Lesbian Couple wants a child of their own - then ask best friend

all of them are originally from Russia and met in Germany: Lera, Katya and Misha. Lera came as a 17-Year-old with her parents to Düsseldorf, where she later met

Lesbian Couple wants a child of their own - then ask best friend

all of them are originally from Russia and met in Germany: Lera, Katya and Misha. Lera came as a 17-Year-old with her parents to Düsseldorf, where she later met the student Katja. They fell in love at first sight, as they say. For 13 years, they live together, eleven of them are married to each other. For a perfect family happiness only a child was missing you.

Mischa moved ten years ago to his friend Mark to Germany. The two men wanted a child and hoped for a law that would allow sex couples in Germany, the Adoption. However, after a few years they separated. Mark received a tempting job offer and moved to the United States, and Misha wanted to stay in Düsseldorf.

There Lera and Katya got to know only through social networks Mischa, whose Blog, the lesbian Couple often left comments behind. Finally, all three decided to finally meet in real life. They got on well right away. "We are on the same wave length. We have many common interests, similar beliefs, like the same books and movies. But the most Intimate - the desire to have children - we talked until two years after our first meeting," recalls Misha.

As it turned out, had the three düsseldorf the same dream: to become parents. "Why should you be looking for a sperm donor, when you have me? Your future child can have two mothers and a father," said Mischa the lesbian Couple then be careful. All three took the time to Think.

father abandoned in favor of mothers

The physical location of Lera, Katya and Mischa, it allows you to raise a child. Mischa is a trained winemaker. In that time he as a chef in a Cologne Restaurant. Lera and Katya have also realized professionally. Lera is as an engineer for a renowned company and Katja works for an insurance company. Together, the women own a house.

Katja is the biological mother of Julia. It was not an easy decision to become a mother, recalls Katja: "I have used for a year. Then, we consulted with various specialists, gynecologists and lawyers spoke. Artificial insemination succeeded at the third attempt. All three of us were very happy." And Mischa says today: "Nine months later the miracle happened. I rushed from lucky wings to the hospital. It is indescribable the feelings when I held my own daughter Julia in the arms."

The "family Council" it was decided that the name of the father in the birth certificate register. However, financial obligations of the women by Mischa not expected. "First of all, we trust each other and, secondly, we agreed that Misha can see his daughter at any time, with your time spend on your education can participate," stresses Lera. The request of the women, however, was that Mischa waives the rights of parents to Lera, Katya's wife can adopt the child. And so it happened.

main thing is to have a happy Childhood

The most Important thing for all three of the parents is the Welfare of the child. Today, Julia is five years old. She lives with two mothers and see their father often, whether at home or when dad comes to visit. "Our relationship is very harmonious. Julia's mother can go alone to the theatre or to a concert, and I'm with my daughter. We all go together to the Zoo and on children's playgrounds. She grows up as a happy child and loves all three of us the same," says Mischa.

The mothers, according to Julia is a very developed and intelligent child. She even speaks two languages: Russian and English. The girl is surrounded by love and care - not only the parents, but also grandparents. "My mother cried tears of joy when she heard that I'm gonna be a father. Because after my Coming out, my mother was the most sad about the fact that maybe she would never be a grandmother. Now she is happy. She looked with pleasure to her granddaughter when she was visiting us," says Mischa. To the parents of the two mothers he was in close contact. "I now have a great family and I am very happy," stresses Mischa.

the answers to the given time

In Kindergarten and the neighbors, no one is surprised that Julia has two mothers and a father. The Small self, it was that I asked during a walk surprising, then, why they have two mommies, say the mothers.

Lera had said it: "mom and I have dreamed of such a wonderful daughter, and then You're came to us." After a Pause, Julia have followed up with, why you have so many mothers and a few fathers. The mothers told her daughter to ask her father at the next Meeting thereafter. Well, Mischa, what should he reply to his daughter, puzzled. In General, Mischa, take Julia all given as true. For you it is much more important to be loved and cared for. And answers to the important questions you'll get, if she is big enough.

Mischa has made to learn in Germany a new profession. He wants to be an industrial designer. During the interview he was asked about his marital status. He immediately said that he was unmarried, and a daughter, and I'm pulled by two mothers large. "I was a little embarrassed, but all the others were not surprised and very honored," he smiles.

Mischa says he often think about how paradoxical it was that he had to go to find family happiness, to Germany. In his previous home, this would have been impossible. "We're all three parents told us that our daughter lives in a country where the rights of every human being are equally protected by the law," he says.

author: Victor Weitz (mo)

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