In this garden pavilion of the abuse was, of Germany, shattered

It is probably only the tip of the iceberg, stress the investigators, but Dimension and the first Details of the now in Münster, known Case of child abuse are a

In this garden pavilion of the abuse was, of Germany, shattered

It is probably only the tip of the iceberg, stress the investigators, but Dimension and the first Details of the now in Münster, known Case of child abuse are already hard to bear: Within three and a half weeks, the police arrested eleven Accused from a number of provinces, seven of which sit in U-detention. Three boys aged five, ten and twelve years of age are identified as a victim. So far, the authorities stress.

"in the Midst of our society,"

According to searches on twelve places of the authorities hard drives and data safe carrier with more than 500 terabytes of high professional encrypted material. "This is totally inadequate for the Dimension of what really happened – in the midst of us in our society," said Minster police chief, as he presents on Saturday, the previous knowledge of his authority.

"The video images, to which the investigators have yet to access, document, therefore, the most heinous deeds. The head of the investigation, detective chief superintendent, Joachim Poll, is struggling to capture, as he describes the alleged Events in a gazebo in the garden in Münster in one night at the end of April: "Four grown men to pass on to two small boys. And for the worst.“ Hours of the acts of Abuse hung had moved.

Stealth technology in the ceiling

The cottage is equipped with video-monitored, double-bunk beds. And outdoor cameras. In a well-camouflaged between the ceiling highly professional recording hidden technology and Computer. The 27-Year-old main suspect in the case is an IT-technician. Police of Münster, In an intermediate ceiling of the garden gazebo cabling, Modems, and hard drives are hidden

In the gazebo with your carefully gejäteten front yard, he should have a ten-year-old son of his girlfriend the other men for the acts of violence provided. "He's been sold by the person who should protect," says Poll. The second victim is five-year-old son of another alleged torturer from Staufenberg near Giessen.

server room in the cellar

Shaken Poll also shows the planned, conspiratorial and savvy approach to encryption, storage and dissemination of abuse images on the platforms in the Darknet. A basement room in Münster, the 27 was rebuilt-Year-old to a professional server room. "Replete" with compute and storage engineering, air conditioning, "because otherwise the computer is too hot it would run," as the Poll describes. Police of Münster In a basement, the main suspect is a professional server room

the Expertise of The 27-Year-old, it probably also made it possible that he was still on the loose, although he was already a year ago for possession of child pornography to the attention of the investigators. Not for the first Time, what was demonstrated by the two relevant convictions to suspended sentences. But it took a year to it to the experts, the police managed to decrypt with him in April 2019 seized Material.

"Vile Filth"

the investigators when looking at the various Videos it became clear that he spreads just movies of sexual violence against children, but also self-abuse and the other committed to have, he came on 14. May is in custody. The immense data findings in the case of searches, the interviews, and further investigation would then soon realize that it is a single perpetrator, but an entire network of sexual violence against children – with more criminals, more crime scenes, more cross-links and, in the worst case even more young Victims. Guido Kirchner/dpa, Martin Botzenhardt (l-r), chief Prosecutor office of the public Prosecutor of Münster, Joachim Poll, the head of the investigation, and Rainer Furth, chief of police of Münster, speaking at the press conference

"Even the most seasoned police detectives found Tolerable at the boundaries of the human and far beyond," says Rainer Furth, chief of police of Münster. Now it will be their onerous task to decrypt file to file "from this vile Filth," as Furth puts it, to sift, to the case layer by layer, to educate.

memories of other cases

you can drag the circles such investigations, shows the equally harrowing nationwide abuse complex that took in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany its beginning. There, investigators had found last October, the apartment of a 42-Year-old was searched and huge quantities of child pornographic material.

specialists are now employed in the evaluation. The investigators discovered Chat groups, in which, in accordance with previous data up to 1800 pedophiles exchanged. Victims of their own children, including babies, therefore, is often. Police and prosecutors have identified in the complex nationwide so far, more than 70 suspects, almost half of them from North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition, there are 44 known victims.

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Date Of Update: 07 June 2020, 03:28

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