Large RAID in the Arab Clans: the police manage to blow against illegal gambling

Saturday evening, shortly after 21 o'clock, blue-and-white squad cars racing in the district of Essen-Kray. At the corner of Tempelhof/Heinrich-Sense Weg offic

Large RAID in the Arab Clans: the police manage to blow against illegal gambling

Saturday evening, shortly after 21 o'clock, blue-and-white squad cars racing in the district of Essen-Kray. At the corner of Tempelhof/Heinrich-Sense Weg officials of a the use hundreds of the vans, and storms a Unterhaltungscafé called "game accurate jump". In front of the entrance waste storage, the owner surprised to react.

browse While its officials to the premises, a food of police President Frank judge on the spot. 300 officials are not alone in the Ruhr metropolis on the move. A total of about 1000 officers browse in the course of a large-scale RAID against Kurdish-Lebanese Clans in more than ten cities in the Rhein-Ruhr rail Shisha Bars, gambling halls, betting offices, and Local.

gaming machines, money laundering and tax evasion

"This Time, rigged slot machines, money laundering and tax evasion, with a focus on," said the Essen chief of police to FOCUS Online. According to him, it could be an "important pillar of criminal Clans." According to the judge, the machines are just a license to print money. "Sometimes the Clans are also exerting pressure on local owners to their equipment, this is bordering on extortion." Axel Spilcker/FOCUS Online Clan-RAID in Essen, Germany.

food is considered a Clan Hotspot in the area. With the help of a Special structural organization (BAO) is pursuing the police for years, a concerted strategy against criminal Arab family activities in the city. With the boat, tax and customs investigators, and in the meantime, the gambling experts in the district government. Urban authorities punish violations in workplaces, restaurants, or arcades, which are associated with the Clans. As a business office, a Club in the City for violations of the Corona protection regulation is tight. The fire Department closes at one o'clock at night to a hookah Bar because the smoke endangers the health of the guests.

tactics of the "1000 needle stitches"

Essen's mayor Thomas runners (CDU), the on 13. September is seeking his second term in the municipal election in the former SPD stronghold, is satisfied about the ongoing tactics of the "1000 needle stitches," which has spent all of his party colleague, NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul, two years ago. The cooperation between the police, other authorities and city have proved to be extremely successful, takes the runners on the outskirts of the RAID. "It shows that the state look for and military detention." dpa police officers during a RAID on a betting office in Essen.

On the Heinrich-Sense way, the forces will soon be able to find. In front of a Café on the market square in the quarter of a riot police post, while her colleagues conduct a Responsible in the Local. The blue light of the gambling devices immersed operation in a surreal atmosphere.

investigators discover a hidden access

In five Local and betting stalls prosecutors to make sure the nine manipulated slot machines, 21 more to be criticized. A hit the officials will land in a pool Bistro. Behind a Cabinet, you discover a access to a space in which three illegal slot machines and a poker table.

In a tearoom in Duisburg-Rheinhausen, the investigators come across an illegal game hall. You confiscate 16 non-registered so-called "Fun machine". The balance of the use of night in the former coal and steel city is seized: 34,000 euros in cash, 19 slot machines and three kilos of Shisha tobacco is ensured. Eleven shops have been closed according to police reports, due to significant violations of the Corona-protection regulation. In the fight against the clan crime the city of Duisburg, vigilante drove since January, 2019 180 control actions. 80 arrests, 140 criminal charges and over 200 seizures were the result.

NRW Ministry of the interior: "Zero-tolerance" strategy

NRW-Minister of the interior, Reul, fresh back from vacation, makes later in the evening a picture of the measures. Once again, he touted his "Zero-tolerance" strategy. You do not leave "the criminal members of the so-called family clan, a hand's breadth of law", stressed the CDU-politician in Duisburg, in the presence of the police President Elke Bartels. dpa Herbert Reul (CDU), interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, is looking at the use in Duisburg.

a Little later Reul in food arrives. It is noticeable how much of the Problem at heart. The cameras are rolling, as the Law-and-Order Hardliner returns to the motto: "the right of the family, but the law of the state shall not apply." At the same time, he makes it clear that you can't do a 30 years of failed development within just a few years back. "We need a long breath," is his conclusion.

meanwhile, a report from Essen civil servants successes further Investigation. Known to the relevant speeder routes, they catch the charioteers, who wanted to deliver with their high-horsepower cars, illegal car racing. Overall, the investigators found four Nobel bodies to the value of 400 000 euros, including a € 250,000 to the expensive Audi R8 sports car.

Illegal cigarettes seized

In Bochum forces check a total of 50 people. Almost 20 kg of duty-unpaid water pipe tobacco will be confiscated. Until today, the Bochum prosecutors have seized a total of one ton of illegal-related Smoking products.

The great RAID, apparently, is the precursor for the much-anticipated press conference of the Minister of the interior on Monday for the second picture of the situation "clan crime". In addition to Berlin, Bremen, lower Saxony and Eastern Germany, NRW is regarded as a stronghold for the Kurdish-Lebanese big clans.

In the first Report in may 2019, the state office of criminal investigation NRW listed in the country 104 Clans with criminal members. Alone in the years 2016 to 2018, approximately 6500 Suspect from the scene for more than 14 000 criminal offences responsible. So a biting dog does not see you as prey, FOCUS Online/Wochit As a biting dog does not see you as a prey,

Date Of Update: 17 August 2020, 02:26

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