Minimum wage reduce? According to this proposal, it popped within the Union

is There a clear goal: After the break-in by the Corona-crisis, the economy is expected to start soon again. "Germany and the EU need to switch from crisis mod

Minimum wage reduce? According to this proposal, it popped within the Union

is There a clear goal: After the break-in by the Corona-crisis, the economy is expected to start soon again. "Germany and the EU need to switch from crisis mode to growth mode," - said in a paper to the Unions-working group "economy and energy". The tools, however, propose the members of the Bundestag in favour of provoke determined resistance. Already in our own ranks, the paper caused a violent Protest, as soon as it was publicized.

The proposal, the minimum wage today, he is 9,36 euros – to reduce or not to increase, at least in the next year, was stopped by the Chairperson of the CDU the same.

AKK: "Not on the backs of the workers"

"hands off the minimum wage," tweeted Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at the address of the own colleagues. Right now, companies needed to Invest. Therefore, it is in the economic stimulus package, the Union and the SPD at the beginning of June want to lace up. That should be "not on the backs of the workers" played. Also, the CSU General Secretary Markus flower borders from the minimum wage reduction from wishes and told FOCUS Online: "This is not a Position of the CSU."

Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters/POOL/dpabild Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) parted quickly.

For the Union in this debate, therefore, untimely because more open is whether you can find with the SPD, a solution for the basic pension. In this situation, to send a Signal that wages for the lowest should wage earners be pressed, resulting in a total image that the party leaders of CDU and CSU not fit. The old Union message that the one who works, at the end of his working life, more than the one who has never worked, is in this combination in any case unlikely to be credible to get across. Energy contracts: 80% of all Germans are still paying too much! (Display)

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SPD-politician Mast rises rigorously in the minimum wage debate

The Deputy Chairman of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Katja Mast, a rose away rigorously in the debate. "Corona makes it clear that service providers are not always in a suit and tie, but the coat." If the "reward" for a life of hard work was too low a pension, should policy action. "Therefore, we have set the minimum wage," says Mast. The SPD will clear "the blockades of the Union" out of the way.

Apparently, they do that in Parts already. Leading Union politicians made it clear in a hurry that the dreams of the economic standing of politicians for "the line of the Union".

dpa/Bernd Weißbrod General Secretary of the SPD in Baden-Württemberg, Katja Mast.

CDU-expert Rehberg: "This is in a three-digit billion range,"

Already in the group, the Executive Board of the Union, it should be yesterday, quite pretty high. Also in the case of financial and budgetary politicians of the paper was not good. The CDU's expert, Eckhardt Rehberg would have attributed to the colleagues of the working group economy, "time short" of what caused the proposals, which include a whole series of tax policy Changes on costs or Revenue shortfalls. "In a three-digit billion range."

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members of the social wing of horror, "paper for the strengthening of the social-democracy"

The members of the social wing of the Union are downright appalled. "This is not a paper on the strengthening of the economy, but a strengthening of social democracy", commented Uwe Schummer, Chairman of the workers ' group of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag, compared to FOCUS Online the paper of the economic policy-makers. "If you want to drive workers from the Union to the SPD, you must make it exactly so."

social politicians Schummer believes that the approach of the economic wing in addition, a regulatory "fail-pass": The Union will not fight for years to make the minimum wage at the mercy of the policy, but left to the social partners. The minimum wage Commission should decide autonomously, without political interference, stresses Schummer. Also, the requirement to put in place a daily to a weekly maximum working time of 48 hours, he said this was "not very successful". The great content, Check (display)

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Tillmann disappointed: a priority for all, what economic pushes

not discussed in The paper of the economic policy-makers was clearly with colleagues in other work areas. The program is of "therapeutic value", mocks a prominent CDU politician. The colleagues have all accommodated to what they demanded in vain for years.

The Union financial politician Antje Tillmann said on request: "We would like to be involved." You would have liked, given the budgetary Situation, that the proposals had been weighted. Economic promotional proposals were as important as some other idea.

the minimum wage debate diverts attention from chance projects ranging from

The excitement of the action, as well as upsets such as minimum wage and hours of work draws from advances, in which policy-makers have a good chance that they will soon be implemented:

  • So, you ask, for example, consistently "strain-moratorium" to be observed, that the coalition has decided the Committee of Union and SPD in April.
  • you are pushing, most recently the CSU on its party Congress, to keep wage costs below 40 percent.
  • An expanded settlement of previous business profits with current or future losses, has a good prospect of implementation.
  • a faster elimination of the solos (starting in July) and even the complete From the Supplement is the chances are quite good.
  • the same applies to the desire for a reduction in the energy prices: The political equities in his favor.

At the end of the economy, distract politicians from their own Successes. Salt-water Trick In strawberries more animal hide than PCP salt water is expected a Trick In strawberries more animal hide than expected

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