Makers Söder takes to face up to but all of a sudden unpleasant questions

There are some things that Markus Söder well. The exact number of its Strengths followers and critics may be divided, but press conferences are definitely one o

Makers Söder takes to face up to but all of a sudden unpleasant questions

There are some things that Markus Söder well. The exact number of its Strengths followers and critics may be divided, but press conferences are definitely one of them. The Bavarian Prime Minister understands it, to open his public appearances with massive quotes that dominate the headlines – and Söder as dynamic creators appear to be.

On Monday it was that time again, Söder and his health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU), held a press conference in Munich, and the Prime Minister started with one of these typical Markus Söder-sets. "We have always warned," he said at the beginning of his speech. "Corona's coming back slowly, but with all the Power." There is "irrationality and deliberate breaches" of the Hygiene conditions did not have to have an end, so that it comes to the dreaded "second wave".

Söder: "It is seen as before,"

Actively and at the same time careful: There it was again, this mixture of Söder in the Popularity Rankings of the last few months, catapulted to the front. A mix that makes him even (With)-favorite on the succession of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Such considerations obviously play a role, if Söder makes back printing like on Monday. Of the Federal government in Berlin, he called for a quick legal basis for mandatory Corona Tests at airports, stressed several times that: "We have already prepared everything."

Always be prepared is the Motto of the Prime Minister. "It's so seen before," said Söder, even at one point about the current Corona location in Bavaria, with two new Hotspots in the upper Franconian Hof and in the lower Bavarian Palazzo mamming. "There are still some more problems will come." Rhetorically that was a clever Trick of Söder: Everything is just wrong, we have already seen before. Screenshot

Corona-the outbreak: Bayern suddenly worry child

This may be true. Because the Coronavirus can, at any time, come back again and again in businesses or on family celebrations, such as Söder also stressed several times. Without a vaccine, a pandemic can only to a limited extent control. But of course the Prime Minister knows that the current situation in Bayern is not first a Markus Söder-a Problem that exists in the other länder this Form of currently – for example, where a possible rival for the chancellorship rule.

The Bavarian districts Hof and Dingolfing-Landau, in which the victim is a vegetable farm is located, the number of new infections in the last seven days nationwide, on a lonely peak. The circle in lower Bavaria, tears, currently with 191 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, even significantly, the limit of 50 new infections, a "Lockdown" of the entire district is conceivable. So far Söder don't want to go first, because a lot indicates that the Virus outbreak is limited to the vegetable farm. But still: all of a Sudden Bayern has become the problem child.

criticism of Söder: "Arrogant approach"

Markus Söder as Germany's best Corona-Manager, that was always a perception that had to do less with the actual Infection than with a clear course, and skillful self-presentation. Now Söder, however, is in an unusual position, because the critical issues to the operations in lower Bavaria to take. How can it be that the breaches of the Hygiene legislation in the Vegetable farm remained so long unnoticed? No one has checked? Sven Hoppe/dpa, Markus Söder (CSU), Minister President of Bavaria.

the criticism from the Opposition will be sharper. "The arrogant handling of the Bavarian state government with the health of seasonal workers, it was only a matter of time, when it would again be Corona-herd in Bavaria," said the FDP Landtag Deputy Julika Sandt on Monday. "The test strategy of the Bavarian state government is still immature", said Dominik Spitzer, health policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group. Söder and his Minister of health Melanie Huml "only ever respond to new fires." Also the greens and the SPD does not save with criticism.

Söder comes with a package of measures

From the driver to the Driven? It is important for Söder, this impression with all the Power to oppose. "We must act, not talk," he says at one point. And, alleged to be the address of the FDP Söder send the comment, it think it's great, "that those who have always wanted to loosen up, to say now suddenly that you need to do more would have." FDP-Chef Christian Lindner was criticized on Sunday in the "summer interview" of the ZDF, the strategy of the Federal government in dealing with travel returnees from high-risk areas – and mandatory Tests required to be paid by the tourists themselves.

On the new criticism Söder responds, therefore, in principle, as always, As a filmmaker, is driving debate, hazards shall designate, hardness shows. At the press conference Söder brings a complete package of measures. The fines for violations in Establishments to be increased, mandatory testing for seasonal workers introduced, the controls will be tightened.

In addition, it should be voluntary to the main station in Munich and Nuremberg stations, as well as at border crossings – – test offers for car travelers. Not only for those from Bavaria, as Söder emphasized. The "mutual assistance" to other countries. Söder is once again at the top and builds to the fact that other Prime Minister in border regions, re-tighten possible way.

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The mysterious "contact"

Tactically, because Söder white: He needs to get on the Offensive. With some question as to the outbreak in his state, neither he nor the Minister for health Huml can give satisfactory answers. To demand of a journalist Huml says the affected agriculture have given it a few weeks ago, a Commission of authorities employees, in order to check the Hygiene concept operating in lower Bavaria. After that, there was always a "contact us," said Huml, without explaining more precisely how this "contact" looked like. However, it is difficult to control as the authority from the outside, every day, for example as regards the accommodation of the holiday-workers after work.

And also the active Söder seems a bit passive, as he admits, for more Details of the Events in Palazzo mamming he had to wait for the report of the health Department. "The timeline," says Söder about the reaction of the authorities in Palazzo mamming, was "very fine". But of course, the Söder is important to emphasize, will respond to the state government in case of emergency, "with the utmost determination". These words will have to Söder to measure, depending on how his plans for 2021 look. Then the Union needs a candidate for Chancellor. Heat, lightning, and Sahara air: are Now at risk of PCP, heat, flashes, and Sahara air threatens super cells: super cells threatening danger of a Second wave coming? RKI on the alert - real-time map shows the spread of FOCUS Online/Wochit Second wave coming? RKI on the alert - real-time map shows distribution

Date Of Update: 27 July 2020, 14:26

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