Madrid and London were cited in January to negotiate the Gibraltar post-Brexit

IN ENGLISH Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar The imminence of the Brexit shipped to Spain in a particular task: the negotiation

Madrid and London were cited in January to negotiate the Gibraltar post-Brexit


Spain and Britain set date to negotiate on post-Brexit Gibraltar

The imminence of the Brexit shipped to Spain in a particular task: the negotiation for the departure from Gibraltar of the EU. The Government and the United Kingdom will begin in mid-January, the dialog on the british colony, with three committees in the matters of most conflicting. For the back stage —the relationship of european with the Rock, in which Spain has the right of veto, the Executive prepares its red lines with the ambition of bringing the levels of well-being on both sides of the Fence.

Nearly four years after it voted in a referendum, the Uk will have to leave the European Union next January 31. Next to the general process that affects the community club, Spain has turned into an issue that affects you in an exclusive manner: the output of Gibraltar. Although the Madrid and London already limaron by the end of 2018 so that the diplomatic language called “irritants”, come the moment of truth the two Governments will constitute committees on each of the contentious issues, according to THE COUNTRY the secretary of State for the European Union, Marco Aguiriano. Paths technical delegations of both countries will meet for the next 14 and 15 January in Madrid to set the timetable and content of the meetings.

The goal is to resolve any friction or misunderstanding that may arise during the exit from the EU and the transition period towards the future relationship (in principle, until 31 December 2020). The committees agreed to replicate the four memoranda that the Madrid and London signed in November of last year to try to level the field between Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar (Cadiz) in the main elements of friction: tobacco, citizens, police and customs cooperation and the environment. These four subjects are now grouped into three committees: citizenship (there are nearly 10,000 spaniards who work in the Rock), police and customs cooperation, including the approach that it is intended in the price of tobacco to discourage smuggling from the Rock, and the environment. In this area, it is contemplated to recover at least some of the land that has earned Gibraltar the sea through the placement of cement and other material (called fill) in waters whose sovereignty is contested Madrid and London. Spain has been severely criticized this behavior, which involves dumping pollutants into the sea to expand the Rock.

In the british delegation included the Government of Gibraltar, while the Spanish government will integrate the regional government of Andalusia and other local and regional entities to collect as closely as possible to the problems of the neighbourhood that may arise. There will be a fourth committee, in this case chaired by the European Commission, which will address the issue of all eu citizens (there are about 15,000 working in the Rock, including the Spanish).

to Maintain the fluidity of the traffic at the Gate -28.500 people cross it daily— it is key for all parties. “The priority for the Government of Gibraltar is that our exit from the EU does not adversely affect the life of citizens to cross the border in one direction and then the other. This can only be achieved with good will on all sides. Working together we can ensure the fluidity of the border for all stakeholders,” said the chief minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, in a response sent in writing to this journal.

Asked about his priorities in the negotiations, the british Government is very cautious. “We're committed to all the agreements described in the agreement for withdrawal. Together with the Government of Gibraltar and the Kingdom of Spain we will apply the protocol of Gibraltar and the commitments associated with”, said a spokesman in Madrid.

Price of cigarettes

The Spanish Government, still in office, not waiting for problems to arise in this negotiation on the output because it is already everything very profiling —and are applying— in the memoranda of understanding. The most tangible is the rise in the price of tobacco. The Uk pledged that the average spread between the pack in Gibraltar and in Spain does not exceed 32% in June 2020. Since April of last year, the tobacco regular has risen nearly 8% in the Rock, according to official data. Although the gap still remains very attractive for the purchase in Gibraltar, the trend will continue climbs up to reach the level agreed.
In regard to the relationship with Gibraltar, Spain, aspires to deepen this leveling of conditions is initiated with the four memoranda. A fundamental tool for achieving this will be to limit tax competition from the british colony. The Parliaments of the british and Spanish must pass in brief the tax treaty that sets a schedule to determine who is tax resident in Gibraltar and who is not. The tentativeness that still live in both Chambers has slowed this process, which was agreed at the beginning of march.

The text states that the citizens staying more than 183 days in a year, have your spouse with residence in Spain, they possess a residence or have two-thirds of its assets in Spanish territory shall pay tax to the Spanish Treasury. The rule affects those who are today considered to be tax residents in Gibraltar.

Priorities for the trade agreement

Much more complex than agreeing on the details of the departure from Gibraltar of the European Union as a consequence of Brexit will be agreeing to the future relationship between both parties, that will govern the conclusion of the grace period in which you will enter the Uk in February —and that, in principle, be extended until 31 December 2020— to avoid the abyss of an outlet without a frame later defined. In the european context, Spain prepares their red lines to be submitted to Brussels at the beginning of January. “We're finishing to define the priorities and red lines to the negotiating mandate the european trade agreement that will be negotiated with the Uk”, explains the secretary of State for the European Union, Marco Aguiriano.

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