Kill all the disbelievers: After arrest, it simmers in the Duisburg Clan environment

the starting point is an arrest on July 17. May. In the evening of this day a police patrol, an 18-year-old German-Lebanese attentive. The young man is already

Kill all the disbelievers: After arrest, it simmers in the Duisburg Clan environment

the starting point is an arrest on July 17. May. In the evening of this day a police patrol, an 18-year-old German-Lebanese attentive. The young man is already a police, is one of the great families of the city belong to the part.

The 18-Year-old is wanted at this time because of dangerous bodily injury. When he noticed the cops, he seizes the escape. As the "Rheinische Post" reported, it should be in a house entrance fled. The cops catch up with him there. The man defends himself against his arrest, so the officers pepper-use spray, as informed by the police.

75 investigations in six years

Within a short time of around 30 people, allegedly members of the Suspect are gathering here, at the site of use. A commotion breaks out. The officials have been loudly yelled at, watch funny films the action. Only with the help of several strip, the Situation is brought car under control, the Suspect discharged. Still in the patrol car, he should have the police officer verbally attacked, even with the death threatened.

The "Rheinische Post" quoted from an investigation report, according to which, against the young man, since 2014, already 75 investigations have been undertaken.

200 people, insult and spit on police officers

Only two days later, it comes to the next incident. Again, the police are pursuing an 18-Year-olds. The young man with Moroccan roots, as reported by the police known the officials already, will be sought at the time of his arrest for assault. According to the report, he should also belong to the environment of the Lebanese-born big family. Against him has been led since 2015 42 the investigation proceedings.

Also, this young man had taken the escape in front of the officials, he seems to put in the hallway of a house. Quickly, around 200 people gather in front of the house. Reinforcement is coming. Only through the use of 36 police officers, it is possible to bring the man to the police car. In front of the house the officials were offended, according to the police again, even spat upon.

Apparently, there are Connections between the two arrests. The two arrested are said to have, according to the "RP" for a long time known and already in common crimes committed. In addition, in both cases, the same members of a family are supposed to have contributed to the clan participated in the riots around the festival.

is no longer affected by the "Zero tolerance policy"?

so Far, the NRW Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) declared "Zero rail-to-wear-tolerance policy" on the spot actually fruits. According to the investigation file, the number of riots in the North of Duisburg by 24 in the year 2017 to eleven in 2018, and only four have decreased in the past year, such as the "RP" reported. Now, it was only in may of this year, two incidents.

For a scientist of Islam and Clan-expert Mathias Rohe, is the "Zero tolerance policy" correctly. That such cases occur is not a surprise to him. "The interior Minister has already said, this is a Marathon and not a short distance run. This simply takes time,“ says Rohe, in an interview with FOCUS Online.

police in Duisburg gets violent threatening Mail

the two arrests, But in the district of Marxloh have to follow. According to the files, the existence of the "RP", should be on 22. May via E-Mail a threat in the Bureau of Duisburg be received.

Therein to include, among other things, the following threats: "the subject of Allahu Akbar, Duisburg-Marxloh is our district. (...) We forbid all the unbelievers to enter our district. All police officers, journalists and other infidels we will expel with force of arms or to kill. Only the radical Sharia law applies. We have procured the 2000 AK-47 assault rifles with enough ammunition from Turkey and Russia. Allahu Akbar, kill all the infidels.“

On request by FOCUS Online, the police confirmed in Duisburg, that such a Letter had been received. Expert Rohe warns that E-Mail due to immediately the Clans. It could also put other people behind that want to harm the family. "I don't think it's possible that the Mail from the Islam-hater-circles stems. There are a few for Clans atypical formulations are to be found, in fact,“ says he to the threatening Mail.

"Repression is necessary"

locally, it seems to take the warning seriously. The "RP" reported that officials of the riot police had been instructed to wear in the service now and again your use suit. "Repression is also necessary. Such a presence also triggers for Criminal respect", a rating of the Clan-expert Raw the measure is positive, but called at the same time for a Combination of Repression and prevention: "You do not have to open early other options for people to find not only the entry into the scene."

the city of Duisburg reacts to the events. The "RP" reported at the end of a cities cross-decision. So there is to be one of the cities of Duisburg, Essen and Dortmund, jointly organized "security cooperation Ruhr clan crime". It will be chaired by food. The decision will be signed in the coming week.

Criminal Clans "threat to the peaceful co-existence"

"The criminal and, in part, public Act of the members of the family clan, especially Turkish-Arabic origin, large families, along with police forces, other law enforcement agencies, municipal administrations and other actors of the public sector facing increasing challenges. Also, the population perceives the Occurrence of criminal Clan-pair as a threat for the peaceful co-existence", cited the "RP" from the cooperation agreement.

Meanwhile, the police also announced further measures. "We always run a small piece of controls in connection with Clan-crime," said a police spokeswoman to FOCUS Online. There are more raids and focus of inspections scheduled. Such incidents, as at 17. or 19. May no longer have it, according to the spokesperson so far. Expert Raw believes, however, that "The Problem will haunt us no longer."

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