Iran: International campaign against the death penalty

you Can save the campaign, the lives of young men? Since the beginning of this week a new Hashtag pulls through Iran. "Stop executionof Iranian protestors" is

Iran: International campaign against the death penalty

you Can save the campaign, the lives of young men? Since the beginning of this week a new Hashtag pulls through Iran. "Stop executionof Iranian protestors" is the name of it and turns against the court disposed the execution of three young protesters. According to media reports, around two million citizens have alone protests in Iran via Twitter against the court judgment.

The three Convicts - Saeed Tamjidi, Amir Hossein Moradi and Mohammad Rajabi - had taken part in the protests last November. This had ignited first, higher gasoline prices, were then but against the political System of the country as a whole.

In February of this year, the criminal chamber of the Islamic revolution court had spoken, the three young men guilty of during the protests to violent riots involved. On this basis, it has condemned you to death.

International Protest

Many Iranians demanded the withdrawal of the judgment and called for solidarity with the Condemned. Even outside of Iran, the judgment was heavily criticized. "The barbaric judgment triggers here in Germany and also in other Parts of the world-wide outrage and lack of understanding", says Martin Lessenthin, speaker of the Board of the International society for human rights (ISHR) in Frankfurt am Main, in the DW-Interview. "The Iranian leadership could make this judgment as an example for other court decisions in the so-called 'gas cases'." The Iranian leadership attempts, moreover, that the civilian population by the judgment of further demonstrations, to stop and to prevent this, so Lessenthin more.


excluded The Iranian Fars news Agency reported, judiciary chief Ibrahim Raeissi have turned personally. He is in favour of further investigation of the already final judgment, it said. The justice Department objected to this representation, however: A Revision of the judgment to be possible,you would have to apply to the lawyers of the accused.

would have taken the Appropriate steps, the lawyers already said Babak Paknia, one of the lawyers of the Condemned, on Wednesday via Twitter. He and his colleagues had now been access to the files granted. "After the extensive reading we will submit a new application for the Revision. We are waiting for the lifting of the enforcement of the judgment."

Already the beginning of July, the defenders of the three accused had declared in an Open letter that they had filed their confessions under "abnormal" circumstances. 15. Criminal chamber of the revolutionary court before they threw "unusual and illegal criminal process." Their clients were not involved in arson.

After one of the defendants Amirhossein Moradi had been arrested in November 2019, were sold the other two - Saeed Tamjidi and Mohammad Rajabi - in Turkey. This came after an extradition request from Tehran and handed over to the Iranian authorities.

The delivery was in Turkey, not without controversy. "According to the international case-law, it would have been the two don't deliver," said Ibrahim Kaboglu, a Turkish constitutional lawyer & member of Parliament of the opposition social democratic CHP in the Turkish Parliament. He called for "a new, fair trial" against the three men.

A political judgment?

The death sentences were mainly used to intimidate the population, says political Analyst Mohammad Mohebbi in Tehran, in an interview with DW. The economic Situation of the country will always be more difficult. This was due to the US sanctions and the inefficiency of the government. "The people are angry. This development has the mood in the company is highly explosive to be." The death sentences served to stifle the outbreak of protests in the Bud.

The Iranian state leadership of the demonstrations as acts of sabotage and attempt to weaken the Iranian Regime or even to overthrow, says Martin Lessenthin of the ISHR. The lawyers appealed to the Verse 33 of Surah 5 in the Sharia. This speaks of those who "Ruin the pins on the earth". Including and subversive state fell to enemy activities, and apostasy, so Lessentin. "The Dogma leaves a lot of room for interpretation and offers the judiciary and other state institutions, the legal basis for arbitrary decisions."

the campaign against the death penalty

in the Meantime, the protests are only against the death sentences, but to take up the practice of executions in principle to the visor. According to Amnesty International, 251 were in the year 2018 and in 2019 253 people executed.

The current campaign takes place, especially on a digital level. The have some advantages, says Martin Lessenthin of the ISHR. "A lot of people, especially the Western world, on the political, economic and human rights situation in Iran closely, and can exert pressure on the government of Iran, by practicing public criticism."

in Addition, the Internet offers the Iranians already for a long time, a platform to network and exchange ideas. "It can also suggest that online protests against the Iranian law enforcement track authorities for the part harder to track and punish as the personal participation in public demonstrations", says Lessenthin.

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