely on this strategy. To let "instead of people dying, we should get people in the life, until effective treatments and vaccines can be used."

Whether the idiosyncratic Corona strategy of Sweden is rising at the end, even several months after the pandemic onset is not yet possible to estimate. "We can't draw any conclusions before it is over," said Tegnell in one on Tuesday published report of the Danish radio station DR. Until then, so Tegnell, is likely to take at least a year.

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 10:27

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