Large industries-Check: Where now even more short-time workers were notified

For comparison: In June, 6.7 million were reported workers on short time, in may of 7.3 million, and at the beginning of the Corona-crisis even more than 10 mil

Large industries-Check: Where now even more short-time workers were notified

For comparison: In June, 6.7 million were reported workers on short time, in may of 7.3 million, and at the beginning of the Corona-crisis even more than 10 million. The Ifo Figures suggest that the number of short-time workers developed in the various sectors of the German economy, however, is different.

In the industry, for example, a slight decrease from 2.3 to 2.1 million people in total have been recorded, i.e., from 33 to 30 per cent of the workforce. For example, strong> metal industry in the car industry , the number fell from 516.000 on 423.000, the proportion of 46 to 38 percent.

The following values, the experts of the Ifo Institute for industries in the Manufacturing sector, we calculated:

  • metal industry : 508.923 short-time workers, equivalent to 45 per cent of the workforce
  • automotive : 422.745 (38 per cent)
  • mechanical : 378.187 (35 percent)
  • electrical industry : 271.010 (34 per cent)
  • Oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastic, glass : 212.694 (19 per cent)
  • furniture and miscellaneous : 134.045 (25 per cent)
  • textiles, clothing, leather, wood, paper, Pressure : 133.712 (27 per cent)
  • food : 55.438 (8 per cent)
Particularly good development for service providers and trade

Much more decreased the short-time work with the service providers. In the hospitality about the number of short-time workers dropped more of 672,000 on are 465,000 people, the equivalent of 42 per cent. In June it was 61 percent, and in may, 72 per cent. (Display)

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The current values for the service sector at a Glance:

  • Other commercial services: 603.000 short-time workers, equivalent to 26 per cent of the workforce
  • hospitality : 465.427 (42 percent)
  • professional, scientific, and technical services : 271.936 (12 percent)
  • transport and storage: of 256,000 (14 percent)
  • Information and communication : 139.273 (12 per cent)
  • Finance and insurance; real estate and housing : 31.442 (3 per cent)

Also in the trade, the number of short-time workers has fallen more sharply, out of a total 963.000 on 637.000.

  • In the retail , the number decreased from 417.000 to 240,000 employees, which represents a decline of 17 percent to 10 percent.
  • In the wholesale , the number decreased from 331,000 United to around 257,000 people, from 24 percent to 18 percent.
  • In the auto trade were in July, 140,000 people in short-time work, according to of 215,000 in June. This is a decrease from 32 to 21 percent.

Current values for other sectors at a Glance:

  • expansion of business : 265.689 short-time workers, equivalent to 19 per cent of the workforce
  • agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining : 18.967 (6 per cent)
  • power and water supply, waste disposal : 17.362 (4 percent)
  • construction : 8439 (2 percent)
Because: "Still a lot of bad news" - without a second wave

While most of the areas, some were able to breathe a sigh of relief, it is still no reason to sound the all-clear - at least not for a key industry. Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) is about "still a lot of bad news from the automotive industry" until the autumn. "And that is true regardless of whether there will be a second wave of Infection," the SPD politician of the "business week" from the Thursday said. The demand is "still at a shockingly low level".

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Because stressed, he'll make currently, "less Worried about the large car companies, but rather the numerous small and medium-sized suppliers". He was therefore "Convinced that we need more assistance for this key German industry urgently". It is not only the preservation of jobs, but the preservation of entire "value chains that extend to the steel industry and the chemical industry".

In these sectors, the number of short-time workers

increases the Ifo Numbers show that some industries dropped last even deeper into the crisis. "In some industries, the work even more", emphasizes Ifo-labour market expert Sebastian Link.

So strong> mechanical the July figure of 378.000 short-time workers is the lower of the June value of 354.000 short-time workers was followed in < - he is risen. The share grew from 33 percent to 35 percent. In the electric industry 271.000 persons in short-time work are now after 260,000 in June. The share of employment in July amounted to 34 percent, a percentage point more than in June.

Because the work calls for 24 months of short - money- crisis "for at least two years"

as announced to the "economic weekly", he would ask the Federal government to new economic aid for the industry. "In addition to the Federal government and the countries must lead now in intensive discussions," said the SPD politician. "We are currently dealing not only with a conventional economic crisis, but with an extraordinary – at least two years of economic crisis, we must also encounter with the extraordinary government measures." Unemployed? These are 10 things you need to know, Our PDF guide explains how you can apply for money and what else you need to know, if you become unemployed.To the PDF guide

The same is true for the extremely fragile labour market. "I am in favour of the short-time work extend money to 24 months", said the Prime Minister. One must be clear to all: "companies that are closing now in the corona of crisis her books, never have to pay back wages, social contributions and taxes. We need to prevent as well as possible.“

Currently, a maximum of 21 months of short-time work is possible - in exceptional cases

at the end of June had already spoken to the Minister of economy of the countries for a corresponding extension of the Kurzarbeitergelds, is decided the but still. In principle, a time-limit on the Kurzarbeitergelds to a maximum of twelve months currently. In certain cases the period can be extended, however, up to 21 months.

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