Merkel is now the route: Saving Europe will not save this time

The Swabian housewife is back. In any case, the speech is this week in many corners of the Berlin of her. But not because they would be in the flesh showed up,

Merkel is now the route: Saving Europe will not save this time

The Swabian housewife is back. In any case, the speech is this week in many corners of the Berlin of her. But not because they would be in the flesh showed up, but because some of them miss you so painful. At the CDU party conference in 2008, at the beginning of the financial crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has summoned you for the first Time. The said Swabian namely, the white: "It's not good if you live beyond its means indefinitely." So anyway, it was emphasised by the Chancellor in the Swabia metropolis. At the time, Merkel called on her party to swim bravely against the current. Message so: Economical, money watch.

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

Where's the Swabian housewife only? The European States should get 500 billion euros in grants and 250 billion euros as loans for reconstruction after the Corona-crisis. By 2058, the Whole to be paid via the EU budget. So anyway, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) wants it.

Von der Leyen, would be 100 years old

Detail for orientation: In the year 2058, the wife, the current President of the Commission is 100 years old.

The "Thrifty Four" in Europe (some call it also the "stingy Four") – the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, in particular – are alerted and get to full braking. This time, they are the ones swimming against the current. Merkel is on the other side.

With cleaning cloth no storm vanquish

it is high time for the return of the said house wife? For heaven's sake! Because with the Giga-crisis that rocked the world, that would be about the same as you would with your cleaning, the consequences of rag want to wipe a flood dry.

It needs now is the really great response, because the crisis threatens to be huge. Because what does this "Virus with a diameter of 140 nanometers" (Merkel), directly and indirectly, is beyond all previous conceptions. Since all the people are threatening to break away economies. In the USA alone, the number of unemployed has risen within a few weeks, to 40 million, equivalent to about half of the population of Germany.

Europe-make it together or not at all

Europe will pack either together or not at all.

it is good that the Chancellor and her Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), together with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron to the top of the movement. A mess would be to surrender.

the Details of The plans but some people in this country suspicious sit up and take notice. Italy – "Northern Italy", like you say – to get the most money out of the pot, where the Land is yet visible on his relations lived, as Angela Merkel might have said earlier? As it can be, so it seems, some of the Argument of the financial crisis, just to be effortlessly recycled. "The Italians suffering chronic need of money." "Your debt is almost 135 per cent of gross domestic product, twice as high as the German." "Italian men retiring at 65 and women at 60 years of age." "We must not reward the Spaniards and the French, however, for poor economies." "That would be even more beautiful that Europe needs to be handled carefully which is now the billion and we are funding this unsound policy, too!"

It's not about "good behavior" or "deserved punishments"

rants like stuck In such a curse-not only a lot of hard, but also a few true info. The whole logic has to do with the current plight of very little to. Not to say: nothing. It speaks to the level of the German policy, that this part of the arguments from the financial crisis of the serious politicians will not this time even attempted.

It is not a exemplary "conduct of business", "deserved punishment" or "guilt," but of sheer Necessity. The pandemic turns the world on its head, depriving millions of people of the basis of life. Italy is affected in Europe the hardest. Who in future is to believe in Europe and solidarity if it is not now done? A Europe whose cohesion is always with dripping Pathos summoned but will not be redeemed in the case of an emergency, has lost its raison d'être.

mutualisation of debt? Nonsense!

Also another note from the set standard, the clichés, you should not unpack this time better in the first place. For that reason alone, not because he is wrong. The plans for the EU reconstruction funds, it is not about "mutualisation of debt" in the sense of "Eurobonds through the back door", as the first Deputy Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff has confirmed. "You hear sometimes of the AfD. But this is nonsense.“

dpa, The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (The photo was taken before the Corona of the time) go their separate ways. Anyway, for the time being.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

Europe needs strong response to China

so it was time for took real problems in the view. Because there is just more to the game. Angela Merkel summed it up this week in your speech at the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in a rather complicated sentence. In the future shaping of the relations with China, it will not go "alone to the Expansion of trade volumes" or "Protocol relationships", but rather that Europeans need to recognize that "the determination of China a leading place in the existing structures of the international architecture claimed".

China, which sends out the direction of Hong Kong-threatening signals, mixes the order of the world, and Europe must look to assert themselves somehow. Politicians have taken a harder style and a more aggressive understanding of politics, as Merkel, it maintains, the development of earlier, and in two words: "yellow peril".

repayment must flotter

It is a question, therefore, Europe is now strong for a new time. National little ones to be as alone can not do much about it. So Merkel, Macron, and of the Leyen, to March energetically in the same direction.

The direction is right. Just one will need to about some of the Details of the way yet critical talk. Alone with a simple slogan of the brand "much, much, helps, let us make only" can be such a gigantic aid packages is not justified. Why should it be exactly 750 billion and not say, 650 or 850? What are the reasons for the distribution key for the individual countries? And especially: Is the repayment of the billions of non-binding and faster?

This Europe that is to be saved for future generations, should be so fitgemacht that it is in ten or 20 years, strong enough to in case of extreme emergency, a crisis, are viewed as "existentially" or "unique".

A "Museum of Europe" is in need of no one

And, therefore, the division is in the aid package, "purpose" is at least as important as the division of "total". To Europe make it to the inside and durable on the outside, it needs a modern economy, effective climate protection, efficient social systems, and a digital boost. Since many countries – including Italy and Germany have to do at home a lot of to.

As for a "Museum of Europe" would be a billion in pure waste of money.

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