Merkel and Macron came up: EU weakens due to national egoism, self

Many of the comments on the EU summit in July 2020 combine the two ratings, as the famous two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, there have been an undign

Merkel and Macron came up: EU weakens due to national egoism, self

Many of the comments on the EU summit in July 2020 combine the two ratings, as the famous two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, there have been an undignified haggle, they had threatened each other, bitter insults, and red lines are drawn. On the other hand, the EU fight States, and the negotiations would have brought a result that was all worth it. Now, each of the heads of state could - and heads of government home to celebrate his success. So simply said: a terrible negotiation process is at the end of a good result.

There is much more to the table

the opposite is the case. Because that is so hard, it was negotiated it is not necessary to be surprised. It was almost 1.8 trillion euros, and the question of who gets how much and who has to pay how much. This is a veritable argument value. And it came how it had to come: each of the government money constantly, how much to Have and how much on the debit side. And, as all thought, to be able to with the amount the bottom line is that life – in other words: to be able to him in his own country and his own political Orbit, as the success of the sale was achieved by the compromise. Therefore, negotiations on such amounts take a little longer, because no page goes quickly to the maximum demands of the other. About the experts

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger holds the chair for International politics and foreign policy at the University of Cologne since 1999. His research interests are in international relations, and American and German foreign policy.

Every man for himself

At the end of stand so, how it is formulated, the CSU MEP Markus Ferber, a "hodgepodge of national self-interest". The question is, what else? Of course, all the negotiations, sitting in the shirt of learning is closer than the Rock. And at home they are praised for what they bring, not because they are other countries over generous. And yet Ferber's critique hits the nail on the head.

Because the result of the summit looks only in front of the terrible image that it hadn't been for the compromise, reasonably passable. Behind the requirements to the internal development of the EU and its external challenges very much.

  • The negotiations of the EU special summit, you can read about in the News-Ticker at FOCUS Online.
agreement whose costs

Because the what is the to get a is taken the other. It is easier, when policy fields are shrunk. Much less money is to be spent by the EU in the next few years, among other things, for climate policy, health policy, migration policy and border protection, as well as research. There is the find To the above is to distributed. The round of Negotiations was able to agree on these future tasks reset.

This is with a view to the international ambitions of the EU, at least counterproductive, if not negligent. The cost of this will only be visible if most of the current negotiators are divorced from office. This may have promoted the result. The EU will certainly be tasks that you can't cope now, in six years, not extensively prepared.

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No leader

In a second respect, the outcome of the summit is not good. Because it has been shown that the trenches between the States of the North and the South in economic policy on the one hand, of the East and West in legal policy on the other hand, bridge only financially. The different positions in issues of security and energy supply are included (playing now) are also the image of the EU as a disheveled international actor.

the French and German government is not able to act as a leading Duo before and at the summit effective. You have tried it, after all, what was known. You are not have been sufficiently successful. That will be registered in the main cities of the international action of States that are capable –in Washington, Beijing and Moscow carefully. After this summit, the Attempts will increase to perforate the EU.

The global redesign

in this respect, has given the peak of clarity, but quite different than the reviews of the a good end, after a tough quarrel to Believe that The EU has agreed on a proper and important programme for the economic recovery. She has not done so at the expense of the further development of its international capacity to act and its future political effectiveness. Thus she has drawn the boundaries of their claim as a globally influential player. And that's all you can afford currently.

Manage the a part of the economic recovery of the EU States, will be able to have the EU in the redesign of the international economic order, a voice. Politically, this order is without a lasting influence from the EU in shape. The Registrar of Short-to-saving-Poker: "did the German taxpayers a Favor," FOCUS Online/Wochit Registrar of Short-to-saving-Poker: "did the German taxpayers a Favor"

Date Of Update: 23 July 2020, 12:26

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