Meat Lobby stands in the way of change: Why Klöckner screw now at the price of turning must

FOCUS Online : decreases Although, a food scandal to the next hunt, the consumption of meat in Germany only slightly. What is the reason? Is not mass animal hus

Meat Lobby stands in the way of change: Why Klöckner screw now at the price of turning must

FOCUS Online : decreases Although, a food scandal to the next hunt, the consumption of meat in Germany only slightly. What is the reason? Is not mass animal husbandry in the consumer's frowned upon not so as you think?

Eike Wenzel: The company is already aware of what it means to have a cheap meat culture. So that the consequences for the environment and the climate are severe. And if the consumer will be asked if you would like to shop organic, all scream 'Yes'. However, since behavior changes are extremely difficult to run the so-called appeal arguments to justify their eating habits. Often is then advanced on the grounds that they could not afford quality food or were too expensive. "Prospects" in FOCUS Online

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market researchers speak in this context of a normative distortion. To surveys you can rely only to a limited extent. 93% of Germans say that they would spend more money for meat. However, as soon as the debate around the Corona mass eruptions has died down in the meat industry, are in the summer, the cheap sausages on the Grill.

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FOCUS Online have What it takes now for a real change of consciousness in our society?

Wenzel: Just crises, such as Corona offer a tremendous opportunity for change. Because they show us situations and behaviors that are highly questionable. Many want currently back in the past, but what was normality, it is often been sick. We need to understand. However, this change of awareness cannot develop alone from the society, from bottom to top.

Although the consumer may exercise about the Internet pressure on the meat industry and specific products to boycott. But at the same time, we also need the media to bring the theme even more strongly in the consciousness of the people and especially the policy. You must put reasonable policies, regulations and laws on the way.

"Ministry of agriculture" extended workbench " of the meat lobby,"

FOCUS Online It takes a three-step strategy...

Wenzel: And wife Klöckner. the Because, so far, is the Ministry of agriculture, the extended workbench of the conventional meat lobby, and the Minister herself to her Radio Mary.

FOCUS Online : those are strong words. the

Wenzel: Yes, but it takes on this issue also. Because without clear ideas and requirements from the Ministry of agriculture, which provides a sustainable change in the meat industry, it is not. In order to save our climate, we need to find ways out of the current mass consumption.

FOCUS Online : What specific steps need to be gone?

Wenzel: We now need to nail down the policy to the ecological turn of the entire meat industry, i.e. to a so-called 'Green New Deal'. For this, we need to change first of all the agriculture. Offers great opportunities, especially the digitization, but without a lower meat production, it is not about. Therefore, incentives must be created for the farmers to produce less or in humane and environmentally friendly conditions.

at the same time need to be created during the renovation of the entire industry, new jobs for the people who work in the industry and a different Form of production learning. This change will cost a lot of money, no question, but the Roadmap is clear.

FOCUS Online critics will ask where we want all the money for this change to take.

Wenzel: If you look, how and with what sums of money the Federal government subsidized the whole industrial agriculture then becomes clear: We have the money. In the case of meat production, there is a chain of eight to ten production steps must be carried out in each production step changes.

"Goes to the protein of the future"

FOCUS Online : today is world thinking also a lot about Alternatives to meat. Insects, for example, are a large topic. What are the chances of such unconventional ideas in the Food market, with a view to a more careful use of our resources?

Wenzel: Such Alternatives ghosts for years by the industry and there will also be experimented to much with insects, algae and liquid food. However, it is less exceptional, like the vegan meat substitute products by Beyond Meat show. Go straight through the ceiling.

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The example also shows, what are the challenges for innovation: Because Beyond Meat is not only very expensive to manufacture, but the beginning was also not so sustainable, because the products are initially not produced in Europe. Nevertheless, innovations in the Food market are important. In short, it is a question of how the protein the future looks like and how it is affordable for the consumer available.

FOCUS Online : What can be done, so that low-income earners a healthy diet can make?

Wenzel: I believe that we can change the life-styles, but the policy must accompany the process of change, in my opinion, much more communicative, and, of course, the price screw, so that a healthy diet is for each of us is affordable. As a reminder: at the moment, more people die of fat and sweet food, than hungry.

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