Mo Asumang: Nazis threatened to kill me - then I'm headed for you

Today, the 56 calls-Year-old racists with arguments. In an interview with FOCUS Online Asumang explains why Germany is more often look in the mirror and why an

Mo Asumang: Nazis threatened to kill me - then I'm headed for you

Today, the 56 calls-Year-old racists with arguments. In an interview with FOCUS Online Asumang explains why Germany is more often look in the mirror and why an Ex-neo-Nazi today is one of your best friends.

FOCUS Online Mrs Asumang, in her book "Mo and the Aryan," you write that you have met your "the first Nazi" as a Baby. It was her grandmother. Please explain the...

Mo Asumang: My grandma as a typist at the SS. As my mother after the war, confessed to expect a child of a Ghanaian, had threatened to kill himself, should the Baby to the world. You didn't do it.

Instead, my grandma raised me – lovingly, in spite of twelve years of Nazi-Propaganda, which she witnessed as a young woman. Today, it is still for me the proof that can change people, that you should believe in you. This drives me in my work.

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mon Asomung: In the Video I've seen of myself

FOCUS Online : racism and xenophobia, there are still recent, particularly brutal in the United States. How did you react to the Video of the death of George Floyd's?

Mo Asumang: I was speechless. Actually, I wanted to turn off the same. After all, one sees a murder. But just because I am against racism and xenophobia, I felt it as a duty to my eyes to this violence, to not be blind to this sadism.

I saw myself in the Video itself. A few years ago I was in Berlin on the go. It was the 1. May with the usual Demos and a lot of police presence. When I was in a side street, turned, drove a team car, the doors were already and five police officers in martial regalia dashed off on me. In a panic I ran away. As I stumbled, hit you for no reason on me. It was horrible. There was no reason for it. I was on the way in a Café. I'm sure that What was to me this day, to doom, was the color of my skin.

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racism should make: "Thought, it is normal to be beaten"

FOCUS Online you have brought up the incident, determined to display.

Asumang: no. Unfortunately not. I've only told my friends. I thought at the time, I'm black and to be beaten up, is simply a with. And it was also the first Time that I have been attacked. Even as a young woman, as I have worked in the Kassler tram as a passenger interviewer, went to a neo-Nazi on me. He choked me for minutes. All saw, no one did something. I have lived almost all my life in the sense that racism is something Self-evident, that it is normal to have to hide me and that I can't change that.

a Demo with the Nazis on the road - for more humanity

FOCUS Online Today, they no longer hide. For her documentary "The Aryans" have you attended events of the NPD, members of the Ku Klux Klan made and are alone, went on a rally with 1000 bawling Nazis – always on the search for reasons for the racial hatred and possible coping strategies. How does it feel?

Asumang: It was honestly creepy. I had every Minute of the feeling, it is a beer bottle from behind hit me on the head. On the Demos, the racists will not speak commanded to the others. You could plop down in the conversation from your filter Blaser out of it.

But exactly this is the key for me in the fight against racism and xenophobia. It is not enough to point the Finger at the people and to call Shit racist'. You have to come up with talking to people. When people say 'Go back to Africa', I want to come into the conversation and with my humanity in front of you. I want to know in what environment the person grew up, what people have manipulated him and when he went to the radical right-wing ideas on the glue. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

FOCUS Online : you Have success with it?

Ausmang: Not in combat boots-Nazis or the bigwigs of the right-wing parties. I'm not fooling myself, in which hops and malt are lost. But the hangers-on, not run away when you approach them, I notice often that it is worth it. You can't firm enough, to break down barriers.

During my research I met a young neo-Nazi in Dresden. Chris was firmly anchored in the scene, was able to pray the Lord of the people-ideology from the inside out download. After a couple of phone calls, I am finally with him. He and a Nazi-friend picked me up from the train station, we were only to eat Pizza and have us with suspicion. Then we found the smell both of us easily. Today, Chris has dropped out of the scene and we are really good friends.

FOCUS Online : The downside of their commitment threats of murder are. Your first you have already received nearly 20 years ago, as a German television program moderated as the first Afro-German.

Asumang: is True. The Nazi Band "White Aryan Rebels" launched a hate song with the title 'The next bullet is for You Mo Asumang'. Of course, that was a bad experience for me. I had a lot of fear, I came in hiding, and always when I got home, once my apartment is searched.

But at some point I realized that the hatred will not go against me just so. I asked myself: How to solve a Problem? By talking about it. So I'm sent just once to the brothers. Since then, I've found at least a little bit of peace. The worst is when you put up with passive hatred, violence and injustice.

Asumang: Germany should more often look in the mirror

FOCUS Online : Is Germany a racist country?

Asumang: If you as a Black on a trip to Brandenburg, you might get this impression in some places already. Also since there is a party like the AfD, you can clearly see that there is in the population of people that reject the clearly show. I call this the 'evil eye', and Yes – shit happens, something inspires me.

But is actually in Germany not in the core racist country. The society has changed and is changing still. The Problem is that some people have not understood that. You think that your country is still tall, blond and blue-eyed. I find, therefore, Germany should once in a while look in the mirror and realize how colorful it is actually.

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FOCUS Online you that the current protests will lead in Germany to a consciousness shift?

Asumang: The protests are good because they give the subject attention and have an important symbolic effect. In Washington, for example, the mayor has renamed the square in front of the White house in the "Black Lives Matter Plaza" – a great sign. But only go to the streets and shouting "Nazi out", is not enough.

Especially the strong people, solid Democrats, should interfere in a positive way more on the people and the racists ask questions. Many are trapped in a racist hate-bubble. They use Nazi-Blogs, Nazi Facebook pages, and Nazi Twitter Accounts. Only when you talk with them, you have the opportunity.

FOCUS Online : What are the policies to combat racism and xenophobia any better?

Asumang: The fight against racism must start in the schools and kindergartens. Special Diversity training and Anti-aggression courses could help here. Who teaches but colorful diversity, it must also live for yourself.

I wonder: Why were there no teachers or children of a gardener with a history of Migration? Schools and kindergartens should be a reflection of our society. If children are only taught by a White, distorted your view of reality.

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