Inevitable disruption: How the EU is preparing for the Brexit-emergency

In the left corner: the offended scorned Ex with your fists; your whole family is rooting for you, all the 27 clans are around the Ring. They are bickering, alt

Inevitable disruption: How the EU is preparing for the Brexit-emergency

In the left corner: the offended scorned Ex with your fists; your whole family is rooting for you, all the 27 clans are around the Ring. They are bickering, although with each other like to stick together this time. In the right corner: a hubris-prone Macho, Lone Wolf type. He moved out from the shared household, would like to retain the silverware.

His fists a little, he has not handled Covid-19 so well tremble. And no one feeds them up, as it happens in the Large Clan of 27, even if there is still no one knows who is going to pay. The Ausgebüxte believes in his island talent and roars loudly to make themselves the courage of three lions. Uncle Donald from Overseas claps, that's all it is to be expected as usual from him. The fight goes into the fifth round, the counterparty brackets only.

31. October the clock is running

divorce-clinching than Boxing match to the point of exhaustion: The negotiations in order to mitigate the impact of Brexit-consequences for the EU and the United Kingdom prior to the technical K. O. in The debate, the tempo was stepped up. Top delegations travelling busily between London and Brussels – is still the law accessible, because the right Brexit comes next year, when the ongoing transitional period is over. Up to the 31. October must be an agreement ready for signature, as it then is supposed to go. The are still a good three and a half months.

Because it is not, however, want to go even ahead, the EU is updating their emergency plans for the dreaded hard Brexit, the case into the contract, loose Nothing. To the outside is further expressed agreement will. But Insiders know: this is a final amicable separation in the distance. Who is to blame, opinions are divided on this also in Brussels.

Constantly new swine in the village of

For the Chairman of the trade Committee of the European Parliament, Bernd Lange (SPD), is not clarified the question of guilt: "What, exactly, the British government has in mind, however, we unfortunately know today. There are regularly driven a new swine through the village - it is an agreement in the style of a EU-Australia agreement does not exist, is it an agreement, such as (the free-trade agreements, ed.) CETA with Canada, but would not wear to our previous relationship.“ The AfD members of the European Parliament Jörg Meuthen keeps the Brussels Position, however, plenty of bitchy: "Sometimes the EU seems to me like a disappointed and Abandoned."

Officially, the emergency planning does not mean, according to the Brussels interpretation, that you would have adopted by the hope for negotiation success. However, the EU Commission was also, clearly, the tactics in the Ring, potential Copycat killers of the British escape pulse to make no appetite to own extra tours. With a little good will, so Meuthen, you could meet for the most important questions still individual agreements, such as Switzerland, instead of the targeted large throw for a comprehensive partnership in all respects.

the British economy is still in Alarm?

Such agreements could be in six weeks, ready for signature, make believe, the AfD politician. Also a Long time to realize that it could run on patching things up. In question, an agreement on customs formalities, for a transitional arrangement for financial services and financing, for a transitional arrangement for the recognition of certifications and approvals, an air transport agreement and an agreement on research cooperation and police cooperation would be "for example". Wishes value the not and mere "damage limitation would be".

Even for the time is now scarce. The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the CDU politician David McAllister, hopes that British companies are set to exert pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson: "The export-oriented British Goods industries will certainly raise your voice." More than 40 percent of British exports go to the EU, but only 15 percent of the EU export to the United Kingdom. Reuters/Christophe Gateau/dpa CDU-Europe politician David McAllister (CDU) expected to be a gap in the relations between the EU and the UK.

"Inevitable disruption"

The EU Commission, the European companies already on the "inevitable disruption" from 1. January 2021, with agreement or without. More than 100 messages were sent to potentially Affected, you will be constantly updated. The most recent list comes from the 9. July. As the table shows, imports from the United Kingdom in the future, in any case, with a larger bureaucracy fraught. Previous approvals for service providers on the other side of the English channel will lose their validity.

In the EU, immigrants to the British have to expect according to the Commission's "thorough checks" at the border. A General visa obligation will not exist. Brussels reserves the right, should London show, for its part, EU citizens coming to. Who's on the phone as a Tourist in the UK with his cell phone, must from 1. January hit with Roaming costs.

warning-hormone-treated meat by Northern Irish back door

mind you: All of this will occur, even if both sides agree on a successor agreement to the Brexit. From this – and this is to be expected - the consequences still further.

the financial warns political expert of the CSU in the European Parliament, Markus Ferber, risks for European consumers: "no one could explain to me yet, such as on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland is actually effectively controlled. It must be ensured that unsafe toys from China, or hormone-treated meat from the USA is not imported just over Northern Ireland to Ireland and from there to the mainland. Leaving without a Deal threatens to tear a hole in the European protective shield for consumers.“

Numerous other problems according to the UK experts McAllister: health - and phytosanitary controls. Customs formalities. Unresolved questions about the mutual recognition of driving licences and professional qualifications. Therefore, the EU will negotiate now "very quiet and left more". However, only half-heartedly suspected, the AfD Co-Chairman of Meuthen. The insulted Union wanted to show the breakaway to the British: "you See, that's what!" Risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon, PCP is a risk of super cells: 80 Liter continuous rain and dangerous Thunderstorms in the afternoon

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