Increase is not enough: the FDP wants to Liberal citizens ' money and fears of insolvency wave

the SPD Chairman, Saskia esque in the summer interview each Pride of the Germany's oldest party and more than a year before the election, both for a green Chan

Increase is not enough: the FDP wants to Liberal citizens ' money and fears of insolvency wave

the SPD Chairman, Saskia esque in the summer interview each Pride of the Germany's oldest party and more than a year before the election, both for a green Chancellor, as well as for a coalition with the left party at the Federal level openly showed, as a continuation of the self-denial of course, a former labour party understand.

The SPD has in the 60s and 70s, in collaboration with the "education is a citizen of the equipped law"-the FDP, the country with high schools and universities, the second education pathway facilitates and the dual training system to be strengthened, in order to facilitate social advancement through their own performance. With the late 90s, new dangers for social advancement were, however, for the life chances of large parts of the population: growth and innovation weakness as well as persistent long-term unemployment – the latter, in turn, is also having a significant negative impact on the children in the affected families.

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Michael Theurer-Baden, Deputy Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group and Chairman of the FDP-Württemberg and a member of the FDP Presidium. Previously, he was a Deputy in the EU Parliament.

Christoph Schmidt/dpa, Michael Theurer, Chairman of the FDP Baden-Württemberg and Deputy parliamentary leader in the Bundestag

SPD is ashamed of the "Agenda 2010"

at the beginning of the Millennium, the SPD has pushed a bold agenda for reform, to declutter the social system and particularly to set the mass unemployment to an end. The motto: Social is what creates jobs.

But whether it's "Hartz", "Agenda 2010" or "top-up recipients": The key words are in the Jargon of the social-Democrats long since swear words. The SPD is proud to have been part of the Agenda 2010 social advancement for millions of people. They are ashamed of it and has left the interpretation of the Left. There is no Olaf Scholz helps as a real political Fig leaf, the SPD has been adopted by the Wishes and Dreams of the working middle.

After the wave of Infection, the threat of insolvency shaft

But the theme of social ascension is by the Corona-crisis high of-date. The unemployment figures are rising, millions are in short-time work and the real consequences for the people are not yet foreseeable. In the companies the harsh reality is arrived. We are not subscribed to prosperity. There is a serious danger that the infection wave is a wave of company insolvencies to come.

at the same time, omissions and delays in the digitization are becoming increasingly apparent. Particularly striking is the state itself: digitalization of the administration, of the health care system, schools and universities, is a tremendous pent - up demand is. Including, in particular, students from education suffer far house. Are you facing challenges that were previously inconceivable. How do we get out again?

"Topping" as an opportunity?

First of all, note that the idea of "workers" is an absolute success story. The unemployed are encouraged to find at least a small Job. The first 100 Euro must be kept from the nearest 100 euros but 80 euros must be made again. Such a small Job there, at least, a sense of organization, sense of structure and a bit of extra money. At higher earnings, the so-called transfer withdrawal rates, however, quite high, for an additional Euro earned may be less than 10 cents. This feels like a 90-per-cent tax, not a particularly great work incentive.

Nevertheless, the System is already quite successful. A recent study by the German Institute for economic research, whose chief Marcel Fratzscher in reputation is right of the SPD to be a close – out found in the analysis of data for the years 2005 to 2017, that workers have a much higher Chance to Finance itself fully even than the unemployed. The peculiarity is that in the case of these data for the first time, the life paths of individuals tracked could be.

to Lower rates of Withdrawal will create new Jobs

critics of the "workers"system, from the Left and the SPD claim that this subsidizing a wage dumping in the system, from which the recipient is not more complexity. You can now focus on the empirically refuted. On the contrary, it is a requirement this is exactly the critics, the people would keep the unemployment system is trapped: A politically set minimum wage of 12 euros or more. This would be for people who want to work out of a difficult Situation, remove the bottom rungs on the ladder – they could not enter in many cases in the first place.

to make it more difficult Instead of so in this way, the entry should be designed for the workers-the System is still power-friendly, by the withdrawal rates are reduced. The ifo Institute has calculated that last year, what effect would the: It would, depending on the embodiment, roughly between 100,000 and 250,000 new Jobs, the income of the affected households on the rise compared to today, poverty and inequality will be attenuated. To Finance the transformation would be very easy, in the long term you would bring to the state even more additional revenue than additional expenditure.

More support for Single parents, the FDP calls for "Liberal citizens 'money"

would be Particularly needed, such a transformation is also for Single parents. Due to the interaction of different regulations, there are a corridor, where single-parent families have virtually no Chance to earn by more power more.

we Take a normal academician, a single parent with two children, maybe in the Marketing of a medium-sized company: full-time you would earn in the month of 3400 euros gross, since they left because of the children in part-time, she works to 50%, so 1700 Euro gross. The transfer withdrawal rates are at or what is not likely to actually happen even more than 100%. This means that If you want to work more hours, perhaps 70%, has the single nut on the end of a penny more in the pocket than before. The so-called part-time to get the event on the social system.

This can and must be changed. The FDP has been submitted to last year, with a comprehensive concept under the Heading of "Liberal citizens 'money", the debate urgently needs to be in a wide Public.

children and parents suffer: digital Transformation is necessary in

But it must not go only to the parents, we must also talk about the children: the conversion of The schools to the digital classroom was only partly successful – and even there, where teachers dedicated far beyond what you can expect from them. Decades of sleepy digitization in the education system was, at a stroke, such as under a burning glass, painfully visible. The parents had to take care of the supervision of their children, and their lack of structure and social contacts, but also the teaching part itself. Here, too, there are already the first investigations where that has led. As to be expected most strongly to poorer educational opportunities for already disadvantaged children from educationally disadvantaged households.

All the information about the Coronavirus in the News-Ticker of FOCUS Online.

must be tackled urgently. The schools need to be started from the fibre-optic network to appropriate learning and conference programs will be equipped with the appropriate hardware and Software, and the teachers thus trained. It is not only the digitisation of what is also analogously possible, but digital Transformation: teachers also need to be able to not go digital, the ways that are analogous to open at all. Of course it is not in every Situation, an equivalent replacement for face to face teaching, but usually only as a Supplement to and even an extension. But the option must exist.

It is too simple, if the governments in the Federation and the länder refer simply to the pandemic of exonerating themselves. Instead, you must ensure that a pandemic never comes to that lessons cancelled without replacement, the parents and teachers, left alone, children are neglected. Children may be deprived of the right to education, never again. In the future, there must be a school requirement for the state.

There is no effortless prosperity. However, in Germany there must be the possibility for all to develop himself through his own performance, an adequate income and, ultimately, a self-determined life, each in his own way happy can be. For that you need political will at last set the right course.

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