Laschet suddenly asks new Lockdown rules: Now the other countries react

running While in the district of Warendorf today, Tuesday, the last hours of lock-downs, more he goes in the district of Gütersloh is still a week - but how is

Laschet suddenly asks new Lockdown rules: Now the other countries react

running While in the district of Warendorf today, Tuesday, the last hours of lock-downs, more he goes in the district of Gütersloh is still a week - but how is that to be in the future?

NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has initiated a debate on the regulations of the Federal government and the States. In the eyes of Laschet, one should not get the saber out, but prefer the scalpel: A Lockdown should only apply to cities or municipalities that have a really high number of Infected.

Laschet had announced on Monday, to speak with his country colleagues about it, to take out in case of a Lockdown all circles"," but "the places where there's a real danger". The need to address - if the current crisis in the Region is over.

On Tuesday Laschet clarified his idea and appealed to the other countries leaders: "Let us again talk about it, whether or not a circle of kilometres around the focal point is better. All countries know that we have to act together.“

the approval for laschet's idea comes from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt

From the other countries in principle support for laschet's proposal: "mitigating measures, which provide a Lockdown in the future, only for individual cities, are in Sachsen is conceivable," said about the spokesman of the Saxon Ministry of health, on request by FOCUS Online. It was to be noted, however, that in the case of a Lockdown of major cities around the surrounding areas, directly from the Lockdown measures would be affected, for example, by commuters who come from outside to work every day in the Lockdown affected the city.

far more Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is : "We prefer smaller regional solutions, for example, areas according to zip codes to be classified," said a spokesman for the Ministry of health.

consent Laschet also gets from Sachsen-Anhalt . You go the way of the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister is proposing, according to the Ministry of health. It reacts already from a threshold of 30 new HIV infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. As in the case of the recent outbreak in Magdeburg will then be imposed, such as a quarantine only on the affected building entrances. "As a local outbreak, in which no wide dispersion in the population is determined, it can be handled well – even without a major Lockdown," said a spokesman.

countries are able to respond to local outbreaks of

similarly, had the last acts already Thuringia . The district of Greiz, was for several days even on the of the countries, heads of set of 50 brand. Because the outbreak was on a old device to locate, was not sent to the entire district into Lockdown. The Berlin and Göttingen ordered the last quarantine for individual residential blocks.

Similarly, Schleswig-Holstein refers to the fact that it is already now possible to respond to a regional outbreak. Thus, the limit concept can include only a single device.

events must clearly gets limited to be

approval for his proposal Laschet from Brandenburg . Of course, should be limited in the case of a strictly localizable Corona outbreak, for example, in a shared accommodation, a hospital or a nursing home, the measures for a Lockdown locally, according to the Ministry of health.

the state of Brandenburg, Minister of health of Ursula Nonnemacher but stresses that the events need to be clearly quantifiable. "In Gütersloh, where whole families and social networks could be affected, was not to give such a localizability from our point of view," said a spokesman for the Brandenburg Ministry of health.

"to prevent a patchwork of regulations,"

support also comes from Hamburg . "Hamburg share the attitude that, where applicable, in the case of a localized and a clear regional-defined Infection, the restrictions can be limited in analogy to the procedure in the affected areas to this regional area," it says. What is clear is that Hamburg is not dependent – similar to the Saarland – because of its surface inevitably to be below the country-level municipal boundaries make.

A spokeswoman for the health Ministry in the Saarland, noting, however, that you choose to be a nationally consistent approach. "There is a need to prevent a patchwork of regulations," it says.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online. dpa NRW Minister Armin Laschet

emits a Little more restraint in the assessment of the Rhineland-Palatinate : "In security, the principle applies first of all to the danger of sure repel and to protect the health of the population. This basic principle corresponds to the Lockdown of a district at the time of the discovery of a not well-defined eruption,“ said a spokeswoman for the Ministeirums for social Affairs, labour, health and demography of Rhineland-Palatinate. In a second step can then optionally be de-escalated if the situation is good to assess.

Stigmatization avoid

The Lockdown of the affected district administrator of the Kreis Warendorf, Olaf Gericke, was jumped Laschet directly on Monday to the page: "the Federal government and the country need to think about whether it makes sense to clarify the rules, where exactly a Lockdown should be imposed." His circle encompasses 13 cities and municipalities "and in five there is not a single infection," said Gericke. A clarification would lead, in his view, also to more acceptance in the population.

In the districts of Warendorf and Gütersloh had complained last many people about stigma - which can even trigger a flag. So a woman in the WDR reported that she had been offended because of the "GT" on your license plate during a trip to Münster is working. As a man with a symbolic hand shot movement to them, she called the police. The officials would have guided them from Münster. Münster, WHETHER excused himself meanwhile, in the case of the woman.

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