More than two dozen Ischgl-Dead, but Austrian authorities show boundless ignorance

virus spreader, germ cell, "Ground Zero" – the popular ski resort of Ischgl since the beginning of the Corona-crisis in the headlines. The criticism is heavy.

More than two dozen Ischgl-Dead, but Austrian authorities show boundless ignorance

virus spreader, germ cell, "Ground Zero" – the popular ski resort of Ischgl since the beginning of the Corona-crisis in the headlines. The criticism is heavy. The Austrian province of Tyrol and the tourism managers will be accused of not fast enough on the spread of the Virus reacts with an immediate stop of the Skibetriebs after the first confirmed cases.

The tragic balance sheet: in the Meantime, more than two dozen Corona are the result of deaths in Ischgl. Searches of the ORF alone there are 11,000 of EU-citizens in Austria to be infected, mostly in Ischgl and the surrounding ski areas. Thousands of German tourists diseased.

According to information from the Austrian authorities temporarily 40 percent of all cases in Germany were linked to Ischgl. Data from a study by the Institute for world economy in Kiel also showed that at the end of March could be made in one-third of all cases in Denmark and one-sixth of all cases in Sweden, references to Ischgl.

in Short: "This 'Blame Game' brings nothing,"

Although now to take a Commission in the Federal state of Tyrol, the much-criticised crisis management under the magnifying glass. However, the statements of the managers in the Interviews reveal a dramatic ignorance of the Situation.

Already on 5. March there had been warnings that had infected an Icelandic tour group in the ski resort. But the skiing continued for days. There is no reason for blame, from the point of view of the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP). He responds really irritated to questions on the topic of Ischgl. In an Interview with the "mirror" at the end of may Short said: "If you make the attempt, it was Ischgl to blame for a pandemic, then you do it." His impression: A "Blame Game", i.e., mutual Blame, bring nothing. Reuters/Ronald Zak/AP/dpa knew What to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz?.

similarly, he had formulated already in the ARD Talk show by Sandra maischberger at the end of April. "I answered a bit of a hard time with this Blame Game", there. In Italy it is hot, the Virus had been introduced from China, in Austria, showed in Italy, and in Germany, it is significant to Ischgl. He had heard that the Virus could have spread from Munich. If it's "false given behavior", and that this will be punished, however.

Top crisis Manager will not push the Tyrolean authorities blame in the shoes of

and Then it looks so far. On The Contrary. Consequences for himself and his government fears a Short. Bernhard Benka is the top crisis Manager on the side of the green health Minister Rudolf Anschober. He is compared to the "mirror" that the warnings of the Icelandic colleagues on 6. March "had been addressed in the national crisis unit". The consequences, however, would have to the district administration in Landeck pull. Blame the Tyrolean authorities would be, so it is Benka,. Helmut Fohringer/APA/dpa

Would have prevented the deaths if acted earlier would have been? To this question, Tyrol's Governor, Günther Platter, in the "mirror"interview, said: "In the biggest crisis since the Second world war," he had to reproach nothing. His task as chief of the leadership in the Tyrol, it was to keep track of them. Now it comes that a truly critical approach instead of find – without regard to Person and Institution.

consumer advocates: "the reasoning of The Tyrolean authorities collapse"

The Austrian consumer advocates Peter Kolba is that it comes to that actually. He represents his class-action-Association around a thousand applicants, including many German tourists. He sees in a recent study by the Medical University of Innsbruck, confirmed that the Virus must already be in the second half of February in Ischgl has been actively. In the case of tourists, but also Locals and it was already at that time a mass of infection liable to come, says Kolba.

"the reasoning of the Tyrolean authorities will collapse," the consumer advocates. "You would have been tested in individuals with first – perhaps unclear – symptoms are always the same, then that would have been well known and the authorities would have had to make the Paznaun valley, at least a week earlier under quarantine. That would have kept thousands of tourists from infection with severe consequences.“

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

According to data from the current study have developed, or 42.4 percent of the surveyed citizens of antibody to the Coronavirus. This is the world's highest previously published value, said the Director of the Institute for Virology in Innsbruck, Dorothee von Laer, on Thursday. Antibodies in the blood are considered to be evidence for a recent infection. Around 80 per cent of Ischgl's population took part in the study.

conspicuous is that of the positive for antibodies people tested previously, only 15 percent of the diagnosis had to be infected, said of Laer. "85 percent of those who have made the infection, did this go unnoticed by."

"Kitzloch"host admits: "We should have left earlier lock"

insightful as the representatives of the authorities give the owners on-site. The host of the "Kitzloch", where there was an infected bartender was the first officially confirmed corona case in Ischgl, spoke of a "big mistake" to have its Après-Ski-Bar is not closed. You have to rely on the experts in the authorities and "trusted that you give us the right instructions," said "Kitzloch"host Bernhard Zangerl in FOCUS-Online-Interview. "We should have left earlier, out of business," he said. And do it to him, very sorry "for everyone who has stuck with us".

The bartender-theory on which the Tyrolean representatives of the authorities called again and again, shaking, but already powerful. Searches of the "mirror" to reveal that by the end of December in Ischgl, a large group of Chinese holiday makers was. A part of them should come from the area around Wuhan. The Tyrolean tourism authority confirmed this.

Meanwhile, try the Austrian investigators continue to find out whether the Corona outbreak in Ischgl has criminal consequences. According to the Prosecutor's office in Innsbruck, the calculation will not process led, as before, against certain persons as the Accused. "Currently, the documents and data to be sighted makers in the public Prosecutor's office and evaluated. Not questioning it,“ said the spokesman for the authority to FOCUS Online. "To date, 401 people have to be privately connected, of which 357 as Germany, and about 90 percent involved in the process. When the investigation is finished, is not yet in sight.“

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