Many chose Trump: Decide, of all things, German-Americans, the US election?

For many Americans, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016 nothing more than a choice between plague and Cholera was. The rash for Trump wa

Many chose Trump: Decide, of all things, German-Americans, the US election?

For many Americans, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in 2016 nothing more than a choice between plague and Cholera was. The rash for Trump was, as David Huenlich and By holiday, analyzed, and also that many of the German-Americans favored in the Swing States Trump in front of Clinton. So he could win those States almost. About the experts

Prof. Dr. Thomas Jäger holds the chair for International politics and foreign policy at the University of Cologne since 1999. His research interests are in international relations, and American and German foreign policy.

A large part of the culturally conservative white voters, especially those who have no academic education, not chose Donald Trump's welfare mainly because you, Hillary Clinton wanted to be: personally, because it was seen as unsympathetic and the smell of political corruption has been attached; in the case of not, because you are sat on emancipatory issues.

Biden, Hillary

doesn't work sieren Exactly in this Hillary's corner would like to press President Trump for months and its presumed candidate Joe Biden. He calls him the sleepy Joe, but the corrupt Joe and has tried to attach, that he had dug as a Vice President in the Ukraine and China money in the family pocket.

And at the same time, he calls him a puppet of the Left, the eversion of the American society and the U.S. wants to re-align. You want to take, so it says Trump, our history and our country.

Both assignments not succeed him right, because Joe Biden, in the US, everyone knows, has built up the Image of a politician who stayed with both feet on the ground. He was not a long time, the least wealthy Senator (what was in the millionaire's club Senate difficult), and the emancipation of ethnic groups and gender groups was never a political priority. The book of our experts, Thomas hunter (display): "the end of The American era: Germany and the new world order" on Amazon.

Biden is so in the two image dimensions is the opposite of Hillary Clinton. Trump occurs, therefore, against someone who is as well known as he is, the American citizens will currently find, but likeable. While they accuse him to have on the pandemic very poorly responsive.

trump's Problem with white voters

The shows in the polls. Because trump's waning support for the white electorate and, in particular, in the case of the Non-academics and Older. You don't run in large droves to Biden, but five, six percent change is enough to give Biden in November in a landslide victory. A group that is noted in this connection a little, but of great significance, are the English-Americans.

Because you'll be exactly in the States, which gave Trump 2016 the victory in the elections people. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida, won Donald Trump is quite scarce; Pennsylvania and Iowa already clear. In Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, Joe is Biden is currently about 6 percent against Trump. If Biden still wins Florida and Arizona, where many German-living Americans and he is just in the lead, lost the election for the Trump house.

Trump, a German-American

May came Trump, whose ancestors came from Germany, therefore, on the votes of German-Americans hope for? Probably not, because you did not vote for him in 2016 because of its origin, but to prevent Clinton. Will Trump take out may still be the German-American map and its Image to build on, this group attract?

this is Also unlikely, because first, Trump has been omitted, as President, no Chance, about Germany today and secondly, the German-Americans do not have to be addressed differently than other groups of voters as easily as a group. Also if you are organizing now a little better, they are less in focus than others.

Together, Republican Glenn Thompson and Democrat Bill Keating lead in the American Congress, the Congressional German-American Caucus, a bipartisan gathering of members of Parliament, indicating their origin as German-Americans. Your goal is not to be at elections particularly influential, but to strengthen the relations between the United States and Germany, and on the contribution of German immigrants to the development of the United States noted. Because you can point to many developments.


The German-Americans have in American history a lot. The company Boeing, for example, was founded by William Edward Boeing, born with the name Boeing, as the son of the German immigrant Wilhelm Böing and his wife, Marie Ortmann. And also Neil Amstrong, the first man on the moon, was of German descent: his mother, Viola Engel was the daughter of the German immigrant Martin angel.

Walt disney's ancestors came from Germany, as well as the by John Steinbeck. Or current of Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock or Leonardo DiCaprio. The list of presidents with German ancestry is also long: Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, George H. W Bush and his son George W., Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. Also Mitt Romney and Donald Rumsfeld are to be mentioned here and, of course, in Fürth-born Henry Kissinger.

Not a closed group of

in terms of Numbers, the German-Americans are the largest group in the U.S. with about 10 percent share. But they are organised differently than, for example, the Cuban immigrant Americans bad. The Congressional German-American Caucus was founded in 2010, 104 years after Boeing had founded his company. And in the discussion of the important groups of voters in the USA will play the German-American has no significant role.

The reason for this is that the English wars Americans through two world in which the United States fought against Germany, these ethnic point of reference is lost. The German-language Newspapers were set; German culture came under General suspicion. The German-Americans were conservative, and said of their origin. Therefore, they can not be Packed now in this identity.

German-Americans are for choice of great importance.

However, you will also be so for the election on may 3 November would be of great importance. Firstly, because there is a large number, 43 million, the largest hyphen-group, and secondly, because at the moment it seems so, as a considerable proportion of them would choose this Time not Trump, but the democratic candidates. Joe Biden just needs to be careful, that he can Trump in a debate about the American culture war.

When the question of the identity of the United States, dealing with its history, to the transformation of the political system polarizing politicized, which tries to Trump day-in, day-out, would ask the question according to the preferences of many white voters in new. And that could drive the culturally more conservative German-American voters in the competitive States again on Trumps page. Risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon, PCP is a risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon

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