Inner bomb burst: High the IT Manager admits million fraud in stock market companies

The financial woes of the Top-Manager were great. Still greater is the temptation to fix its money troubles due to high criminal activity, however, was. This

Inner bomb burst: High the IT Manager admits million fraud in stock market companies

The financial woes of the Top-Manager were great. Still greater is the temptation to fix its money troubles due to high criminal activity, however, was.

This is a temptation that could not resist Jörg R.. Since this Monday the from Brühl (Nordrhein-Westfalen) root must be the end of Ex-employees of two listed companies to answer before the Munich district court I – for fraud and breach of trust in a number of cases.

at the beginning of the process from the man – tall, slender, thinning hair, dark suit, white shirt – a full confession. However, he pointed out to the court, in a friendly tone to the fact that the indictment listing all of his crimes. There were "still some more".

indictment: the hardware and Software purchased, private

The 41-year-old Jörg R. hock it was from 2011 to 2015-Executive employees of the Bavarian S-Dax company, Wacker Chemie AG, from 2016 onwards, he worked as an IT buyer at a subsidiary of Nemetschek AG (TecDax and the MDax). According to the Prosecutor's office, Jörg R. has purchased on account of his two employers for more than a Million euros in hardware and Software, and you are selling privately, such as via the online portal "eBay classifieds". The profit he had forfeited for himself"".

The most serious case was, therefore, in January 2016. In the name of Nemetschek AG appointed Jörg R. a total of 1432 licenses of the operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. Price, including the pre-financing costs: 925.000 Euro. At that time, Jörg R. is just getting started at the company and was not at all authorized transactions in such orders of magnitude to complete.

Brazenly: company seal forged power of attorney faked

in Order to deceive the licensed sellers, used Jörg R. the correspondence a counterfeit stamp, and sat next to his signature and the abbreviation "ppa" (Latin "per procura autoritate"). So he dangled before, in the name of and to act with power of attorney of the Nemetschek AG. After he had received the Windows CDs, he sold more of a man he had met on eBay.

According to the same pattern, Jörg R. had diverted earlier in his time at Wacker Chemie AG, large sums of money for themselves. At the time, he ordered in the name of the company Smartphones, Tablets, and software licenses for a total of more than 100,000 euros. Alone on the 31. December 2013 appointed Jörg R. 47 Apple iPhone 5S, for a net price of around 30,000 euros.

A Manager who is always faster, always higher, in addition to wanted to

"The deliveries of goods addressed to the business address of Wacker Chemie AG. They were buried the school in each case without the knowledge of his employer, in your own office, in person or in the case of the claimant company picked up“, the Prosecutor's office. Subsequently, the defendant sold the valuables "private". Here, Jörg R. price gave buyers discounts of up to 30 percent compared with the shopping.

Before the court showed: The million-fraud is the classic story of a Manager who always wanted to be faster, higher and higher, and at the end of a dramatic crash. A Manager that is driven by unhealthy ambitions, and the fear was eating away, to find in society any real attention.

outsider: "I always look only through the keyhole"

"The Party is taking place behind the door, but I always look only through the keyhole", he later gave during a psychiatric examination to Protocol. He felt as an outsider, wanted to prove it to everyone. With hard work, but if necessary, by illegal means.

The son of a humble background (father: carpenter, mother: house-wife) was looking for attention and recognition, especially in the workplace. He took up a Job after the other and always got a salary step higher, from an initial 35,000 euros annual salary of at least 160,000 euros. He rarely remained longer than two years at a company.

High price: divorces, debts, many priors

For his career, he took it all in stride: pendulum rides over several hundred kilometers, costly second homes, travel through half of Europe. The price for his hunted life in the fast Lane was high: Two divorce, high support payments for women and children, debt, depression, gambling addiction, fears of existence, collapse, psychiatry, and conflicts with the law.

Since 2003, the courts sentenced him, in North Rhine-Westphalia, a total of eight Times for fraud, even because of commercial fraud in 136 cases. He came first, with fines of them, followed later convictions to sentences of several months ' imprisonment, which was always suspended to probation. The offenses for which he must answer before the regional court of Munich I, falling into his open probation. This is a re-suspended sentence seems to be excluded.

the house much too expensive: Started", to procure me the money"

On the question of the judge why he had continued his fraud as a highly paid IT-specialist answered, Jörg R., "horrendous cost" would have him and his family crushed. So he had built together with his first wife, a house, the "more expensive than I thought" was. There was a lack of money for heat insulation and plaster to the bursting of the credit threatened. "The Bank sat us in the neck", says Jörg R.. Added more debt and some foreclosures. "Since I've started to get me money."

He ordered Goods in the name of his company, sold it privately and made it the first Time a couple of thousand Euro profit. That was enough for the thermal insulation of the house, who managed to survive continue to be significant in credit delivery.

judge speaks of the "inverse snow-ball system"

However, Jörg R. had to pay for the Goods ordered is also really, otherwise he would be flying immediately up. So he ordered in his company more, this time even higher value added Goods, which he sold, in turn, private. With this money he could pay the first fraud business. According to this scheme – the judge spoke of a "reverse snow-ball system" – did Jörg R. on and on.

"I've stuffed a hole, but after 60 days, the next larger hole opened up," said the defendant. "I had to close it again." On the question of whether the person responsible was noticed in the case of Wacker Chemie is never something that shook Jörg R. the head. The fact that he had paid the bills from the Proceeds of other fraudulent activities, had remained the dizziness go unnoticed for long.

The lottery-delusion: "1000 tickets at once

moved" at some point, however, the System collapsed. The last "hole" of almost one Million euros through the purchase of Windows licenses could not plug Jörg R.. In addition, the man who had bought the hot goods always reliable set of criminal charges against Jörg R.. Between the two, it came to disagreements.

Finally, the now 41-Year-old had to bury the hope that he could save himself by winning the lottery. He had played "excessively," said the defendant before the court, time online, time in shopping markets. Since he had already "1000 tickets drawn at once". Up to a profit of 4000 Euro he had lost everything, nearly 70,000 euros.

The end: farewell letter, and escape to the Thailand

As if he had recognized the hopelessness of his Situation, popped an "internal bomb," said the defendant. He sold his car, closed a life insurance for his children, and wrote a farewell letter to the family. Then he flew to Thailand. Contrary to his original intention, he returned in the fall of 2016 to Munich and settled in a psychiatric hospital. There certificate Doctors-designate him a "severe depressive Episode" and a "suicidal crisis".

During the intensive treatment, Jörg R. reported that his life, as you know, "just Extreme". In the last few years, he had lost "the grip". Although he tried to "maintain the facade". In truth, he was overwhelmed, however, with all the "" and "helpless" have been.

New Job as a IT Manager: 135.000 Euro annual salary

A Job Jörg R. has now found again. He works as an IT Manager at a company in the South West of Bavaria. Annual salary including Bonus: 135.000 Euro. He drives a company car and payment of old debts. Recoveries from Wacker Chemie, or other companies, he did not receive yet "still," he said in court.

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